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10 Jun 2019   /   0 comments

Flag Day: A Day Of Celebration

Fernando Castaneda

Happy Flag Day is a day in the United States that is celebrated yearly and is loved by a lot of residents in the United States because of its significance. Two hundred and forty-one years in the past, the official flag still used today was enacted by the continental progress. The Star and Stripes put in place by a continental Congress as the Flag that has been in use for two centuries in the US are currently ranked as one of the cutest flags on Earth.

The Flag Day is a holiday that is usually celebrated in the USA on the sixth month of the year on the fourteenth date- June 14. The United States flag was adopted in 1777.

US Army used that day to celebrate the birthday of the United States Army. The Second Continental Congress created in 14th of June in the year 1775, reached a consensus to create the American continental army.

The President of the US in 1916, Woodrow Wilson created the Flag Day on the sixth month on the fourteenth- June 14. The Act of Congress went on to establish 14th of June as the official Flag day on August 1946.

In Pennsylvania, in 1937, it was the foremost United States’ state to easily celebrate, as a state holiday, the Flag Day. In the state, the Rennerdale town was the first town that began the Flag Day celebration.

The Statues of New York designated in the month of June, the second Sunday, as the Flag Day holiday. It is now known as a state holiday.

One of the allegedly oldest Flag Day Parades that are continuing can be seen in Washington DC. Starting in the year, 1910 or so, Fair field in Washington DC has continuously held the celebration yearly, except in the year, 1918.

In 2010, the Centennial Parade was held, as well as a myriad of events to commemorate that year.

Appleton in Wisconsin believes that it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, National Flag Day parade that is held in the US every year since the beginning in 1950. Quincy in Massachusetts, from the year of 1952, has said it is amongst the longest and special running parade in the United States.

Yearly, the biggest Flag Day parade is usually held in Troy in New York. This parade usually has over fifty thousand spectators and is held at the Quincy parade.

The city of Washington sees the celebration been held at both the 8th and 7th Wards of the city. During this period, vegetables and meats are usually slow smoked.

This holiday is celebrated in unique ways around the United States.

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