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14 Aug 2017   /   0 comments

Car Title Loans on a 1999 Jeep Wrangler and 2011 Nissan Altima


With summer nearing its end, we realize all we’ve done is work but we’ve got nothing to show for it. Sometimes, with the stress of life and our work lives, we just need a vacation. But, what happens when you don’t have the funds for a vacation? Well, TFC Title Loans has the answer for you from two people who decided to use Car Title Loans on a 1999 Jeep Wrangler and 2011 Nissan Altima to pay for their vacations.

TFC Title Loans has been helping people pay their bills, expenses, and go on vacations for the last 25 years. Our customers are always our priority, so we want to make sure you trust us with your finances like many of our other customers have. Two of our customers have agreed to share their experiences with you to show our attentive service.

Aymer G’s Experience

596517d3-db9c-4dba-8b6d-0e0ec0a87ac9 596517e9-6280-4031-9050-0e7bc0a87ac9All Aymer G wanted to do was take a vacation for summer 2017. He knew by the time he saved up his money, it would no longer be summer and it would be difficult to take that vacation. The only solution he could come up with on his own was borrowing from some friends. Talking to someone he trusted about his predicament, they told him about TFC Title Loans. Aymer didn’t know much about Car Title Loans, but his friend assured him that he would be in good hands. Trusting their great experience, he decided to take a chance.

Aymer contacted TFC Title Loans using his 1999 Jeep Wrangler and explained that he really hoped to get about $3,000. With 118,114 miles, his representative wasn’t sure they’d be able to give him that amount. When they saw the condition of his car, TFC Title Loans was more than happy to give him $3,000 with a low interest rate. Aymer was very pleased to hear his offer.

Signing his terms, he was able to get his money “fast and easy”, as he told his representative. Aymer plans to save his money after he gets back from vacation in order to pay off the loan. With his 36-month term, he has until July of 2020 to pay off his loan. Since he plans to save his money, TFC is positive he’ll have it paid off sooner than that. With no prepayment penalties, Aymer G can with TFC Title Loans.

Quick Funds for Odise B

Odise B’s wife was planning for a vacation when she realized that she would be short the funds. Odise knew he had to figure out a way to make up for those funds and fast. Hearing about Car Title Loans, he checked out TFC Title Loans. He liked what he read about our company so, with his documents for his 2011 Nissan Altima in hand, he gave us a call.

For Odise, his process took one day because he knew there was no joking around and time was of the essence. He had about 86,000 miles on his car, so TFC Title Loans offered him $2,510. He immediately accepted his terms and price. By the next day, he had his money.

After signing his 24-month agreement, Odise told us he planned to pay off his loan as soon as possible because his income would be able to pay it. He just needed that money for his wife right away, and if he hadn’t found the money, he didn’t know what he’d do.

Your Experience with TFC Title Loans

Both of these customers were able to provide for their vacations with TFC Title Loans and get what they needed from their agreements. If you’re not convinced by these testimonials, check out these benefits that you can take advantage of with TFC Title Loans:

  • No prepayment penalties
  • Loan terms from 24 to 36 months
  • Continue driving while you pay off your loan
  • Funds in as little as one business day
  • Attentive customer service
  • Competitive interest rates

What are you waiting for? If you’re not sure about your chances of qualification, give TFC a call at 1-844-242-3543. Our representatives are waiting for your call! If you’re not happy with your terms, there’s no obligation to continue and no fees for declining. You’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

Applying with TFC Title Loans

If you’re ready to apply for your loan, then follow these steps below:

  1. Complete your application online and submit.
  2. Provide your documents to your representative.
  3. Sign your loan agreement and receive your funds!

Yes, it’s that easy. The application process will take you about 5 minutes to complete and, like Odise B, as long as you’re prepared you can have your funds in as little as one business day! Get started today!

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