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Car Title Loans on Real Cars


At TFC Title Loans, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to the auto title loan business. We’ve been one of the leading auto title loan lenders since 1994, serving thousands of customers. But, we understand that sometimes you need to hear the stories from real customers and their experiences. That’s why we’ve asked two of our customers to tell us about their Car Title Loans on real cars.


Car Title Loans On Real Cars ?


Guy L and a Dodge Charger

After facing some difficult health issues, Guy L and his family had to live with one income. Bills and other financial obligations started to pile up and Guy couldn’t seem to catch up. He turned to the website, realizing he may have to sell one of their cars in order to pay the bills. While searching, he came across TFC Title Loans and a light bulb went on.

Using his 2012 Dodge Charger, Guy contacts Lily with TFC and used our online chat to ask about getting an auto title loan. He expressed his concern about interest rates and mentioned he just needed the minimum amount. Lily assured him that he could get the minimum if he wished, and our competitive interest rates were some of the best in the area. Not only that, but one of the many benefits to TFC Title Loans was the sliding interest scale.

Guy shortly signed his agreement after that and went to collect his funds. When talking with one of our representatives, he told them that “Lily was very friendly”, and he said to tell her “thank you.” At TFC, we love to hear people thanking us, just because we know they are genuinely happy with the service we provided them. Knowing we were able to help Guy was great, and with a new, second income, he’ll have it paid off in no time. Here are another Car Title Loans on real cars success story:

Ernestina A’s Refinanced Loan

Car Title Loans on real carsErnestina A wanted to refinance an auto title loan she received with LoanMart. She was struggling to make the payments and needed a better rate to pay off her loan. She brought her title loan for her 2011 Toyota Prius and expressed her needs to TFC.

TFC Title Loans knew they could help. Setting her up with a new loan agreement for 36 months, TFC was able to drop her interest rate 30% from what LoanMart had previously offered her. She was so happy and thrilled. She felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

When talking to her TFC representative, she made a comment about how easy it was to refinance and that it all turned out to be positive. Not only do we offer our customers great services, but we make it so easy for them to apply for a new title loan or refinance an existing one. Regardless of your current lender, TFC wants to help customers refinance to get a better and more reasonable rate. Now that you know about Car Title Loans on real cars, you can apply yourself.

Your TFC Title Loan Application

Whether you are looking to refinance your existing auto title loan or you need quick cash to cover some of those financial obligations, TFC Title Loans wants to help you get the money you need at the best rates. That’s why we’ve made our application simple and easy: we don’t want to cause more stress of a ridiculously long application. Get your auto title loan in 3 steps.

  1. Apply online or chat with a TFC agent to finish your loan application.
  2. Once you’ve submitted your application, your TFC agent will ask you to submit some required documentation to complete your qualifications.
  3. Sign your auto title loan terms and receive your funds!

It’s unbelievable how easy our application is. You can do it from your computer or on-the-go from your phone. We have high approval rates, so you’ve got nothing to lose! Call us today!

Big thanks to different writers and medical practitioners around the world that advocated for the need for vacation and rest. Majority of them clearly points out the importance such that it is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. Let’s learn more about Car Title Loans on real cars:


We are your number one-stop loans source; we are close to you as our offices are located in almost every corner of the United State. We offer the best loan that fits your financial situation; we put into consideration your source of income before we make any loan recommendation so that we don’t end up putting you in a situation where you lose your collateral. We offer sufficient cash through our pink slip loan to meet all kinds of need; our customers do not struggle to repay their loan as our repayment term is flexible and there are no hidden fees. Majority of our customers repay their loan in their next payday with low interest since they know how much they need to repay and when it needs to be paid. We have been in existence since 1994 and thousands of people have been saved through our loan program.


The working principle of pink slip loans is simple; it requires that you borrow money against the resale value of your car. The title of your car will stand as the collateral security for the loan. A lien will be placed on the title of your car during the loan period but will be removed and returned to you immediately after the completion of the repayment. The entire process is easy with the Auto Money 4-step process!


Apply Our App

This is the initial stage of the process, it requires that you fill and submit a simple online application which entails your basic contact information and the car details such as manufacturing year, model, manufacturer, and mileage. This detail will give an insight into how much you can get with your car. Read more below about Car Title Loans on real cars!


Easy Application

Few steps and you already have the cash in your hand! Our application is easy; you can apply online or walk into any of our offices near you. You can always contact us on the phone for any help regarding your application. It is that simple to get Car Title Loans on real cars!


Fast Money

We know you need fast cash to aid your planning and that’s what we do when you choose us as your loan lender. We offer you fast money as long as you meet our requirements. You can get the money you need without any hassle the same day you applied for the loan.


Great Customer Service

Even while we are offering you helping hands, we still do it with courtesy. Our staffs are well trained to attend to your need without keeping you waiting, once you have all the required documents which are majorly your clear car pink slip, proof of residence, proof of income, proof of insurance; you can access our pink slip loan without any stress. We are always discreet about any information you submit to us and we treat them as confidential as we can. We will tell you all you need to know about the loan and ensure that you understand all prior to the signing of the loan contract. We are always available on phone1-844-242-3543 should you need any help.


High Amounts

Most of our competitors try as much as possible to be on a safer side so they will offer you 30 to 50% of your car resale value but, we are distinct, we take a high financial risk to satisfy our customers. We will offer you up to 85% of your car value and you can get up to $50,000 depending on the value of your car. This is rare to come across not just in Carolina, Arizona, Florida and even in any state of the U.S.


Keep and Drive Your Vehicle

You need your vehicle for your comfort on a daily basis. So, when you get a pink slip loan from us, you keep your car while you owe the loan to us. We put you first and that is why we designed our title loan to offer you money without causing any havoc to your lifestyle.


Low-Interest Rate

Our title loan is cheaper when compared to other types of loan especially loans from payday, banks, and cash advances. This can be attributed to our low-interest rates. We offer you low interest because it’s a secured loan as your vehicle serves as the security for the loan.

No Hidden Fees, No Prepayment Penalties

We ensure that you understand all the details in our drafted loan deal including the amount payable, capital, interest, and repayment break down before you sign the loan deal, there are no hidden fees apart from the one you sign in the loan deal.


Use Different Cars to Access pink slip Loan

When you need huge urgent cash that a car resale value cannot be enough to get you, you can use different cars to serve as the collateral. However, it is important for you to be sure that you will be able to repay the loan as default may result in losing your cars.


No Credit Checks

Unlike banks and other conventional loans that regarded credit check as a top priority, TFC Title Loans do not need your credit reports, we may check but it doesn’t disqualify you for a loan. Pink slip loans are obtained using your vehicle title as collateral, so without your credit scores, we still feel relax and have full confidence in you that you will make your payment on time.


Pay On Time, Pay Less

We do all we can to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we offer a long period as long as 24 to 48 months for repayment and also schedule a repayment plan in accordance with our customer source of income. But vast majorities of our customer repay their loan on time and pay less interest. We told them the amount to pay and when to pay. We offer loan renewal for our clients who are unable to pay at the right time. This permits them to pay only the interest and renew the capital into a fresh loan.

Now you know a little bit more about Car Title Loans on real cars!

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