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25 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

Grocery Shopping on a Budget


You might be wondering how to go about grocery shopping on a budget. It’s true, it can be hard. Larger supermarkets and food brands understand perfectly how to drive us to pick one product over another.

In addition to positioning and packaging, the stores are filled with psychological traps and seemingly attractive offers or deals. While all of this leads to an enjoyable shopping experience for us and money made for the seller, it can have a detrimental effect on our pocket books.

If you are aiming to spend less, or even save more, on your daily purchases at the grocery store, always keep the following tips in mind the next time you go shopping:

Planning is saving; prepare your menu of the week in advance

Let’s start with the most obvious. Before you leave the house to go shopping, make a menu of what meals you will be cooking that week. This way, you will stop yourself from making impulsive purchases of more expensive foods and you will avoid having to throw away leftovers. Additionally, it is a good idea to elaborate your menu according to deals or coupons you know of. You can get these off the internet, phone apps, or catalogs in the mail.

Avoid buying products that are at the level of your eyes

When you walk through the aisles of your grocery store, which area do your eyes focus on? If you look straight forward at the level of your eyes, then you are doing what most shoppers do. Food manufacturers know that this is the case which is why they pay a higher amount to get that particular positioning on the shelves. Because they pay more, the price of those products cost more. You spend more money when you buy those products. The next time you go to the grocery store, be sure to look at other areas to find similar products at a better price.

Always carry a calculator with you

If you really wish to stick to a strict budget and save a few dollars on your weekly shopping list, a calculator is your best friend. Only add something to your shopping cart if it is on your list then automatically add the cost to your running calculation on your calculator. Before you go to the store, calculate your maximum budget, and ensure that you stick to it while buying everything you need for the week. Now, all cell phones have a calculator so this part is even easier.

The eternal battle: generic versus brand name

In general, brand names are usually quite expensive because of the large investment they make in advertising and marketing. However, you ought to know that the generic is usually the exact same quality and often are pretty much the same product in different packaging. So, look at the generic products instead when you go to the grocery store.

Seasonal products

Buying seasonal products is a great way to go about grocery shopping on a budget. Buy abundant quantities of in-season items and freeze the leftovers, to use them in the future when they are out of season and the price has increased. Look up seasonal products on the internet.

Avoid the products at the beginning and end of each row

As mentioned above, the location of the products can increase its price. In addition to all products placed at eye level, those at the beginning and end of each row are more visible than those that remain in the middle of the row. Every time you go through a new row of products, avoid the temptation, and stick to the shopping list you’ve worked out at home.

Do you use a product regularly? Take advantage of coupons

Surely you use a series of products on a regular basis like pasta, vegetables, shampoo, razor blades, etc. Take advantage of any deals or coupons you find for them and stock up for the rest of the year. This advice is especially valid for products with a long-term expiration date.

Cook for yourself, do not buy pre-cooked food

Do not pay for low quality food that is already precooked. When buying fruit, buy a whole melon instead of a cut and packaged portion that is significantly more expensive. Avoid buying vegetables in the frozen section, and buy them while they are in season and fresh then freeze the extra yourself.

If you wish to start grocery shopping on a budget, then try all of these tips and you will be surprised by how well they work.

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