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10 Sep 2019   /   0 comments

Dealing with Financial Anxiety

How can a title loan help me?

One of the main reasons that many consumers choose to take out a car title loan is that they’ve been faced with a financial emergency, and cannot find a way around it without taking out a loan. While this does make it easier and faster to get back on your feet in many cases, you may still be experiencing a lot of financial anxiety over how thin your budget has become. And, rent costs are soaring (especially in California). Other western states like Arizona are no exception.

This is something that millions of people deal with every day, and there are ways to deal with that stress (ways that don’t include paying out big bucks for an advisor or therapist). Here are a few ways to curb the anxiety so you can keep charging ahead to get your finances healthy again.

How can I get a title loan near me?

deal with financial anxietyThe first step is to get rid of guilt and shame. The decisions you made in the past can haunt you. You may find yourself thinking, “If I just hadn’t splurged on a new winter coat last month, I could have fixed the car when it broke down.” But there’s no way to see the future, and you need to remind yourself that you could not have known that you would need that money. Give yourself permission to start fresh, and reevaluate your budget looking only at the facts today.

And, remember that “comparison is the thief of joy”. If you spend a lot of time browsing through your Facebook friends’ vacation photos or lusting over the expensive wardrobe of your favorite Instagram model, you will always feel unhappy with your own finances. Also, you can’t know how much debt or financial stress the people in those photos are facing – they may have funded that vacation on credit cards, and are now struggling to pay it back. Stop comparing yourself to others, and focus on your own unique journey.

It’s that simple.

Finally, consider how bad things really could be. It may actually help your anxiety to “indulge” it for a moment. So, ask yourself to define what the ultimate financial catastrophe is for your family. Losing your vehicles? Losing your home? Nonetheless, visualize exactly what you would do in each situation. Then, research options for help in your area on the TFC website. Sometimes, simply knowing that you have contingency plans for the worst can help ease financial anxiety.

By keeping your financial anxiety low, and focusing on budgeting tips, you can get through. You’ll be back on track very quickly. We guarantee it.


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