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25 Nov 2018   /   0 comments

Famous Five Race Cars

Caroline Mwandawiro
race cars

In the late 18th century, car racing started gaining popularity and after the invention of gasoline there was no looking back. Gasoline helped to power the internal combustion of the car by powering the engine. A lot of popular racers have used some exquisite race cars made by niche companies. So what happens when these cars retire?

Avid car collectors pay thousands of millions of dollars to own these mean machines.  However, these machines are not only meant for rich car collectors and it is very much accessible to the common man. However, you will need a lender who can give you the right amount of loan to one of these cars and it is possible.

Five famous cars to die for:

Here are some popular car models that most people vie at buying.

  1. Mercedes Benz- W 196

This is a rare car and was driven mostly by the ace car racer in Formula 1, Juan Manuel Fangio. This car won the championship five times in the Grand Prix. This car was auctioned for $22.53 Million in 2013. There are still some models available in the car market.

  1. Porsche 917race cars

Porsche needs no introduction to a car enthusiast. The car was driven by the racing legend Steve McQueen and was also used in the movie called LeMans. This was the first Porsche model to ever win a car race. Today it is the most expensive car model in the Porsche series. The Porsche Gooding and Company sold this car at $14 million. You can still find similar models in the Porsche events. Just have a lender ready!

  1. Porsche 935

The Porsche 935 can cost as much as $4.8 Million. It was first driven by Dick Barbor, Paul Newman and Rolf Stommelen. It won the Daytona 24 hours’ event in just 12 hours, half the time allotted. It also won the second place in the LeMans car racing event in 1979. This has by far the most successful Porsche model and was known for its endurance. The original car used at the race was sold at $4.84 million.

  1. Hudson Hornet

The Hudson sold at $1.3 million and this was the original model to be auctioned. This car was originally launched in 1952. It took part in the NASCAR racing event and the Hudson Hornet had the most dominating presence in the entire event. In 1952, the Hudson Hornet was owned by the legendary NASCAR racing hero Herb Thomas. It was later auctioned at $1,265 million, at the Hudson Auto Museum.

  1. Ferrari 250 CTO

The name Ferrari is synonymous with race cars. This model was the third race car built by Ferrari. First driven by world Champion Phil Hill, the car was extremely successful model. The Ferrari sold for a whopping $48.4 Million at the Monterey Auction earlier this year in August 2018.

If you are considering buying any of these models, then be prepared to organize your finances. Look at a comprehensive lender who can back you up to own your dream car. If you dare to dream, then also live it up!

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