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23 Aug 2017   /   0 comments

Car Title Loans: 2007 Honda and 2012 Volkswagen


Attentive customer service and a quick application process are just some of the things that TFC Title Loans prides themselves on. We’ve been helping our customers with their finances since 1994, making us one of the leading auto title loan lenders around. We provide title loans for all types of people and cars. Read the stories of two cars that got Car Title Loans: 2007 Honda and 2012 Volkswagen.

Flor C’s Title Loan Experience

Screenshot (13)Flor C had some personal problems come up in her life. She needed to find a way to cover those problems and fast. She found herself at TFC Title Loans website, learning about our streamlined application and all the benefits that she could take advantage of. Flor applied immediately and waited for her call.

A TFC representative contacted her not too long after she applied. Flor was offered $2,510 for her 2007 Honda CR-V. It was the perfect price for Flor, and TFC had gotten back to her so fast. Knowing she couldn’t get a loan as fast as TFC anywhere else, she agreed to sign her loan terms. In no time, she had her cash in hand and was walking out of TFC’s doors.

If Flor hadn’t applied with TFC Title Loans, she would’ve had to go to another bank or loan lender. In that case, Flor would’ve missed out on TFC’s no prepayment penalties, our competitive interest rates, the fast application process and so much more. She plans to pay off her loan through working, and she’ll have her loan paid off in just 24 months!

Karen M’s Testimony

For Karen M, life did was it usually does and threw some financial issues at her. She took herself to the web, searching different ways that she could obtain fast cash and stumbled upon TFC Title Loans. Interested to see what they could do for her, she filled out the application online. Within a few hours, a TFC representative had contacted her.

Karen was originally just looking for a minimum amount. She knew she didn’t need a lot of money to cover her finances, so she asked them for the minimum amount they were able to offer. At first, Karen used her ’08 Dodge and its title for her collateral, but when she was going to collect her funds the tire popped. She contacted TFC because she could no longer bring the car to prove its existence. She asked if it would be possible to use her 2012 Volkswagen Passat and if she would be able to get $2,700 to help with the cost of having to fix her tire. TFC saw no problems and agreed to using a different car title, and we were able to give her the money she needed.

Karen agreed to her terms and a 24-month loan rate, but she doesn’t think she’ll need that long. She plans to pay off the loan on payday, and she is able to since TFC has no prepayment penalties. We were pleased being able to help Karen. TFC faces different dilemmas that arise in the lives of their customers, from basic life to a popped tire.

It’s Your Turn to Apply with TFC Title Loans

After reading about Karen M and Flor C, we believe it’s your turn to begin a journey with TFC Title Loans. We have amazing benefits to offer and a customer service representative waiting to help you through the process. Our application process is simple:

  • Submit your application or call TFC to submit it.
  • Receive your call from a representative and send in your required documentation.
  • Sign your loan agreement and retrieve your funds!

You can accomplish all of this in as little as one business day. To help you through that process, here are the documents you will need in order to get your money:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence
  • Photo ID or driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • 4 personal references
  • Pictures of your vehicle

Now that you know what you’ll need, you’ve got nothing to lose! It’s free to apply and, if you don’t like your loan terms, there’s no obligation. Contact TFC today to see if you qualify.

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