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Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan?

Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan?

Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan? All around the world, it’s obvious that people invest more time working, the majority of people pay more attention to their job than anything else forgetting that while the body grows old, the job still remains. Many attached this pedantic working attitude to the fact that the recession has affected a huge part of the economy forgetting that there is time for everything.

Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan?


Pink slip loan is a loan type that has no hassle, required fewer documents and offer money faster than any other loan. You get money against the title of your car rather than running around to sign papers.



Numerous are the reasons to consider pink slip loans when there is a need to consider a loan for your vacation or wedding. Below are a few of the numerous reasons:


Easy to Get Approved

Once you are the owner of your vehicle and it has a clear pink slip, little is require to get approved for a pink slip loan.


Timely Funding

The entire processing is simple and fast; you can get the money you needed within a few hours of your application. This is completely opposite of banks and traditional loans that require a long process that may take days.


You Keep Driving Your Car

Pink slip loan is a secured, but it doesn’t require that you hand over your car to the lender while using it as collateral. You continue driving your car for your daily routine while you pay off the loan. All that the lender needs as a security to the loan is your car pink slip and it will be returned to you as soon as you complete the repayment of the loan. Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan?


Flexible Repayment Options

Unlike bank loans where the bank determines the repayment terms with you having no say on it, your repayment plan will be based on a conceptual agreement between you and your lender putting into consideration your source of income. If needed, the loan repayment can be elongated through a process called rolled over. It gives you a long time to pay off your balance or you can pay it off early without prepayment penalties.


Credit Scores Not a Problem

To access a loan in the bank, you need a good credit score but this is not a necessity for an auto title loan, even if we checked your credit scores, it does not affect your chance of obtaining a loan. All the major documents needed are aforementioned



Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan? We are your number one-stop loans source; we are close to you as our offices are located in almost every corner of the United State. We offer the best loan that fits your financial situation; we put into consideration your source of income before we make any loan recommendation so that we don’t end up putting you in a situation where you lose your collateral.

We offer sufficient cash through our pink slip loan to meet all kinds of need; our customers do not struggle to repay their loan as our repayment term is flexible and there are no hidden fees. Majority of our customers repay their loan in their next payday with low interest since they know how much they need to repay and when it needs to be paid.

We have been in existence since 1994 and thousands of people have been saved through our loan program.


Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan? The working principle of pink slip loans is simple; it requires that you borrow money against the resale value of your car. The title of your car will stand as the collateral security for the loan. A lien will be placed on the title of your car during the loan period but will be removed and returned to you immediately after the completion of the repayment. The entire process is easy with the Auto Money 4-step process!


Apply Our App

This is the initial stage of the process, it requires that you fill and submit a simple online application which entails your basic contact information and the car details such as manufacturing year, model, manufacturer, and mileage. This detail will give an insight into how much you can get with your car.


Get Approved

At TFC Title Loans, immediately you submit an online application, a loan agent will be dedicated to you to determine how much you qualify for; taking into consideration the resale value of your car, and your source of income to ensure you will be able to afford your loan payments. This is done within couples on minutes usually 15 min or less.


Provide Documents

Bring all necessary documents along with your vehicle to any of our offices close to you for assessment.


Get Paid

Your check will be available the same day without any delay.



Easy Application

Few steps and you already have the cash in your hand! Our application is easy; you can apply online or walk into any of our offices near you. You can always contact us on the phone for any help regarding your application.


Fast Money

We know you need fast cash to aid your planning and that’s what we do when you choose us as your loan lender. We offer you fast money as long as you meet our requirements. You can get the money you need without any hassle the same day you applied for the loan.


Great Customer Service

Even while we are offering you helping hands, we still do it with courtesy. Our staffs are well trained to attend to your need without keeping you waiting, once you have all the required documents which are majorly your clear car pink slip, proof of residence, proof of income, proof of insurance; you can access our pink slip loan without any stress.

We are always discreet about any information you submit to us and we treat them as confidential as we can. We will tell you all you need to know about the loan and ensure that you understand all prior to the signing of the loan contract. We are always available on phone1-844-242-3543 should you need any help.


High Amounts

Most of our competitors try as much as possible to be on a safer side so they will offer you 30 to 50% of your car resale value but, we are distinct, we take a high financial risk to satisfy our customers. We will offer you up to 85% of your car value and you can get up to $50,000 depending on the value of your car. This is rare to come across not just in Carolina, Arizona, Florida and even in any state of the U.S.


Keep and Drive Your Vehicle

Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan? You need your vehicle for your comfort on a daily basis. So, when you get a pink slip loan from us, you keep your car while you owe the loan to us. We put you first and that is why we designed our title loan to offer you money without causing any havoc to your lifestyle.


Low-Interest Rate

Our title loan is cheaper when compared to other types of loan especially loans from payday, banks, and cash advances. This can be attributed to our low-interest rates. We offer you low interest because it’s a secured loan as your vehicle serves as the security for the loan.

No Hidden Fees, No Prepayment Penalties

We ensure that you understand all the details in our drafted loan deal including the amount payable, capital, interest, and repayment break down before you sign the loan deal, there are no hidden fees apart from the one you sign in the loan deal.


Use Different Cars to Access pink slip Loan

When you need huge urgent cash that a car resale value cannot be enough to get you, you can use different cars to serve as the collateral. However, it is important for you to be sure that you will be able to repay the loan as default may result in losing your cars.


Pay On Time, Pay Less

We do all we can to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we offer a long period as long as 24 to 48 months for repayment and also schedule a repayment plan in accordance with our customer source of income. But vast majorities of our customer repay their loan on time and pay less interest. We told them the amount to pay and when to pay. We offer loan renewal for our clients who are unable to pay at the right time. This permits them to pay only the interest and renew the capital into a fresh loan.

Are you in need of money right away and wondering “ can I use my car to get a loan? ” There is good news for you. Yes, you can. Car title loans can be the ideal solution for all those people who need to obtain funding immediately, but for some reason or another cannot get a traditional loan from a bank.

Traditional banking or financial institutions can refuse to lend to individuals for a wide array of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • They cannot demonstrate a sufficient ability to repay the loan. This is usually the case for individuals who work and have a regularly scheduled paycheck, but receive a salary that the bank considers low enough that they predict that the client will be unable to pay the amount required of the monthly payments. Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan?
  • They have not had credit for long enough or have no history with the bank in question. When assessing risks, the bank analyzes the history of its clients over the past twenty-four months. When the client is more recent, the bank will usually deny the loan application until a certain amount of time has passed with the individual remaining a client at the bank.
  • They are self-employed and therefore aren’t on an official payroll. Refusal of a loan application is incredibly common among self-employed individuals who do not make a fixed paycheck every month but have a varying income from month to month. This can be seen in seasonal self-employed persons or specialists who work during harder at particular times during the year.
  • They are unemployed. If an individual is unemployed, it is nearly impossible for the bank to consider them viable to approve for a loan. According to banks, unemployment benefits do not provide enough to cover a monthly loan payment.

However, lenders that process loans using a vehicle as collateral, whether a car or a motorcycle, often approve clients of a much wider range of individuals including those that banks themselves reject. Obviously, there are still requirements but they are far less strict than those of banks. These types of loans allow people in need of a loan to cope with unexpected expenses. So, Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan?

Understanding how these car title loans work is vital to getting the maximum amount and benefits from your loan. If you own several cars, the lender that processes your loan may offer you a higher amount than if you have only one. Other determining factors include the age of your car, the condition of your car, the mileage on it, and its current market value. All those things determine how much you can borrow in a car title loan. Ensure that your car is in good condition and has all the necessary documentation.

When you get a car title loan, you don’t lose the ownership of your vehicle. As long as you continue to pay the monthly fees established by your contract, you can continue driving your car as usual. This is a great advantage because you are getting the money you would get as if you were selling your car but you get to keep it! Learn more at

Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan? To get a higher valuation of your vehicle, you must pretend you are trying to sell it. If you were selling your car, you would try to make it look as brand new as possible, wouldn’t you? Here are some useful tricks you can use:

  • Make sure that your car has been recently washed, both the exterior and the interior.
  • Remove all the items inside the car. Check the ashtrays, the glove box, the inside pockets. Ensure that the inside of the car is clean and empty.
  • Gather your invoices for check-ups and repairs. Find your maintenance book for your car and give it to the expert who evaluates it.
  • Compile important documentation like your registration, title, insurance, bill of sale, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it Possible to Get a Loan with my Car?

Yes. With a car title loan, you use your car as collateral to receive a specified loan amount from a title loan lender.

What is Collateral?

When it comes to lending agreements, collateral is an asset - often a car or house, in which a lender requires for certain kinds of loans as security.

How Much Can I Get On a Title Loan?

This will depend on the title loan lender and the worth or equity from your vehicle.

How Much Cash Can i Get?

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