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Dealing with Unexpected Emergencies

While many Americans have an emergency fund or an unused credit card for those situations, that is not always the case. In fact, there is a growing segment of the population that is shunning credit cards so they don’t get into trouble using them. That makes a lot of sense when things are going right, but when something bad happens it can leave you wishing you had a card.

The good news is that if you have avoided debt thus far and own your vehicle free and clear, you have the ability to use it as collateral for a loan to handle those budget-busting emergencies. With a car title loan, you get the cash you need quicker than with other avenues, so you can get on that flight or have a  replacement air conditioner on order within hours.

An unexpected emergency does not have to derail you. You can borrow just what you need to meet the need and then either pay it off in the terms set forth in the loan paperwork or pay it off more quickly if you are able to do so.

Sometimes there is a silver lining in a dismal cloud, and an improved credit rating is the one in this situation. Car title loans paid properly will help you establish credit, repair credit or boost whatever rating you currently hold. Then, if you should desire to get an emergency fund credit card in the future, you’ll be able to.

An easy to obtain car title loan could be just the ticket for getting the money for that ticket you need to get (pun intended), while not adding any extra stress on an already stressful situation.

An unexpected emergency does not have to derail you. You can borrow just what you need to meet the need and then either pay it off in the terms set forth in the loan paperwork or pay it off more quickly if you are able to do so.

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Although, one of the easiest ways to come up with the necessary funds quickly is with a car title loan. But, lenders vary with different terms and conditions. Some lenders may promise low-interest rate and all other things that can attract you but eventually, after obtaining the loan, you will realize that selling your car is even better than using it as collateral with them.

Getting cash car title loan is quick and easy with all of our loan types. It generally takes less than an hour and all you need is a vehicle with a clean title and a few documents.


Car title loan simply refers to the simplest type of loan that permits you to borrow money against the title of your car. It’s a secure loan but you do not need to drop your car, all you will be required to drop is the title of your car; a lien will be placed on it but will be removed as soon as you complete the repayment of the loan.


Welcome, we are your number one source of loans. We offer the best loan that fits your financial situation; we put into consideration your source of income before we make any loan recommendation so that we don’t end up putting you in a situation where you lose your collateral. We offer sufficient cash through our car title loans in Hilton Head to meet all kinds of emergencies; our customers do not struggle to repay their loan as our repayment term is flexible and there are no hidden fees. Majority of our customers repay their loan in their next payday with low interest since they know how much they need to repay and when it needs to be paid. We have been in existence since 1994 and thousands of people have been saved through our loan program.

TFC Title Loans was established in 1994 with a mission to rescue people in difficult situations, we are not just a loan lender but a friend in distress. We offer the best car title loan in the whole of United State; we put our customers first and carefully analyze their situation before we make any recommendation so that we don’t end up adding to their problems. We carefully explained the details of every loan to our customer for them to be sure of what they are applying for and not to go into it because they are in need.

We offer cash sufficient enough to solve all financial problems that need urgent attention through our car title loans; most of our customers do not struggle to repay their loan as our repayment term is flexible and there are no hidden fees. Majority of our customers repay their loan in their next payday with low interest since they know how much they need to repay and when it needs to be paid. We have helped many people to give their beloved one a befitting burial and likewise, we have many people to fulfill their final desire by borrowing them money to help the people they will leave behind to manage to offer them befitting burial when they exit.



Numerous are the reasons why you need us, we are distinct in the loan industry and you can enjoy maximum satisfaction when you borrow from us. Part of those benefits includes:



All too often, families opt for cremation with no viewing, not because they don’t desire a full funeral but because there isn’t money for it. Sometimes, the majority of these family members can afford to contribute a relatively great amount but can’t, in their current situation because the incident might have caught them unprepared or probably far from their payday.

The great thing about our car title loan is that you can give your loved one the funeral and burial they deserve and the closure the family needs. You can get our title loan and pay back early with no penalties.  Our title loan is perfectly ideal when you want to cover-up for your entire family, you will cover for all without suffering any loss since you will be getting funds from other family members in the days and weeks ahead.


Easy Application

Why mourning your desist one, we know you will be busy with so many things and that’s why we have designed the loan to be as simple as anything you can think of. It’s not only simple but faster. With a few steps, you will have the cash in your hand within couples of minutes. You can apply on our website by filling the submitting the short application form and you can also walk into any of our offices close to your close of residence to obtain the loan.


Great Customer Service

Even while we are offering you helping hands, we still do it with courtesy. Our staffs are well trained to attend to your need without keeping you waiting, once you have all the required documents that will be listed below; you can access our loan without any stress. We are always discreet about any information you submit to us and we treat them as confidential as we can. We will tell you all you need to know about the loan and ensure that you understand all prior to the signing of a loan contract.


High Amounts

The average funeral with viewing and burial now costs an average of $7,181 per the NFDA, but it’s possible for you or the family to need some other fund that may also be pertaining to the burial. We can offer you more money beyond the basic bill for the burial as long as you have a vehicle that qualifies to stand as collateral for the loan.


Keep and Drive Your Vehicle

Even if you don’t explain to people that you borrow a loan to performed a befitting burial for your desist one, they will know when they see your car in loan dealer premises. Nothing brings insult than that. Our title loan does not require that you park your car with us, once we have evaluated the car and you have gotten the cash you need, you can drive away in your car.


No Hidden Fees, No Prepayment Penalties

We don’t take advantage of our customers; we work in accordance with the law that guides car title loan in every state where our offices exist. We make sure our customer read and understand what they are signing before signing any loan contract with us. Every detail of the loan will be included in the drafted loan deal and no any additional payment will be requested outside what they signed as long as they keep to the loan terms and conditions which majorly repayment at the appropriate time.


FLEXIBLE AND Low-Interest Rate

We offer you time that will be sufficient to pay back without any hassle but it’s best to pay as fast as you can to reduce the interest you will be paying. Also, we offer interest above moderate to make the loan easier for our customers.



Getting a befitting burial is ascertain most especially when you prepared for it before you leave. Through our car title loan, you can prepay your funeral expenses and help those you will leave behind to easily managed your final wishes.



Applying for a car title loan is one of the easiest things, you do not need to waste time looking for things that are not necessary and your credit score is meaningless. Once you are above 18 years of age and you have these few documents that will be listed below, you are qualified to obtain our title loan.


The Vehicle

Your vehicle is the major requirement, the vehicle along with its equity will be assessed by our expert staff to determine if it qualified to stand as collateral for the amount you requested for. The resale value of your car will determine how much you can get from us. However, you won’t need to park your car with us. Once we’ve determined the amount you qualify for and finalize the loan deal immediately, you can drive away your car.


Vehicle Title

Our offices are located in different cities in many states in the United State, you must ensure that your car is registered in the city where you are applying for the loan, the car must be free from any lien and you must have completed the payment of the car.


Proof of Identity

To prove that you are resident of the city where you are applying for the loan, you must provide your full address, contacting number, utility bill of the house as well as your identity card issued by the government such identity card include passport, driver’s license.


Proof of Auto Insurance

Since we are not requesting that you should park your car with us, we should at least be sure that we are secured during the loan period. Proof to show that you insured your vehicle is enough to put our mind at rest should the car involve in an accident during the loan period or in case of theft or other issues.


Proof of Income

Your source of income is important to us before we give you any loan, we must be sure that you are capable of refunding the money without any hassle. We don’t save you from a mess to put you into another mess so; we consider your source of income while determining your repayment option. For instance, if your income is $100 per month and we ask you to refund $150 per month, this might be difficult for you to do and you might end up losing your collateral.

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