How Does a TFC Title Loan Work?


For over twenty years TFC Title Loans has helped thousands of residents across the states of Arizona, California and New Mexico in obtaining the cash that they need with a TFC Title Loan. We have become one of the most trusted title lenders around by providing customers with an easy application process, instant on the phone vehicle pre-approval, same day funding, and superior customer service. Since 1994 customers have turned to TFC Title Loans for help with their financial needs.

So what is a title loan and how do they work? Title loans are just a type of collateral loan. What this means is that the amount of money that you are eligible for is based on the collateral that is put up. In this case the amount you receive is based off the wholesale value of your vehicle. In order to receive a title loan, you hand over your vehicle’s title over to us and TFC Title Loans is placed as lien holder. You then receive your funds and then have anywhere from 24 to 36 months to pay back the loan. You have the ability to pay off your loan at any time without incurring any pre-payment penalties. Once the loan is paid in full, we will release our interest on the vehicle by removing our lien and you will be mailed a new title.

Getting a Title Loan

4-step Car Title Loan Process

Now that you know what a title loan is and how they work how do you go about getting one? The first step is to apply. Our application is free of charge and obligation so you can make an informed choice on whether or not you want to go forward with a title loan. The whole process is easy and convenient. Just follow these three steps to get the quick funding you need.

First Step: Apply

The first step is to apply. Complete and submit the short online form and in a few minutes we will have the information necessary to make a decision on how much we can lend you. Our customers have three different ways to apply:

Second Step: Simple Paperwork

After your application has been received one of our representatives will contact you and ask for documentation to verify your information and finalize your loan. It is a very short list of documents needed and you can complete this part in under 60 minutes. Just send us what we need and we take care of the rest. We suggest having these documents prepared to speed up the loan finalization process.

Third Step: You Get Your Money!

After you loan has been finalized, the last step is for you to pick up your funds at our nearest location. You can receive anywhere from $2,600 to $25,000 and our flexible payback terms range from 24 to 36 months. Since we have no hidden fees and no prepayment penalties you can pay off your loan whenever you want. Our friendly agents will inspect your vehicle, explain your loan documents, and give you your check. Yes, it’s just that easy.

Apply for a Title Loan Today

If you live anywhere near our 15 locations across the states of California, Arizona & New Mexico and need money now TFC Title Loans is here to help. Apply by filling out the form on your right or call 844-242-3543. Our helpful car title loan agents are standing by to walk you through the application process or answer whatever questions you may have.