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21 Nov 2019   /   0 comments

Can You Get Car Title Loans With No Credit Check?

Fernando Castaneda
can i get title loan with no credit check

car title loan no credit checkCan you get a car title loan no credit check? The answer depends on the lender. Generally, most lenders are going to perform a credit check and see your credit history, but some will not check. Both have different benefits. Title loan lenders who offer a car title loan no credit do not check your credit history and thus charge higher interest. Without knowing your past or current credit history, you’re at higher risk to the lender. Those lenders who do check usually have lower interest rates to offer. See how car title loans work at

What do I need for a Title Loan No Credit Check?

  • The mileage of your vehicle. Generally, vehicles that have more than 200,000 miles are not going to qualify with a lender, but it’s not always the case.
  • Other specific information on your vehicle. This includes the trim, manufacturer-specific and if the car has a salvage title. The year of the car is also important because newer vehicles worth more than older cares.
  • Monthly income. In California, a car title loan lender normally wants to see at least an income of $1200 a month so that they know you can pay back the loan. This is not a guarantee that you’ll get a car title loan. It’s just a general standard that most lenders use.
  • Additional sources of revenue or streams of income. If you have investments like royalties, rental properties or other sources of income a lender will want to know this.
  • Personal identification. A lender needs to see your identification card.
  • Full coverage insurance on the vehicle. If you get a car title loan you must understand the following: The auto title loan lender is taking a financial interest in your car and if your car is destroyed or damaged, the lender is going to need insurance protection to safeguard their financial interest. Therefore, almost every title loan lenders require that a borrower have full insurance coverage on his or her auto title loan.
  • Professional references. A lender needs to see your current job status and also take into account your history.
  • Personal references, depending on the lender. While some lenders place more emphasis on this than others, lenders want to have a list of personal references.  

If you don’t know your credit history, there are many ways you can check it online such as

Apply for a Car title loan No credit check!

Since 1994, TFC Car Title Loans has been a top lender of car title loan no credit check! Fill out an online car title loan application, visit us, or do an over-the-phone car title loan application. Now that you know how does a car title loan work, call us at 844-242-3543. Within minutes you can find out how much cash you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Are Car Title Loans?

An auto title loan is a loan for a small amount of cash for a short period of time. When you get a car title loan, you give the auto lender the title to your car until the loan is paid in full.

What Do I Need To Get an Auto Title Loan?

First, you'll need an original car title showing sole ownership, a government issued ID with a matching name on the car title, proof of residency, proof of insurance, recent pay stubs and your current vehicle registration.

What Are Other Names for Title Loans?

Fast auto loan, car title loan, auto title loan, pink slip loan, car collateral loan, auto equity loans

How Much Cash Can i Get?

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