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14 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

4 Best Ways to Save Money Around The Home


When beginning a savings plan, it is best to start at home. You don’t have to think wildly outside your means or current lifestyle to start living more thrifty, just look around your own household and you’ll find many things you can already be doing. Here are the top 4 ways to save money around the home:

1) Get Creative With What You Have

Use affordable every-day dollar-store items to fashion a variety of different household products. It’ll save you money and make you excited for your next DIY project. To get started, here’s a little known fact: your dental floss is like the swiss army knife of dental appliances–no kidding! Use it to hang paintings or even replace a broken shoelace. Speaking about dental appliances, baking soda can be used to make your own toothpaste. Spending too much on personal care products? You could be putting kitchen items like coconut oil, cornstarch and (again) baking soda to use to create DIY deodorants, moisturizers, shampoos and more. Make cleaning products using basic kitchen essentials like lemon juice and vinegar, oh and baking soda!

2) Cut the Cable

Join the more than 3 million Americans who have canceled their cable service in the past 5 years in saving hundreds while spending less on streaming services like Netflix (which only starts at $8.99 a month.) You’ll still get to watch all your favorite shows, but this time, without any ads and with a happier wallet. What’s there to lose?

3) Turn Down the AC (Cool Down the Heater)

We know for sure you’ve heard this piece of advice before. But here’s a figure to hold onto: for every 1 degree you turn down, you save up to 1% on your bill. Now, that doesn’t sound like much at first but if you were to set your thermostat back, by, say 10° that would represent a 10% saving on your heating bill. No, we’re not telling you to freeze just to save a couple of bucks; but being conscious of how much you really need and what you can do away with just an extra blanket will be an important distinction to make if you plan on saving your money. Come summer time, make sure to refrain from keeping the house cool while you’re away–it’s unnecessary and will only further tighten up your finances. Instead, set your thermostat at the desired temperature once you’re actually home.

4) Watch Your Food-Spending Habits

If you’re buying take-out every day, you’re spending at least $1,200 a year, but probably much more. That figure should concern you when you consider the cost is easily avoidable and the very real health benefits of brown-bagging to work, or eating lunch you prepare at home. It’s a no-brainer and it only takes an extra couple of minutes in the morning to prepare. If your morning meal also consists of a regular cup of coffee, be mindful of over-spending on Starbucks; instead, save and be your own barista. If you’re a daily spender, your Starbucks habit could add up to what’s another minimum of $1,200 a year. It’s adding up, isn’t it? Smarten up and prepare your coffee at home and reap the benefits. Finally, freezing your foods presents an opportunity to preserve and extend the life of the fruits and vegetables you buy, while making sure you don’t spend a dollar extra on food that will go bad in only a couple of days. You’d be surprised by the number of foods that can be preserved through freezing; virtually all but a few foods can benefit from some time in your freezer.

To learn more about where you could save money, learn where American’s are spending their money. If you want to start saving, you don’t have to wait a day longer if you start off with these 4 simple tips. But don’t be afraid to think outside the listicle! Look around your own home and you’ll be sure to find ways you can decrease your spending today. If you find you still are in need of some additional help, don’t hesitate to stop by one of the TFC Title Loans locations to see what they can do for you.

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