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How Much Cash Can i Get?

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

What is a California Car Title Loan?

A common question is how car title loans work? California Car Title loans are a type of collateral loan. This means that the amount of money that you are eligible for is based on the collateral that is put up to the lender. In this case, the amount you receive is based on the wholesale value of your vehicle.

In order to receive a title loan, you must have a clear-and-free title on a vehicle and a source of income. This does not mean you have to have a job, but you must be receiving money on a regular basis from social security, a retirement fund, or any other means.

Credit Scores with Car Title Loans

How car title loans work with TFC Title Loans does not think it is proper to hold your bad credit against you, knowing that the things that cause this are beyond your control. Unlike other lenders, payday loans, and cash advances for smaller amounts of money, TFC doesn’t use your credit to determine your loan amount.

Because you are using the title of your vehicle as collateral for the loan, there is no need to use your credit score to determine your eligibility, amount, or interest rate. The only time TFC Title Loans uses your credit score is to ensure you are not actively going through bankruptcy or credit counseling. Otherwise, the value of your vehicle and the ability to pay off your title loan is how TFC Title Loans determines the amount of your vehicle.

Getting a Title Loan

How Car Title Loans Work

How Car Title Loans Work

First Step: Apply

The first step in obtaining an auto title loan with TFC Title Loans is to apply. Complete and submit the short online form. In a few minutes, we will have the information necessary to make a decision on how much we can lend you. Our customers have the ability to apply in different ways:

  • Online: Fill out our secure online application form.
  • Phone: Request your loan by calling us at our toll-free number (844) 242-3543.
  • Chat: Apply directly with a representative when you click the chat button.
  • In-store: Apply within one of our qualifying TFC locations across California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Second Step: Simple Paperwork

After your application has been received, one of our representatives will contact you and ask for documentation to verify your information so they can finalize your loan. It is a very short list of documents needed and you can complete this part in under 60 minutes. Just send us what we need, and we take care of the rest. We suggest having these documents prepared to speed up the loan finalization process so you can get your money at the quickest rate possible.

  • Vehicle’s title (pink slip)
  • Proof of insurance coverage
  • Driver’s License
  • How Car Title Loans Work
  • Proof of residency (utility bill)
  • Proof on monthly income
  • Pictures of the vehicle
  • List of 6 references, 1 being a family member

Third Step: You Get Your Money!

After your loan has been finalized, the last step is for you is to have your vehicle inspected, sign your contract, and pick up your funds at our nearest location. The inspection is quick and completed in just a few minutes. The vehicle is inspected to ensure that it is the correct vehicle and it doesn’t have any major damage that would affect its value.

Your TFC representative will have your contract ready with your terms. Every TFC customer receives a contract unique to their needs and situation. Your terms will be discussed prior with your representative. You get to sign your agreement with your TFC representative to demonstrate your understanding of the payback agreement.

You can receive anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000, and our flexible payback terms range from 24 to 36 months. Since we have no hidden fees and no prepayment penalties you can pay off your loan as early as you want. You will walk out of TFC Title Loans with your funds in hand, ready to tackle your financial dilemma.

How to Pay Back an Auto Title Loan

Like any loan, you will have to pay it back, but TFC makes paying back your loan simple and easy just like our application process. Payment coupons will also be sent to you to alert you of an incoming payment. We have many payment options for you to make your monthly payments, and we always encourage communication with TFC Title Loans to make sure you’re on track with your payments.


TFC Title Loans has an online portal that you can use to keep track of your payments, how much you have left to pay off and your statements. You can click on My Account on the top of the home page to create an account, or make a quick guest payment.


You can call our number at (888) 505-3784 to make a payment with check or card by phone.


You can make a payment with a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. When paying by mail, be sure to include your account number or social security number on your check/money order. Any checks/money orders should be made out to:

Trading Financial Credit, LLC
3055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 530
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Western Union

TFC Title Loans communicates with Western Union to allow their customers to pay through the safety of a bank. You can make payments at your local Western Union by using the state code “California” and the city code “Thirteen”. You can also visit and search “Trading Financial Credit”.

Follow their prompts to make an online payment with a credit or debit card, or you can make a payment by phone by calling Western Union at (800) 634-3422. You’ll need the same state and city code as before. A third-party fee may be associated with their service.


Make payments at your local MoneyGram location by using the MG code “5041”. You can also visit and search for TFC by using the same code. Follow their prompts to make an online credit or debit card payment. They charge a third-party fee for using their service.

Refinancing an Auto Title Loan

Are you looking to find a better interest rate or to lower your monthly payments? TFC Title Loans offers to refinance for those who have title loans with one of our competitors. Our highly skilled loan officers will assist you in refinancing your existing car title loan.

We can potentially get you a competitive interest rate and possibly more cash in your pocket! We can get your previous car title loan paid off while giving you extra money in the process. The refinancing option can be completed the same way as applying for a new auto title loan. Provide a couple of documents, then bring your vehicle to one of our TFC locations nearest to you.

Apply for a Title Loan Today

Now that you know how car title loans work, apply today. More than just being in the car title loan business, TFC is vested in the business of helping people. Helping you get the cash you need when you need it most is our business. See about our famous all-credit-welcome policy, fast approval process, and quick turnaround time.

We provide our customers with an easy application process, instant on the phone vehicle pre-approval, funding in as little as one business day, and superior customer service. Since 1994, customers have turned to TFC Title Loans for help with their financial needs. Apply by filling out the form on your right or call 844-242-3543. Our helpful car title loan agents are standing by to walk you through the application process or answer whatever questions you may have. Now you know How Car Title Loans Work!

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do title loans work?

In exchange for the loan, you give the lender the title to your car until the loan is paid in full. Title loans can be appealing because they usually don't require a credit check, the application process can take as little as 15 to 45 minutes, and you can continue to drive your car.

Are car title loans worth it?

As long as you can show that you have a reliable source of income and a car worth more than the loan you are requesting, the lender will typically approve your loan application. Car title loans are also an excellent option for borrowers who need their money immediately.

How much can I get for a title loan on my car?

On average, these loans can range from $100 to $5,500. The amount you can borrow is based on the value of your car or the equity you have in the vehicle. The greater the value, the more cash you can receive. But don't expect to squeeze the car's full value out of a title loan.

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