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Fashion on a Budget


Dressing to impress is vital to getting ahead. However, it is hard to find good fashion on a budget. It’s a vicious cycle: you can’t find financial success without expensive and impressive clothing but you can’t access expensive and impressive clothing without financial success.

Good style is not defined simply by the brands that you wear, but by how you wear them and in which occasions each item is used. What is important is to have several key pieces in your closet that you can mix and match to make outfits for situations where you need to dress to impress.

This way you can have a luxury closet before you are earning the big bucks with a little bit of organization and strategy. This is fashion on a budget.

We will help show you how to take this organizational system into account as a tool that will help you to develop professionally. Having a larger than life present is fundamental to developing your business or career. You ought not to take your appearance lightly.

And by this, we don’t mean you need to be better looking but rather that you need to look neat, put together, and professional. Dressing professionally to job interviews, in front of your employees/employers, and current/future clients will develop confidence and project a positive and trustworthy message to those who you come into contact with.

How Do I Optimize my Current Closet?

  • The first step is to get rid of all the clothes that you have not used in more than a year or no longer fit you or you don’t like anymore. Either donate them or if they are in good condition than you ought to try to sell them and make a little money to buy new clothes or put in your savings.
  • Take some times to wash older winter coats, work jackets, or blouses that look worn but are still in good condition. They will look as good as new and much more professional.
  • Before replacing your clothes in your closet or dresser, check that they are clean and dust free. If clothes are wrinkled or dusty because of the closet or drawers will look ten times more less professional than if you were to store them properly.
  • Place the clothes that you use constantly in the newly cleaned closet and organize them properly. Organize your shoes so they are kept clean and in good condition so that they will last longer.
  • Once you do all of these tasks, you will be able to see your closet much more clearly. You will be able to analyze what you actually have and what you still need. If it is filled with things you don’t need you cannot properly see what you have that will impress your colleagues.

Shop Wisely

Your wardrobe ought to have something for every occasion, especially professional situations, and be in good condition. You should both showcase your individual style while looking impeccable for work and business surroundings. These are a few of our inexpensive yet professional recommendations, some specific to women and some to men:

  • Brown, navy, or black slacks: you can wear them with higher boots, lower boots, flats, heels, or dress shoes. If your workplace permits, women can wear dark colored skinny jeans as well, as long as they don’t have any rips in them.
  • White work shirts or white blouses: the more of these you have the better for both men and women. They can go with nearly everything and the clean and bright white makes you appear professional right away.
  • Black dresses: for women, these are a necessary staple. You can wear them in the summer and pair them with tights in the winter. They go with nearly all shoes and sweaters/blazers.
  • Heels in a variety of neutral colors: black, nude colored, brown, and white. They will add an edge of professionalism for all women. Neutral colors are a must because the crazier colors make you appear like you aren’t serious.
  • Black blazer or sport coat: this is necessary for both men and women since they make nearly any outfit look more serious and professional.
  • Work suits: one navy and one black is positively essential for both men and women. The measurement must be extremely accurate as an ill-fitting suit is unbelievably uncomfortable.

Is It Sometimes Worth It to Invest in Brand Names?

Absolutely. As we mentioned earlier, there are certain pieces of clothing or accessories that you use a lot and others that will hardly ever use your closet. We advise, for those items that you use a lot, that you buy a really good quality brand that will last much longer. For those other items, don’t spend too much money on them until you are more financially stable.

If you need further funds to create a closet that will improve your professional career, you can apply for a loan that can be used for that exact purpose. This will give you a new business persona so you can get ahead. The money you take out in a loan for professional clothing will likely be returned to you tenfold in the end.

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