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18 Apr 2019   /   0 comments

How To Get A Green Thumb

Caroline Mwandawiro
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How To Get A Green Thumb

During Spring, we have fun, go for spring breaks, we also have time to wipe down our home. This cleaning period is one, where you clean those places and corners you once ignored. During this time, we take out the clutter, give them out, toss them out or keep them in storage.

You may have the thought of creating the perfect lawn seen on the pages of a magazine, and make it the envy of the neighborhood.

Some people feel the green thumb is an innate feature of only a few people, but that’s a pure fallacy. You can easily get a green thumb easily by following our tips. TFC Title Loans has green thumb tips that will leave you gardening in no time. Below are great ways to follow.


Potting Bench: Green Thumb

You can’t start the green thumb without having space. Before you start, you need space. Do you have space? Try and get the green thumbgarden shed cleaned out.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can decide to get a potting bench in that space you want to try out your green thumb in.

Plans for the potting bench can be easily be gotten online, depending on your skills. There are plans for professionals and those for the beginning woodworker.


Sow The Seeds

After you have gotten the place ready, you begin planning.

Get Your Garden Journal

Having the journal allows you to be very organized as you plant during the season.

In the journal, have those necessary details penned down, like when it will be planted, what will be planted, and whatever progress that comes with the season of growth? If you notice an infestation of pests or diseases, it will be a great idea to put them down in the journal.


Get the garden tools wiped and sharpened.

Get those tools that you will use like shovels and rakes cleaned and sharpened. Find out your inventory, and if they will be good for gardening.


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