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High School students Scholarship


Title Loan Company Partner with Major League Baseball Team to Offer High School Students Scholarships


A major league baseball team in California collaborates with a title loan lender to offer $1,000 scholarship funds to high school students in San Bernardino County, California.

The baseball team and their sponsor – a title loan company, jointly present scholarships to local California high school students with outstanding leadership qualities.

Two conditions qualify a student to be considered a qualified applicant;

  1. Submission of a fully completed application
  2. Two, or at least one letter of recommendation

Interested students are expected to complete a request form with their personal information. The scholarship looks out for students who display exceptional enthusiasm in leadership and community participation.

The scholarship application also involves a written statement of about 300 words by applicants. The essay should point out compelling reasons why they wish to receive the title loan scholarship.

There is also a section in the application that requires the educational history of the student. This section requires information from 9th grade till date.

After the selection process, the winners are awarded based on the key criteria of leadership, community contribution and character.


On Friday, June 29, 2018, three students received the scholarship award. The successful students were recognized and applauded for their determination in pursuing their educational goals

Each student finished high school with a 4.1 GPA or higher. And each winner received the $1,000 scholarship award to cover their college tuition fees.

The scholarship program aims to encourage local high school students to strive for the best, and also reward those that show excellence as regards the scholarship requirements.


The just-concluded contest is not the end of the program. The scheme for this year may be over, but students can always be on the lookout for the next scholarship season in 2019.


Title loans have been established as a solution to financial troubles in recent times. However, title loan lenders do not intend to limit the cash assistance services to just loans.

These scholarships are a way of getting involved in the community, and also a means of reaching out to a different category of individuals – students.

Just as anybody can access a title loan, any high school student in California can benefit from this special college fund program. Not as student loans this time, but as student scholarships.

The partnership which involves the baseball team also goes a long way to reaffirm the commitment of title loan lenders to solving financial needs.




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