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The best car title loan company is here to get you the most money for your car title loan and get you the lowest rate. With our car title loan calculator we are able to get you the most money faster than the other companies. The best car title loans are available with the lowest rates, with no pre payment penalties. It may look like TFC Title Loans is just in the business of loans on car titles. But for us, it’s much deeper than that. We’re in the business of helping people. Whether that’s through our all-credit-welcome policy, our fast approval process, or our quick turnaround time, our goal is to help you get the cash you need right when you need it most. And our customers mean a lot to us. We firmly believe that we only succeed when you succeed. That’s why we spend ample time and attention training each and every one of our TFC Title Loans team members. To us, it is much more than just car title loans. It is above giving you the options you need to take care of your emergency finances. Getting the best car title loan for you is what we will do. Our car title loan requirements make it easy to get you approved fast. We will always try and get the money in the same day that you apply with us. Getting you your emergency money loan as fast as possible is what we can do for you.
You can do the whole car title loan process on line. Once you have been approved, we will set up an appointment for you to go to one of our local offices. We have offices in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County, Bakersfield, Fresno, Oxnard, San Jose, Hayward and Sacramento. So if you are thinking “is there a car title loan location near me?” We have the multiple offices, so you can pick up your money easily from us.


  • Keep and Drive Your Vehicle
  • Use the Money You Receive
  • Easy Application
  • TFC Title Loans Offers the Most Cash
  • No Hidden Fees or Prepayment Penalties
  • Great Customer Service




For twenty years TFC Title Loans has been helping their customers obtain the cash they needed through our car title loans program. We are one of the most trusted car title loan lenders, we provide an easy application process, competitive loan rates, more money, unbeatable terms, lower interest rates and a superior customer service.


Sudden emergency expenses like medical bills, rent, legal fees, funeral costs, and other major bills can cost more money than you have. Seeking out a loan is the first though that comes to the minds of people in need. Compared to other emergency loans, a car title loan with TFC Title Loans is your easiest and least stressful option.


Not only can you get a car title loan, but you could also use the title on your RV to get a title loan. With a similar process to car title loans, it’s just as fast and simple. There are many different types of RV’s that can be used when you choose to use TFC Title Loans on your RV title loans.


Instead of settling for a business capital loan to fund extra expenses for your business that comes with it, consider a car title loan with your truck. With car title loan, you can even use the title on your large truck as collateral for your loan. Just like the rest of TFC Title Loans, the process is quick and simple.


Our main goal here at TFC Title Loans is to make sure our customers have the best possible title loan experience. That is why we go beyond the expectations of our customers and provide them with excellent benefits that will make getting the money they need a quick and easy process.

Our car title loan calculator allows us to approve our clients for the most money and the lowest interest possible.
How do car title loans work? We will lend on the amount of the equity on the car. Clients often ask “how much can I get for a title loan on my car? We will book the car with Kelly Blue Book to find out the wholesale value of the car. We will always get you the max on your car title. We will also do a credit check even though we are doing a title loan on the car. We will verify the income to prove that the income will support the car title loan. We will verify the residence. We will verify the insurance. We will verify the 5 personal references.
We are the best car title loan company. We approve more clients than the other lenders. We will advance the most money. We will get the best rates. With our multiple of locations, we are the most convenient car title loan company too. We have a title loan location close to you.
The whole car title loan can be done online. The application and approval can both be done on line. We will have to set up an appointment for you to get your money. When you have your appointment you have to bring the car for the physical inspection and you need to bring the original title, so we can add our names to it at the DMV. Do you need a job to get a car title loan? You do not need to have a job but you will need to then have a co signer to show the income to afford the car title loan. When our clients want a quick cash title loan they come to us, knowing that we have car title loan locations near to them, so it will be far easier with us than the competition. . We will get them the loan on their car title quicker than the rest.
We have been issuing out title loans since 1994 so you can trust in our ability to get our customers the quick money they need. That is why we’ve worked hard to make applying for car title loans a quick, easy and hassle free process. You can begin the process of securing your loan in no time when you fill out our application. If you have the equity in your car we will be able to help you access it and get a fast car title loan with our no pre payment penalty program. Through the years we have fund what works best for our clients and having the flexibility to pay off and not have to be fully committed to a 36 month term . Our car title loan interest rates will always depend on the strength of the application. Proof of income is a big deciding factor. Our car title loan calculator will make sure we can offer the best car title loan to each client.
If you have a car title loan with another company, we can pay them off and refinance your tyiyle loan at a lower rate and will try our best to give you more money.

  • Keep and Drive Your Vehicle While You Pay Off Your Loan
  • Use the Money You Receive for Whatever You Want
  • Easy Application, Quick Approval Times and Funding in Just 1 Hour
  • TFC Title Loans Offers the Most Cash Compared to our Competitors (up to $50,0000)
  • No Hidden Fees or Prepayment Penalties, So You Can Pay Back Your Loan Whenever You Want
  • Great Customer Service, Our Friendly and Knowledgeable Title Loan Agents are Standing By to Take Your Call


Get the money you need today with a car title loan from TFC Title Loans. Enjoy same day funding and superior service from California’s oldest car title loan lender. Are you in need of immediate financial assistance to catch up with any overdue bills, expenses during a medical emergency, or to pay off small business costs? As one of the oldest and most trusted car title loan lenders around we have been helping the residents throughout the states of California, New Mexico and Arizona get the money they need with a car title loan.

Applying for a car title loan is completely free of charge and obligation. Still have questions, visit our comprehensive Information page to find out more. We have multiple locations all across three different states, for a full list of the regions and cities we serve, visit our locations page. If you own a vehicle with a wholesale value of $1,500 (CA Residents), $1,000 (AZ & NM Residents) and have a monthly income of $1,200 you already qualify for a car title loan. All you have to do is use your vehicle’s title (pink slip) as collateral. Customers can receive funding starting from $2,600 (in CA), $1,000 (in AZ) and up to $50,000. We have flexible payback terms ranging from 24 to 36 months.

We have no hidden fees and no prepayment penalties, meaning you can pay off your loan whenever you want. You get to keep and drive your car while you pay off your loan. For the past 20 years, we have been helping people get the money the need. Apply today or call our toll free number (844) 242-3543 for a more direct approach. Get the car title loan that you are looking for today from us. You will not have any delays and you will always get the max for you title.


Headquartered in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, TFC Title Loans is a licensed lender providing car title loans to residents throughout the states of California, New Mexico and Arizona. TFC Title Loans is much more than an car title loan company; we are a company that is here to help those in financial need. We know that times can be tough and finding a way to pay your for your bills, medical emergencies or school tuition can be difficult. That’s why we are here to help you get the money you need with an car title loan. Our car title loan agents are standing by to help through the application process, provide you with information and answer whatever questions you may have. Apply today online or apply over the phone to find out how much you can qualify for. TFC Title Loans is fully licensed and bonded by the DBO.