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Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah

car title loans salt lake city utah

Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah is here to assist you, in getting the best car title loan in Salt Lake City. We will use the equity that you have in your car, to get you the money.

We provide same day funding and work with bad credit, with us, your car is your credit.

Commercial Banks

The commercial banks have always been a valuable source of loans to many people at a point in history, many people run to the bank for a solution when they need money but not urgent money.

Due to the general financial crisis in the world economy, the reverse is the case now, unlike before. Not all banks are capable of giving loans to customers to those that do require a lot of paperwork, a huge asset as collateral, three times huge in value when compared to the loan requested for.

A personal credit score is also an important yardstick to the bank and the high-interest rate is something the customer will definitely worry about.

Get your urgent cash

car title loans salt lake city utah

With this type of economic, a financial crisis can transpire at any time to anyone. A difficult situation that will require urgent cash can arise anytime. What you need amid this situation is urgent cash to meet this pressing financial needs.

Numbers of reason can be responsible for this financial crisis, it could be recurring medical bills, repayment of the urgent debt, rents or mortgage payment, an unplanned journey or any conventional emergency events that might require urgent cash.

We are the best alternative

Regardless of the reasons. There are numerous sources of obtaining loans to get out of these prevailing challenges.

Pink slip loan is one of the best alternatives. It is becoming more prevailing and useful to residents and workers in the Salt Lake City Utah. The reason for this popularity can be attributed to its simple application process and requirement.

Many people are now taking advantage of our services. As the owner of a car, you should also take advantage of this great solution amid your emergency situation.

What is pink slip loans?

A pink slip loan as the name implies “pink slip”. Which means the title of an automobile. Is also known as car title loan, auto equity loan or title loan similar to other conventional loans. It is purposely designed to rescue people from a financial crisis. It requires that you own a car and use the title of the car as collateral to secure a loan.

The difference between a pink slip loan and other conventional loans. Is that its process has eliminated the hassle involved in acquiring a loan. All you need to get a loan is your car title and other simple documents that are always at your disposal. 

How does pink slip loans come to the rescue?

car title loans salt lake city utahExplaining the working process of pink slip loans will entail the features and requirement for the financial service. An auto title loan or pink slip loan or whichever word you call it is basically a support loan. Designed to rescue people out of an emergency situation.

Lender issue loan to car owners who are ready to use their car as collateral for the money. While you get the money. Your car stands as guarantor and security for the time required to pay back the funds.

You have access to your car during the loan

Note that using your car as collateral does not mean that you do not have access to your car during the loan period. The only thing that we require is your car title while you drive away in your car. Numerous companies offer pink slip loan in Salt Lake. But we stand at the top because we offer the most flexible and loan terms that cannot be beaten by others (find out as you read further).

Our customers have confidence in us to get the best value for their vehicles when they use them as collateral for loans. Our staffs are trained to guide you at every step to get your cash. We are passionate about you and discreet about your information. And if you need help, we are always a call away.

Documents for Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah

When you are ready to benefit from the numerous advantages of getting a loan with your car using Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah.

Below are a few things to bring along with your vehicle to any of our offices stated on our website nearest to you.

The Vehicle

This is the first important thing, the vehicle along with its equity will be assessed by our expert staff to determine how much you qualified for. The resale value of your car will determine how much you can get from us.

Vehicle Title

The car must be registered in your name, and the title must indicate that the car is registered in Salt Lake City. The car must be paid off and without liens on it. car title loans salt lake city utah

Identity Card

You must come with a government-issued identity card, driver’s license and passport are perfect examples. Note, the identity card must be valid and you must be at least 18 years of age.

Residential Proof

Your address will be required in the process as this will prove that you are a resident of Salt Lake City. A perfect example to back up your address is the utility bills containing your address. Electric bills and cable bills are a perfect example.

Proof of income and auto insurance

These two documents are important since a credit check is not a yardstick to Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah. Firstly, we need to be sure that the vehicle you are using as collateral is protected since you will still be driving the car during the loan period. This will limit our risk, should anything happen to the car during the loan period. 

Secondly, we have to be sure that you have a steady source of income that will enable you to pay back the loan. As your default may result in losing your car.

When you have all these documents at hand, the Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah process is fast and easy. You could drive away your car with the money in your pocket within a couple of minutes.

The best place to get pink slip loans in Salt Lake City Utah?

Salt Lake City encompasses two counties, Salt Lake and Tooele. Being the capital and the municipality of the United State with the highest population with an estimated 1,153,340 residents as recorded by 2014 census is regarded as the urban heart of Utah.

Salt Lake City can be described as comfortably urban nestled within a valley, known as the Wasatch Front. Which happened to be one of only two major urban areas in the Great Basin. Salt Lake City was ranked by Census Bureau in 2014 as the 48th largest MSA in the United States and 58th fastest growing since 2010.

Employment in Salt Lake City

The employment in Salt Lake City revolved around government, transportation, business and professional services, trade, utilities, and tourist. Local, state and federal governments provide a larger percentage of employment in Salt Lake City while trade, utilities, and transportation also provide a large portion of employment. 

Salt Lake International Airport, Delta Hub, health services and health education services and professional and business services. Provide a significant portion of employment in Salt Lake while other major employers include the University of Utah and Sinclair Oil Corporation.

Not enough to meet the need for the people

Seen the above brief information about Salt Lake City, what came to your mind? Do you think this article is trying to focus on the economy of Salt Lake City?

Well, the answer is NO, we just want to brief you about the economy as the majority of the employment in Salt Lake City has to do with wages and salary. Which often time not enough to meet the need of the people. 

Emergency cash

Regardless of the fact that you have a job and earn income, the high cost of living and daily expenses is enough to create a stressful and financial situation in one’s life.

Considering your monthly expenses such as utility bills, mortgage, credit card bills, food, fuel, and auto payment and other expenses. You will discover that it’s far beyond your income and at the end. It’s obvious that there won’t be any saving left to cater for any unknown emergency situation that can transpire anytime.

Not always easy to come up with some extra cash

In any case, the need for an unexpected bill such as a medical bill or an unplanned trip may arise. It’s not always easy to come up with the extra cash you need for an emergency financial situation. In view of the above, you might need to access a loan to sort your emergency need.

Many people turn to banks but as earlier mentioned, after a lot of paper works. They might still be rejected of their application since any little thing such as credit scores is enough to disqualify them. Hey! Remember the average resident of Salt Lake City owns a car and have a job with or without a huge income. A job is a job. It’s enough to get you the money you need amid an emergency situation.

How can I get it?

Are you asking how? All you need to secure a title loan is your vehicle title which you have, a government-issued identity card, of course, you can drive your vehicle without a driver’s license. Which is a perfect example; proof of income, hey!

Remember you have a job. That sounds great, right? It’s a good thing that many people are taking this advantage already but are they getting the loan from a credible source? Are they enjoying the maximum benefits that come with an auto title loan?

Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah is the best

So, who does it better? Regardless of the numbers of companies that offer auto title loans here in Salt Lake City. Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah still remains the best. The flexibility and humane treatment offer to our customers place us at the top edge of the business. Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah is top-notch in providing an auto equity loan in the whole of the United State, with our offices around every corner.

We are here and we have been here for more than two decades. Offering title loan to save people from an erratic monetary emergency. Amid a time of financial crisis, we offer flexible auto title loans with a simple application process that only takes a couple of minutes to get you the cash you need to sort yourself out.

With us, you don’t have to sit for hours in our offices. You can fill and submit your application online prior to visiting any of our offices listed on our website. This is most convenient for you to finalize the loan deal.

Cain more and risk less

With TFC Title Loans, you stand to gain more risking less. As you still keep the custody of your car regardless of the fact that we have the title. Our loan term is flexible and we offer up to 85% of the resale value of your car which is rare to come across.

We can say it authoritatively that we fix the best resale prices for your vehicle in United State. We consistently offer the highest loans in the title loan industry and we are always available to help you out on the application process. All you need to obtain an auto title loan with Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah are simple documents which include your vehicle title, a government-issued identity card, vehicle registration in your name, proof of income and in some rare cases car insurance.  

Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah?

High amounts

At Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah, we offer up to $50,000 contrary to $200 to $20,000 offered by other companies. This is very rare to come across

Great customers service

At Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah, our employees are committed to rendering good services in a friendly manner to our customers. They are well trained to handle issues for clients and do their best to ensure they are satisfied. They are always available in the office and on phone to guide you through each step.

Keep and drive your vehicle

How to choose the best title lender

At Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah, while your car is used as collateral for a loan. You are still in possession of it and can use it the normal way before you used it as collateral.

No hidden fees, no prepayment penalties

Before the signing of a loan deal, all terms and conditions are set and understood by the customer. Apart from the agreed repayment plan. There is no other hidden fees or penalties for repayment that may increase the amount to repay as stated in the loan agreement.

Easy application

At Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah, application for a car title loan is so simple such that it can be completed online within a couple of minutes. 

Risk of losing your car

Don’t be scared, with Car Title Loans Salt Lake City Utah, we got your back. The risk of losing your car with us is a rare circumstance. As offered by many companies, a car title loan is assumed to last for 30 days after. Which you stand a risk of losing your car if you default in paying back.


We know that the term and condition for this loan permit us to take possession of your car should you default in paying back but relax, we are locally run and we understand fully better the economy of the state.

In regard to this, we have made our loan term to be 24 to 48 months with no prepayment penalties. Also, if after the long period of time, you are yet to pay up. We will still give you a grace period that may be up to a month and dialogue with you on a favorable resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are title loans good for emergency money?

Title loans are great for making money in a hurry because you get money quickly and keep your car. No company can match TFC Title Loans when it comes to low interest rate fast cash for any situation.

Do car title loans work the same as home title loans?

Yes, both title loans are given based on the value of the owned property.

Can I get a second car using a title loan?

Absolutely. The key is using the first car's title to put a down payment on your next vehicle. You can build a car collection quickly using this strategy. If you have any questions about which new or classic cars to buy, ask TFC Car Title Loans.

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