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03 Jun 2019   /   0 comments

3 Habits to Improve Your Credit Score

While it’s not the case for everyone, many drivers who use auto loan titles to take care of pre-planned events (like having a little extra vacation money, or financing the holidays) have less than perfect credit. Car Title Loans don’t require high credit scores, which makes it easy for anyone to cover a financial emergency, or to get through a tight spot. But if you find yourself relying on no or bad-credit loans often, you may want to consider how you can go about raising your credit. That doesn’t mean you’ll never use Car Title Loans again – in fact, many people with high credit do, because they are fast and easy. But it’s always nice to know that your financial health is in good shape. Here are three ways to improve your credit score:


1. Check your credit monthly. Knowledge is power, as they say. It’s important to know exactly what is being reported on your credit score. There may have been a mistake that could be easily cleared up with a phone call. A lender with whom you have a good history may be missing from your credit history. Keeping up to date on your credit report can also help you catch identity theft before it becomes a major problem.

2. Pay your bills on time, always. Late payments on bills can have a big effect on your credit score. Essentially, a credit score is a measure of how trustworthy you are. If lenders don’t believe that you will pay your loans back on time, your chances of getting a loan are diminished.

3. Try not to have too many lines of credit out at once. The more of your available credit you use, the less it appears you’ll be able to afford. Most lenders want to know that a potential borrower has plenty of financial freedom to pay back their loans on time.

Keeping your credit score high can help you obtain lower interest loans for big-ticket items like your home, so it’s important to consider changing a few habits to see that number go up.


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