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Auto Equity Loan in Scottsdale for Your Cash Emergency

Emergency Loans with No Credit Checks in San Diego

How much you are earning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis does not guarantee that occasionally, you can’t need emergency cash. When you do, TFC Title Loans is the best place to go. If you need urgent cash, then feel free to talk to us! We are here to help you as long as you have what it takes to obtain a loan; all you need to obtain a loan with us is your vehicle and few documents that you are expected to have as a car owner. Once you have the requirements that will be listed in this article, then, you don’t have to worry when you need an auto equity loan. Just visit our website to fill out a short application form and get pre-approval before visiting our office in Scottsdale with the documents to get your cash or cheque.


TFC Title Loans was established in 1994 with a major goal of helping people in their critical moment. Haven’t seen the problem faced by people during their hard time especially with banks and traditional loans, we’ve worked hard to provide a better solution that is stress less to people in need.  With our auto equity loan, you can have access to the cash you need within couples of minutes without any hassle. We offer great customer service and loan flexibility. We offer the most competitive interest rates in the industry with high flexible repayment options for our clients.

Many companies try to compete with our flexibility, boast low interest but eventually hit their clients with a high-interest rate. We are completely different. Our representatives are experts who are exceptional, knowledgeable and always handle issues for our customers in a professional way. They are well trained to render the highest quality service to our customers in a respectful manner. We are discreet about customer information.


An auto equity loan is regarded as the best alternative when there is a need for short-term cash. This type of loan permits you to use the title of your car as collateral to obtain cash rather than your credit score. This type of loan may not be able to cater for all you need but you can get amount sufficient enough to cater for your emergency need, depending on the value of your car and its equity.


With us, the process of obtaining auto equity loan is simple, we will borrow you some money against the resale value of your car, collect the title of your car and place a lien on it. This stands as the collateral as well as the security for us that you will repay the loan as at when due. The lien will be removed and the title will be returned to you immediately after the completion of the repayment.



Unlike other loan sources, our requirements are quite simple, we design the loan to relief people. So, at TFC Title Loans, we may just require a combination of the following:

A Vehicle That Qualifies

Not all vehicles are qualified to be used as collateral for a loan. You will find out if your vehicle qualifies when filling in the application form or when you visit our office. But bear in mind, no amount is big or small, as long as your car is qualified, you will surely get a loan for it.

A Title to Your Vehicle

The title of your car will prove that you are the rightful owner of the car, also, when you use your car as collateral, we don’t demand that you park the car with us, the title is what we retain, placed a lien to serve as the security for the loan.

Proof of Full Insurance on Your Vehicle

Although we hold the title of your car, the car is still in your possession and you have the right to drive it as you wish. In case you had an accident or it got stolen during the loan period, recouping our money might be difficult. Remember borrowing money against the value of your vehicle implies that we have a financial interest in your vehicle and we will need to be sure that we are covered when we give you money against the equity of your car.

Proof of Income

Proof of your legal income is important to us. This will help us to determine the amount we can borrow you and also arrange a comfortable repayment schedule.

Aid and Compensation Details

In case you are receiving any aid or compensation, you must give details of that aid or compensation.

A Valid Government Issued Identity Card

Driver’s license and passport are perfect examples. A valid identity card is also proof that you are a resident of the place you claimed.

We may require that you provide a couple of references.


Auto equity loan is not restricted to anybody, regardless of your status, be you a doctor, lawyer, or taxi driver as long as you need urgent cash and you have the requirements listed above, regardless of the purpose to which the money is needed, an auto equity loan is designed to proffer a perfect solution to you in your difficult time. As long as you have are at least 18 years of age, you are entitled to obtain auto equity loans.


In a difficult situation that requires urgent cash, you will be open to different options, if you are not careful, it’s possible to be tempted by the most difficult option that may put one in a more difficult situation during repayment. Below are a few reasons why you should consider an auto equity loan in your emergency time:

Fast Approval

Fewer documents and processing are required by auto equity loans, it does not require a lot of paperwork compared to other sources of loans. Majority of the documents required are things you are expected to have as a car owner. Your vehicle title serves as collateral so you do not need the help of anybody to serve as your guarantor.

Timely Funding

Although you can be funded by other financial institution, the time required to get a loan from them might be too late for what you need money for. During an emergency situation, what you need is not just cash but fast cash that can get you out of the situation almost immediately. An auto equity loan is the perfect solution that can render the cash you need at the most appropriate time.

You Keep Driving Your Car

How do you pay back if the loan required that you park your vehicle with us? Most jobs in Scottsdale requires that you have a stable means of transportation and apart from that, your vehicle is needed in almost every aspect of your daily routine, especially for your family need. Auto equity loans only require that you drop the title of your vehicle with us and you continue driving your car for your daily need.  No sign to indicate that you have used the vehicle as collateral will be placed on it so the vehicle is completely in your possession during the loan period.

Flexible Repayment Options

Most institutions that offer loans (banks and traditional loans not excluded) determines the repayment terms which you have to accept either favorable or not. The reverse is the case here especially when you get auto equity loan from TFC Title Loans. We determine your repayment plan taking into consideration your source of income and also give you the grace to elongate the repayment time through a process call roll-over. You pay the interest and renew the loan.


Many companies offer auto equity loan in Scottsdale but it is best to get the loan from a reputable company that will not complicate your problem and makes you regret in the long run. Below are a few reasons why you think TFC Title Loans when you think auto equity loan:

Speed Service

Our loan agents are professionals that are well trained to offer you the best service without wasting much of your time. They work in a speedy way to get you approved as soon as possible and get you the cash you need as soon as they can.

High Amounts

Most auto equity loan lenders will offer you between 30 – 50% of your vehicle resale value so if you default in the repayment of the loan, it will be a huge advantage to them. At TFC Title Loans, we will offer you up to 85% of your car resale value and can get up to $50,000 from us. This is rare to come across and not too good for our business but we always put our customer happiness first.

Keep and Drive Your Vehicle

When you use your vehicle as collateral, you are not requested to park it with us, and we don’t paste any poster or sign on it to indicate that it has been used as collateral, all we need is the title of your car while you drive away your car.

No Hidden Fees, No Prepayment Penalties

Abiding by the law that guides auto equity loans, we will provide you with a drafted document that explains in details all terms and conditions including repayment plan prior to the signing of a loan deal. There is no other hidden fees or penalties for repayment that may increase the amount to repay as stated in the loan agreement.

It Is User-Friendly

Less is required to access this loan, once you submit all necessary documents, no much papers to be signed to get paid. Our website interface is designed in a simple way with simple understandable text. You can fill out a short application form to get pre-approval before you visit our office. Should you need help, we are just one call away 1-844-242-3543.

Fast Access to Loan

Not just by name, we are one of the best auto equity lenders in Scottsdale, we offer the most flexible loan and great customer service. We get our customers the cash they need without stress. With our title loan calculator, we are able to get them their needed cash faster than any other company. We offer a higher percentage of their car resale value, up to 85% as opposed to 30-50% offered by most companies.

Use Different Cars to Access Loan

With TFC Title Loans, you can obtain a loan using different types of vehicle.



How Long Do Have to Pay Back the Loan?

Taking into consideration your source of income, your loan repayment will be broken down into a smaller unit that will be convenient for you. You can pay your loan installment or chose to pay once on a specific date. Our loan term is flexible with an elongated repayment period between 24 to 48 months, as opposed to the 30 days offered by many companies which put the borrower at the risk of losing their car.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Payback?

Losing your car is the penalty should you default in the repayment. However, it is a rare circumstance, as you are aware of the term and condition from the onset. You only stand at the risk of losing your car If you default the term of the agreed repayment, we are permitted by law to take possession of the car, sell it, and keep its share of the money, which could be the total value for which the car is sold. But as a locally run company, we don’t do that, we’ve elongated our loan terms range to be between 24 to 48 months without any pre-payment penalties. We are confident that you will be able to complete the payment within that period of time and if you don’t, we will still offer you a grace period and dialogue with you for a better resolution rather than taking possession of your car.

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