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Car Title Loan in Bakersfield No Credit Check

Car title pawn

Your needs are always our top priority. That’s why our loan service is ever convenient and fast for your convenience. When you submit the required documents, the approval is instantaneous, so you get the money immediately!

When you apply with TFC Title Loans, you will not have to worry about checking your credit. You only need a short list of required documents – when you call us, one of our representatives will guide you through an easy and quick process.

What is a Car Title Loan?

We offer different plans for loans with car title depending on the plan which suits your income status and vehicle value.

A Loan with a Title (in installments) allows you to repay the amount of your loan within a period longer than that of a debt on a traditional payroll. Our loan product with a guarantee enables you to return it to fixed installments, which are usually all for the same amount (it is feasible that I varied the initial or final fee). In TFC Title Loans you can return your loan early and save interest.

What do I need to apply for a Car Title Loan?

Just present yourself with the invoice/title of your car in your name, free of liens, along with identification. We accept different types of IDs: Driver’s License, Local or Other Identification Card, Consular Registration of Mexico, Passport or Government Identification with a photograph. We also accept different types of titles, such as originals, certified copies, ” salvage ” And those titles with liens released by another creditor in the front. Also, you need to present proof of income and address. 

TFC Title Loans may require a bank account for loans that exceed a certain amount. If you perform your online banking, you can use our simplified verification system to avoid paperwork. The only thing that occupies with this system is the data of its title and its bank account.

How much can I borrow?

You may qualify to borrow up to $ 25,000, depending on whether you choose a loan with installment or lump sum guarantee, your income and different award criteria, and state laws.

Will I be able to continue using my vehicle during the term of the loan?

Of course! We give you the money, and you can continue driving your car.

When do I receive the funds from my loan?

You can collect the funds of the loan granted through a check at the branch.

Do you have loans with a motorcycle title?

Yes, we have Loans with title of motorcycles in the branch, and the requirements are the same: a title in your name, without liens and an identification. You may also require to present proof of income, address and in some cases, TFC Title Loans also needs a bank account when the loan exceeds a certain amount. If you perform your online banking, you can use our simplified verification system to avoid paperwork. The only thing that occupies to use our system is the data of your title and your bank account.

Does my car have to be fully paid?

Yes. Your car must be fully paid to access a Guaranteed Loan.

What do I do if I lost my title?

You need to submit a valid title before you can grant a loan at a TFC Title Loans branch. You can contact your local DMV to request a duplicate title. Contact your nearest office to request assistance with this procedure if required.

What happens if the title is in the name of two different people?

You can request a loan at your local branch; however, both people must be present to complete the process. When it is time to sign the documents, our staff will indicate how to do it.

What happens if the title of the vehicle is in the name of another person?

Only the owner can take out a loan or obtain a loan. If you recently purchased your car and the title is not yet in your name, you will have to file a name change with the DMV before you can request a loan or credit. Also, if your title includes the name of another person, such as your spouse, the spouse should also be present when you apply for the loan or credit. If you have any questions or need help with the process, contact your local branch.

I have two cars. Can I request a loan based on both?

No. Only one loan per person, per occasion. TFC Title Loans does authorize a spouse to process another additional loan as long as there is another car under warranty.

Is it mandatory to have a job? Can I be retired?

We do not require formal employment; however, you must have some income. Maybe you work on your own or has income from an informal job; however, we still need the solvency to repay the loan amount. You can even be retired or disabled. The important thing is to have a permanent and permanent source of income.

Are my data safe?

TFC Title Loans values your privacy and security online. Click here to read our privacy policy.

What do I occupy to request a Vehicle Title Loan?

You will have to present a valid identification form and a title, free of liens, to the local TFC Title Loans branch. You may also have to show proof of income, address and in some cases, TFC Title Loans also requires a bank account when the loan exceeds a certain amount. If you conduct your online banking, you can use our simplified verification system to avoid paperwork. The only thing that occupies to use our system is the data of your title and your bank account.

How much does it cost to apply for a loan?

No. You will not incur any charge for requesting a loan with a guarantee or credit, regardless of whether it is approved or denied. Even with our satisfaction guarantee, you will not incur interest or fee charges if you change your mind about the loan or credit within 24 hours.

When is the loan due?

In the case of installment loans with car title, the installments are generally due in consecutive fortnights, and the term (duration) varies by state. We will give you more information about the due dates and amounts and your loan will be approved. 

When will I be informed if I was approved for the loan or loan?

Generally within one hour in the same branch. Once it has been approved, you will receive your check immediately!

How do I return my loan?

When your loan is due, you will have the option to cancel your loan or depending on state laws; you can only pay the interest accrued and refinance the loan to another term. Of course, he will be responsible for the additional fees and interest derived from the refinancing. Also, we may require you to amortize part of the initial capital of the loan obtained from each refinancing (varies according to the laws of each state based on the single-installment loans). Only certified funds or cash are accepted to cover the loan renewal fees at the branch, without the option of electronic payment.

If I repay my loan early, what will happen to my financial charges?

If you repay your loan early, you will only be responsible for the costs and interest accrued on the unpaid loan principal amount, up to the date of repayment. If you repay your loan early, you pay less interest.

What happens if I change my mind and I do not want the loan anymore?

You can return the money to the branch within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving your check. Without giving reasons or paying fees.

What happens if I do not timely pay my loan or credit?

Failure to timely pay the installment of your loan or credit could have the following consequences, such as:

Economic Impact – All loans that you obtain with us or that we obtain in your favor carry delinquent interest (according to the terms and conditions of your contract that vary by state). You will also be entitled to a surcharge for non-payment of your due installments, plus additional surcharges for bounced payments when your checks or electronic payments are returned without funds (surcharges for non-payment or rebounds vary by state – check your loan contract for more details).

Collection Work – We will try to collect any delinquent amount through our traditional collection methods, such as telephone calls, postal mail and courier and emails. Also, we can enforce any of our rights under the loan agreements or credits that we have agreed. Check your loan contract for more details.

Impact on your Credit Coefficient – We do not currently inform the three main credit bureaus of their credit performance (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion). However, we do rely on information from credit entities such as Teletrack. Failure to comply with timely payments of your loan could negatively affect your credit rating before those entities, or prevent you from qualifying or accessing credit or other services with other businesses that also use this information.

Renewal of your Loan – There is no automatic renewal of any of our loans or credits. Where refinancing or renewals are available (depending on the state), you may request a refinancing or renewal of your loan or credit by presenting yourself at a local branch, before the expiration of your lending, to claim it. Regarding any renewal or refinancing, you will have to sign again the loan agreements related to such renewal or refinancing, and apply our standard rates for renovations or refinancing of loans or credits (vary by state – check the rating scheme of your local branch).

How do I cancel my loan?

Online: To pay off your loan you must return your loan funds by certified check or cash within 24 hours or before the close of the next business day, the largest of which is determined by state law.

All loans are subject to approval according to the conventional concession criteria. Not all clients will qualify for a loan or will get the maximum loan requested. Credit should only meet short-term economic needs and not long-term needs. Clients with solvency problems should seek credit counselling.

Installment loans are for consumers who need more time to repay their loan than a one-time payroll loan. The amount of the individual installments of an installment loan will be lower compared to the single payment of the payroll loan for the same amount. The total sum of installment loan installments will be higher than the one-time payroll loan installment when the installment loan is repaid according to the quota scheme stipulated in the related loan agreement.

There are secured loans with different terms and subject to different grant criteria. Loans with collateral can be installment or single installment.

The final determination regarding your request will be based, entirely or partially, on the information obtained from a national database that includes, without limitations to:

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