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25 Aug 2017   /   0 comments

Car Title Loans on a 1959 Beetle and 2008 Jeep


Life has a way of sneaking up on you unexpectedly, whether with free gifts or financial emergencies. Anyone loves a free gift, but sometimes we’re never planned for a financial emergency. That’s why TFC Title Loans wants to help those in need of quick funds. By using your vehicle title as collateral, we are able to offer a loan to those with bad credit with great rates. For these two customers, they were both satisfied with their Car Title Loans on a 1959 Beetle and 2008 Jeep.

Maria V’s Vintage Beetle

1959 VW beetleMaria V needed to cover a family emergency to pay off a debt but also was going to need some extra cash. She expressed her dilemma to one of her friends, who mentioned TFC Title Loans. They told her about the amazing rates that we had for a loan term and the customer service she would have to help guide her. Maria took her friend’s advice and was hopeful that TFC could approve her. Otherwise, she would’ve had to find another lender and she wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the same benefits.

Maria used her 1959 Volkswagen Beetle for her car title loan. It was in amazing condition and had less than 90,000 miles on it, so TFC offered her $4,000! She felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. When she heard the rates that TFC would be willing to establish for her, she immediately agreed to her terms because she knew she wouldn’t get a better deal anywhere else.

With her cash in hand and a smile on her face, Maria told her TFC representative that we had good customer service and she was very satisfied with her experience with TFC Title Loans. She’s planned to pay off her loan by August 2020, and for her first title loan, she’s ready to manage herself and her money to pay it off.

Jose F’s Story

2008 jeepJose F had a sudden change of work and realized he would be missing valid paydays. He needed enough money that would be able to cover him until he got paid, something that could keep him on his feet. Someone he trusted referred him to TFC and told him that an auto title loan would be his best option. He would get a competitive interest rate and the exact funds he needed. With his 2008 Jeep Commander in mind, he applied for an auto title loan with TFC.

Jose hoped that TFC would be able to offer him what he needed. He thought about his options if we were not able to offer him a title loan. His next best option would be borrowing from a friend.

Luckily for Jose, TFC instantly approved him for a title loan. They offered him $2,510 which was a good amount he was looking for. With a term length for 24 months, he will have his loan entirely paid off by July 2019. He plans to continue working to pay it off, but TFC knows he’ll have it paid off in no time.

Apply Today for a Title Loan with TFC

Both of these stories had their friends refer TFC Title Loans to them when they were in need of quick cash. These previous customers were satisfied with their service that they suggest it to their friends and family. Now, we hope these stories have been able to establish trust with you for TFC.

When you’re ready, all you have to do is apply online! It’s an easy, streamlined application process that helps get you the money you need. Once we’ve received your application, a TFC representative will contact you to collect all the documents that they need to verify your loan. In no time, you’ll have your loan terms and you’ll be signing your agreement for your cash.

To see if you qualify or for any questions, don’t hesitate to call TFC! Our customer service is one of our most important aspects in helping you get the money you need. We want to see your life less stressful and to watch you walk away with the money you need and a smile!

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