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How to Choose the Best Auto Title Lender

When you find yourself in a situation where borrowing money is the only way to stay afloat, you have a lot of tough decisions ahead of you. First, you must decide how you are going to borrow money and how to find the best auto tile lender.

Car title loans have several advantages

Best Auto Title Lender
These include:

  • Good credit isn’t required. In fact, many auto title lenders in California do not check your credit score or history at all during the approval process.
  • Car Title Loans are fast. In many cases, you can go through the application and approval process in a single day, and walk out right then with the cash you need.
  • There are usually no penalties for paying off your title loan early. This means that you could actually save money by paying off before the end of the loan term, saving on the interest that would have been charged later. (Most bank loans have early payout penalties to recoup the cost of the lost interest.)
  • With a title loan, you can continue driving your car throughout the entire loan term, and the amount is based on the value of your car.

For many people, an auto title loan makes the most sense for a variety of circumstances, especially those in which a small loan couldn’t cover the need. But once you’ve decided that you’re going to go with an auto title lender, you must now decide which lender is the best for you.

The Search Begins

When you first look for an auto title lender, you might be tempted to go with whichever lender is closest or most convenient. But when it comes to something as important as the title of your car, you should do a little more research first. There are many things that could make one auto title lender better than another, and if you have to drive just a little further to an area around you to find the best lender, you can at least rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a trustworthy company to hold on to your title.

Criteria to consider when shopping for the best auto title lender in and around your area:

Licensed and Legal

Are you are dealing with an industry like lending? You’ll need to be sure that the company is properly licensed in the state of California. In the state of California, for example, auto title lenders must lend each borrower at least $2,500 or more, to avoid the cap on small loans. The state of California places a maximum fee limit of no more than 30% of the total loan, although they do not limit the amount of time your loan terms can be.

In order to discover if a lender you are considering is properly licensed and following the laws, you can check their website for information, or search the online directory for business licenses. The license to do business must be displayed in their office, so your final step could be visiting the office to see the license in person.

Stability and Ratings

With something as important as finances, it’s important to be sure that you are dealing with a company that is stable. And, that has a long history of offering satisfactory service to previous clients. If your choice is between two companies? Choose the lender who has been in business for longer. Or, whose online reviews are more positive. The only time you may want to choose a new lender? It’s if they are offering better rates in order to establish their business. Or, if they have much better reviews than the more established title lender.

When you are searching for a great title lender in or around your area, you can also consider the turnover of their employees. If you’ve noticed a different receptionist being trained every time you’ve visited the location, or if the company has recently hired new management, you may want to choose a different lender, whose employees have more experience providing loans to their clients.

Rates, Fees, and Interest

How much you will have to pay in the end depends on a variety of considerations. First is how much you borrow. If you need money to cover a major emergency, your principal amount will be higher. Interest is calculated on how much you borrow, and how long your terms are. Choose an auto title lender that provides you the longest terms. This will make each individual payment a little lower. Finally, fees should be no more than 30% of the total principle according to California state law. These should not be added to the principal until after the interest is calculated because you should not have to pay interest on the fees.

Most of the time, you’ll want to choose the title lender that is willing to offer you the lowest interest rates and fees. However, if a title lender near you seems more trustworthy, and is willing to offer you multiple payment plans, but has slightly higher interest rates, you may still want to borrow from them, because the experience may be more pleasant overall.

Auto Title Lender Approval Process

All title lenders have a slightly different approval process. While having good credit is almost never a concern for title lenders, there may be other considerations that disqualify a borrower. For example, some title lenders may require that you prove income before you can borrow. Others may require that your car carry gap insurance before you can borrow. Ask each company you are considering what their approval guidelines consist of before you begin the process.

Of course, you’ll want to choose a title lender that will approve your application; but if possible, choose a lender that won’t check your credit score. Every time your score is checked, a small hit lowers your score just a bit. You may find a company that will approve your application without proof of income. Be sure to keep in mind that a loan officer at your local auto title loan company can help you choose the best payment plan if they know what your budget looks like.

Length of Payment Term

Finally, look at the maximum allowable term length to choose the best title lender. Most title loans are given for a period of 30 to 60 days. However, you may find a company that allows rollovers without penalties. This is to extend your loan terms to a more reasonable term. Also, be sure to ask if there is a penalty for paying your loan off early. Interest is calculated in part by the length of the term. This means you could save a bit of money by paying early. You won’t have to pay the interest that would have been calculated on the loan in the following days or months.

If the loan term is too short when seeking the best auto title lender? It will make it difficult for you to keep paying your regular bills. Also may be best to walk away if you can. The whole point of an auto title loan is to make it easier to cover emergencies. In doing so, you aren’t giving up your whole paycheck. Take your time to search for a title lender. Be sure they offer you the loan term you need to keep your budget on track.

Putting It All Together

At the end of the day, you may find that there is a clear front-runner for the best auto title lender. That’s the title lender near you, that you want to work with. If you have multiple options in your city/surrounding areas? You now have a lot of information about each to compare their services. Go into each office and speak with the receptionist or loan officer. Get a feel for how willing they are to work with you, and how quickly each application and approval process may be.

Check out their website or social media presence for even more information on how each company treats their customers. If they interact frequently, have a blog full of helpful articles and tips, and do more than just present their name on an empty site or profile, then you can bet that they will be as equally helpful and present in your in-person dealings with them as a title lender. Reviews online are another great thing to check out, to be sure that customers aren’t unhappy with their services. Can’t find any specific reviews for local title lenders on Yelp or other review sites? Try searching any social media websites where the company has a profile for mentions. You are likely to find any customer service issues that have been addressed. And, can consider for yourself how they handled the situation.

Your Final Decision for a the Best Auto Title Lender

The final decision should be a company that makes you feel comfortable. There should be no stress or worry when you hand over your auto title lender. Ideally, you’ll find the perfect title lender that you can come to again in the future. That of course is should you ever need to cover another emergency. Or, if you ever want a bit of last-minute funding for a vacation or the holidays.amp_button_nice_short

Frequently Asked Questions
What separates auto lenders from each other?

Willingness to lend a hand varies from lender to lender. Some are less likely to work with low credit than others. TFC Title Loans, for example, will approve anyone with a job and car title for a near-maximum loan with an affordable monthly payment. TitleMax, on the other hand, is less known for lending a hand to people during emergencies.

Are title loans good for emergency money?

Title loans are great for making money in a hurry because you get money quickly and keep your car. No company can match TFC Title Loans when it comes to low interest rate fast cash for any situation.

Are there any online title loan calculators?

Give a call to TFC Title Loans or search for their calculator. To supplement TFC, refer to's estimate of your vehicle's value. You'll need to know the model year, make, model type, and model trim level.

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