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27 Aug 2019   /   0 comments


Caroline Mwandawiro

Saving money at times can be difficult. Finding the discipline to not spend that cash that you clearly see in your bank account can be really hard. That’s why we put our heads together and came up with 41 ways of saving money.

Here are 41 ways of saving money broken down:


  • Know Your Prices

Purchasing at a higher price is not impossible if you don’t know the standard price of items.  Take your time to check through all the neighboring stores and record the prices for the entire standard items on the list. Without price comparison, it’s impossible to recognize a bargain.


  • Make A List and Adhere To It

Have a standard list of household staples that would be used to determine what and when a particular item is needed. Stop ben an impulse buyer.


  • Do One Big Shopping Every Seven To Ten Days, Rather Than Making Multiple Smaller Trips

Even if you cannot avoid impulse shopping, limited visits to the mall (once a week) will reduce the impulse buying temptation. This strategy helps in saving money, gas, as well as time.


  • Create Menus Ahead Of Time For The Seven To Ten Days You’re Shopping For, Basing Meals On What Foods Are On Sale

This helps to save resources in a lot of ways, apart from purchasing goods cheaply when you buy in bulk, it will also help you to prevent overbuying items that don’t get used or under buying items that will eventually get you running back to the store in the midweek.


  • Bulk Purchase

Buy In Bulk, Staples Used Frequently Such As Flour, Spices, and Grains

There are some stores that have regular bins for bulk items. Though, these are not always less expensive. A good special on five-pound bags of store-brand flour could be a wise purchase.


  • Enlighten Yourself as To What Foods Are In Season and Cheaper

Every produce and products have their own season, selecting based on availability will save you a few amounts of money. For instance, if you insist on having peaches in the winter, obviously, you will pay less; go for grapefruit in the summer then, you will notice an increase in your grocery bill. Every available item in one way or the other answers to the law of demand supply. Things are cheaper in their season especially seasonal items and you may have to pay more when they are off season as few will be available. If you don’t break the law, you won’t get broke as you will save more.


  • Take Note Of Where Items That Are Reduced For Quick Sale Are Arrange In Each Grocery Store

Prices of some foods are reduced not because they are bad but because they are a day or two past their prime. With an educated eye, you can determine which items are still fresh and in good condition to suit your own purpose. Taking this advantage will make you pay less without compromising quality.


  • You Can Invite Friends To Share A Meal, But Don’t Have To Prepare Something Different From Your Normal Fare

Rice and beans may sound ancient to your hearing but could be appealing to your guest.  Hosting your friends at home only cost you preparing an additional one or two extra serving. You might discover that friends eat the same meal every time they come and still love it and find it appealing.


  • Using Reusable Coffee Cups

You can get reusable coffee cups both in stores and online markets up for purchase. Reusable cups will save money on plastics and also receive discounts at some cafes.


  • If You Have A Garden To Provide Some Of Your Vegetables, Be Frugal; Grow The Vegetables Which Give You The Maximum Savings For The Minimum Space And Effort

There’re several reasons for keeping a garden. It could be for the purpose of saving money or health reasons. Everything in a garden is controlled, you can decide to go organic and fresh, so even if it is not much cheaper than store-bought it will still be acceptable.

Many people living in the city try to get enough soil and sunlight to sow a few tomato plants and saving money over buying them at a store.


  • Be Resourceful

Sometimes you could run low of some items before the next scheduled shopping trip, try to improvise with what is on hand instead of running out to the store.

Proving solutions to problems by using money often stunts your creativity. As against slavishly insisting on certain foods every day of the week, try eating what is available at the time.


  • Patronize Outdoor Markets And Local Produce Stands

This help cut out several middlemen thereby saving you some funds. An average food item travels over a thousand miles from where it is grown to where it is consumed. Shipping a truckload of produce across the country costs up to $4,500 which will definitely be added to the cost at which the product will be sold. Buying locally grown produce helps you save cost.

Furthermore, a dollar spent on foods produced locally circulates in the local economy which implies that you are giving back to your locality while saving cost. You can easily bargain at the local market rather than paying a fixed price at the supermarket.


  • Buy Airline Tickets Well In Advance.

Buying airline tickets four weeks before you intend to fly exposes you to a better deal. While in haste, you can decide if you would have got the ticket at a better price.


  • Fly Midweek And Pay Less

There several policies adopted by different airlines, but generally, you can fly less expensively if you stay at your destination over the weekend.


  • Be Your Own Travel Agent

Ignore the belief that your travel agent will get you the best possible bargains. It is possible for you to phone-shop for tickets like anything else, then make your purchase through a travel agent, who can get his or her own commission and will, in turn, give you good services later in the future.



  • Entertaining and Dating

You go on entertaining and dating to enjoy the company of other people around you. When you reach a certain level of comfort, it important for you to know that money doesn’t make the encounter any more (or less) delightful. The deepest class of human connection has little or nothing to do with what money can buy so spend wisely on entertaining and dating.


  • Chose An Inexpensive Matinees For Movies Or Wait For Them To Come Out On Video

Seeing movies is often one of the foremost activities to get eliminated when people wake up the amount of life energy they discharge to the commercial establishments. Sometimes, the cinematic experience can be overwhelming, so make your findings when bargain matinees are.

Imagine if a cinema ticket cost $10 and you are a family of 10 that is $100. Why the hurry! The movie is coming out on video soon! You can rent the video then and watch with family and friends. There is no difference between you and those who spend their dollars to watch it at the cinema.


  • If You’re A Theater Buff, Volunteer In Exchange For Paying

Inquire what the requirements of your local theaters are. This also works well for workshops, conferences, lectures, and fairs. You can volunteer few hours to organizations and in turn get free registration for events you want to attend.

Been a volunteer, you can even have a greater experience than paying to be an audience. For instance, it is possible to have a seat at a reserved space and also got the chance to meet important people like the cast or having a chance of conversation with important people that can turn big for you.


  • Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Inquire through several media such as interpersonal discussion with producers, searching online etc. for recipes to manufacture your own cleaning products such as disinfectants, detergents and stain removers.

Table salt, vinegar, baking soda as well as lemon juice are just some of the items from your pantry that you can make use of. Adhere to precautions when dealing with harmful chemicals.


  • Designate Yourself

Make yourself available to be the appointed driver frequently on a night out. This appointment will save you on spending money on drinks, and also help your friend stay safe.


  • Coupons

A large number of Coupons is available on online shops which may have discounted offers in your neighborhood. These will no doubt save money when purchasing gifts. Check properly the terms and conditions of each and every offer before subscribing to it.


  • Shop Out Of Season

Warm coats are useless in summer but still available in the store from last season stocks. You can get it at a very cheaper price. You will get your singlets and shorts at a lesser price in the winter compared to summer. This will save you a few extra dollars.


  • Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Many items around the home can be reused to save on buying new. For instance, you can keep containers of your food for subsequent use.


  • Swap clothes

If you share the same-size clothes or shoe with your friends or family member, you can arrange to swap some of your outfits with him or her and wear something different from the ones you are known for. This saves the cost of buying a new set of outfits.


  • Avoid Delivery Apps And Other Delivery Takeout

Cook your meals at home and save the expenses incurred on delivery, if takeout cannot be avoided, pick up your favorite dishes in person. You can also save extra money by comparing the prices directly with the outlets with apps.


  • Splitting And Repayment

Use some available apps to accurately split costs and notify you when payment is to be made. A huge amount could be saved by keeping a record of what others owe you and what you owe others.


  • Use Air Conditioning Efficiently

Close your curtains to maintain cool condition inside, use fans when you think air conditioning is necessary. Close off doors too to contain the air and switch it to an energy-saving temperature.



  • Get Your Bills Online

Fees are being charged for paper statements by power holding companies, internet suppliers and banks. Try getting your statements through the internet and save the cost on paper.


  • Office Benefits

Utilize some free available office benefits such as free internet access, fresh fruit, bread and coffee, free medical checkup or discounted gym membership.


  • Click and collect your groceries

Stop buying irrelevant items when you walk the aisles- place order for your groceries via the internet and get them picked up for free. Confirm if your local Coles or Woolworths store provides pick-up services as an option. Go through the terms and conditions.


  • Unplug Devices

Unplug all your electrical and electronic appliances such as computer, televisions, sound system, electric blender etc. from the power source when they are not in use and save high electricity bills when they are in standby mode.


  • Avoid Opening The Fridge As Much As You Can

The fridge consumes a lot of power when it is frequently opened and closed, or left open for a longer period of time because the temperature needs to reset before you open the fridge, be sure of what you need.


  • Keep Exercise Costs Down

You can save cost by stopping gym membership and consider using outdoor equipment and the natural surrounds to exercise. You can see videos of several kinds of workouts and practice along at your convenient place without the use of any equipment.


  • Socializing On A Budget

This does not necessarily have to be costly. Take drinks during pass times, picnic for your lunch, go to a BYO restaurant for relaxation. This is necessary to put work tension behind and maintain good health.


  • Air Dry

Spread your clothes in an open space to dry naturally instead of using a more energy-intensive dryer. In some cases, the weather might not be supportive, try using a clothes horse under cover.


  • Freeze Goods

Increase the shelf life of some household goods such as fruits, meat, flour etc. by keeping them at low temperature using fridge or freezer.


  • Save On Water Costs

Make use of washing machine and dishwasher that saves energy. Minimize the use of water during showers. In addition, wet plants in your surroundings with any available excess water.


  • Rug Up During Winter

Make use of blankets and layers as against Heater and prevent high electricity bills.


  • Repair Your Own Clothes Before Buying New

Have adequate knowledge on how to do some little adjustments and modifications to your clothes. Online training might be helpful.


  • Take Your Reusable Bags To The Supermarket

The last time you visited the supermarket, you bought a plastic bag, why do you need to buy another one when you revisit? Clean and keep reusable bags and other items for subsequent uses.


  • Consider This List And Take Action

We’ve provided you with the list of savings tips but we can force you to make use of the points. Think about what change you can put into action and do the needful.


Following these steps will definitely get you closer to your financial goals. We know at times you may be hit with some financial ups and downs and it may be impossible for you to save. TFC title loans are here to help anyone going through financial emergencies. We work with bad credit scores and provide same day funding.  Of course, you don’t have to follow every single step. But just by following 10 of them or 5 or even 3 will definitely save you some money. Take some actions and get to your financial goal as quick as possible.




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