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4 Emergency Loans Bad Credit

bad credit emergency loans

When expanding your credit capabilities, it is always advised that you create some sort of emergency loans bad credit. However, the truth is that we can never tell the particular emergencies which we may have or how much funds it might require. Sometimes, you might realize that you cannot take care of everything that you need due to bad credit. Let’s learn more about emergency loans bad credit.


 Emergency Loans Bad Credit

This would be true irrespective of the hours you spent on budgeting and planning. So while budgeting and planning are very important, there are just some things which we cannot control in this life. Most people categorize these things as bad credit “emergencies.”

If this is true of people who have an ever-expanding credit facility, then just imagining the fate of those with bad credit is a bit nerve-racking. If you are in this situation, it might be very easy for you to get emergency loans bad credit.

The good news, however, is that they are still some alternatives that you can explore when it comes to getting that quick emergency loan that you would need. These alternatives may not be favorable to everyone. Therefore, picking out yours would be so much more beneficial.

Wondering what they are? Here are four emergency loans bad credit:

Installment loans online

This type of loan will be perfect if the situation that you are facing requires a sum with only four figures. With this, it is possible to take what is called a personal installment fund/loan. This loan is usually given based on your current profile when it comes to your bad credit. Therefore, you can expect to get up to $35000 maximum when dealing with personal installment loans.

When it comes to the time which would be needed to process the loan, it greatly varies. The person in which you are lending and your situation financially is factors that would determine the speed at which it can be gotten for bad credit.

However most lending networks today have connections with many lenders who would be willing to provide the necessary funds within the next 24 hours. However, they would only do this if they have ascertained that you are qualified to receive the loan with bad credit. TFC Title Loans is your number one choice for bad credit emergency loans!

There are many wonderful sides to getting a personal installment loan. One of such thing is the manner in which you can repay the loan. Most installment loans that are gotten do not need to be paid back in one lump sum. Instead, it can be broken down into several parts (installments). These installments would thus be paid back over the loan period.

This method makes this loan deal stand out amongst many others. Many loan deals would require you to pay a lump sum. Thus, many people prefer to use this method as it is affordable and it can be gotten easily. With the installment loan, you can also decide the amount you would like to pay back in installments. Thus, you can decide to make the repayment length longer by paying in smaller bits or make it way shorter by paying in large junks. However, you should proceed with caution as extending the length of your loan would invariably attract more monthly interest.  

Short-term loans online

Facing a bad credit score? If you are, you would probably not be able to take an installment loan. However, if the loan which you wish to take is quite small (small meaning that it is not higher then $500), then the short-term loans would favor you greatly.

This type of loan is fundamentally different from installment loans. In short-term loans online, you can only repay using the lump-sum arrangement. This lump-sum would also include charges which have been incurred from the loan (finance and principal charges).

The cost of taking a short-term loan may greatly vary among the lending networks. Therefore, you should ensure you look around before committing to any deal. You should also check if you would actually meet the payment deadline.

If you can avoid taking the short-term loan, you should. Taking an installment loan will be the better option if you have a good credit score.

Credit Card Loans Online

The credit card is one of the greatest innovation especially when it comes to the e-commerce industry. With the aid of a credit card, you can easily get what you need online and pay for it. However, while most people use the credit card to spend on themselves, it can also be a wonderful way to get an emergency loan.

If you are not with a credit card yet and you have some issues on emergency funding, do not fret. There are numerous financial organizations who would provide you with a credit card. However, the disadvantage is that you might not get a very high limit. You can get a credit card with a limit of $500. However, this would only be given if you are deemed to be qualified.

In comparison with short-term loans, credit cards online can be seen as a more affordable alternative. However, the installment loans are still a bit better than them in terms of affordability. There is also no “interest grace.” In other words, if you are late for repayments, you would have additional interest rates to pay.

Car Title Loans

Checked your credit score and there is just no way in which you can get an emergency loan with it? You can always turn to car title loans. There are also called auto title loans. Simply put, the concept of a car title loan is to take the car of the one requesting for the loan as security or collateral for any loan which is given.

There are usually several requirements that would have to meet before a car title loan request is approved. These requirements would include;

    • The car which is to serve as collateral must be the owner of the car or have a lien over it. If a car is owned by the person requesting for a loan, then the request would be rejected outrightly.  
    • Most car title loan companies would usually ask you for ID in order to confirm your identity. bad credit emergency loans
    • Usually, the period of the loan is about a month (30 days)
  • In the event that you fail to repay the loan, then the car which you have kept as collateral would be used to pay for the loan that you have taken.

Car title loans are mostly taken by persons who find themselves with a bad credit score. It is also extremely popular with persons who are at the lower end of the income table. They are perfect for you if you need instant cash or emergency funds.

There are many reasons why people view car title loans as ideal when going for short-term loans or bad credit emergency loans. They include;

    • Instant cash: people who are in desperate need of cash find that using car title loans would give them just what they need at the right time. Their processing time is also very quick. Usually, you would be able to get your funds within a day.
    • No credit checks: car title loans do not work with credit scores. Most car title loan companies do not even cross-check the background of those they give loans. The reason for this is because the loan is already covered by the car which you have given as collateral.
  • Access to your car: while your car serves as collateral, you are still allowed to drive your car as much you like. However, you would have to leave the title documents and a set of car keys to the car title company.

While the benefits can be quite refreshing, there are also certain disadvantages which you would have to consider before jumping into a car title loan;

    • Short period: most companies do not have long-term car title loans. Thus, you can only have a car title loan for 30 days. Any additional day can be considered to be “borrowed time.”
    • Interest rate: do not get excited with the low-interest rates attached. This can become really bad if you have to extend your car title loans beyond one month. The interest rates are calculated in such a way that every month means a massive increase in interest rates.
    • Loss of Collateral: the car title loan company reserves the right to take the car once you have failed to pay your loan. Thus, you are not actually guaranteed an extension of time. In the event that you default on a payment, there is no way to get your car back.
  • Hasty decision: who does not like quick cash? While it might sound quite appealing, quick cash is usually one disadvantage when taking car title loans. It is all too easy to rush to car title loans when you encounter problems. You should first analyze the situation to ensure that it is an emergency. Then carefully consider if taking bad credit emergency loans is the best option.   

The truth is that car title loans are one of the best means of getting money when there is an emergency. However, you would also have to be careful to avoid some of its pitfalls. Taking time to consider if you really need the funds immediately is one way in which you can counteract it. You should also consider if you can pay back at the stipulated time. Bearing in mind that you would have to part with your car is one way in which you can restrain yourselves from jumping immediately into bad credit emergency loans.

How to Get Your Funds Quickly

As earlier stated, there are many factors that would affect the time duration which is needed before the funds can be released. Some of these factors would include;

    • The type of loan you are trying to take
  • The method you used to apply for it

If you are trying to apply for bad credit emergency loans online, the process could turn out to be much faster than when you are applying via paper applications. You should also ensure that everything which is needed by the loan company or the lender is provided. All the information you might need can be gotten through the Internet.

Another thing that can hold up your bad credit emergency loans is the verification process. Some lenders would want to verify the details in which you have given. Therefore, ensure that all the information which you have provided through your form is nothing but the truth.

Try not to waste your time by sending an application for loans that you are not qualified to get. To know if you are qualified for a loan, you can easily check for the requirements to that loan online. This would allow you to spot all the possible obstacles that may affect the approval of funds.

Shipping of a credit card can also contribute to delayed access to your funds. Therefore, ensure that you have requested for your credit card under expedited shipping. Be prepared though as it may attract some extra costs. If you need your funds immediately, it may be worth it in the end.


The truth is that you can never fully be prepared for the thing life throws at you. You would always be disappointed in the end. Chief of all disappointments would be seeing your plans blow up right in your face. It could also be seeing all your funds go down the drain.

The truth is that the emergencies which we would face have the ability to drain you of all the fund you saved up and even more. Most people at some point in their life would have to go searching for finances elsewhere. This is especially true when you have a poor credit record. However, it is far from impossible when it comes to looking for external finances. With preparation and meeting the right requirements, most lenders would be more than willing to hand you aa emergency loans bad credit .

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