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27 Aug 2019   /   0 comments


Caroline Mwandawiro
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You will definitely agree that often times, there are certain 4th of July items that could take a toll on your savings. There are certain tips that would help make your festivities or arrangements for 4th of July economic and still fun.

Use your home

Instead of having to spend a considerable amount of time looking for a party in the US, you could make use of your backyard. Waterpark festival and skipping festivals are a few ways you can save money.

Simple decorations

You do not have to break the bank with decorations. Visit any of the local dollar stores for a couple of festive decors at a reduced price. From these stores, you can pick several items like pinwheels, tablecloths, balloons, supplements, and coordinating streamers.

Spread the cost across your friends

Instead of having to cater to the needs of the party alone, you could decide to spread it across your friends. Ordinarily, most people would love to contribute their quota to the success of a party, so it would not be a bad idea to let them come with food or drinks.

Fiery festivals

If you are an indoor person, you could decide to take advantage of that and have the party at your home. Also, there are several websites where you can buy fireworks from. Sparklers can also be a good idea if you do not want fireworks.


Your budget shouldn’t stop you from spending time with your friends and family. When you host these parties, you do not only give people a good time, you ensure that your budget is intact.


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