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26 Nov 2018   /   0 comments

How Expensive is it to Live in Charleston?


Charleston is a very beautiful city to live in and also very economical. Before we decide, let us take a brief look at the benefits that Charleston has to offer to its residents. Living in Charleston is marginally higher than any other average city in the United States. Here are some of the factors you need to consider if you want to live in Charleston.

  • Cost of Groceries
  • Cost of Housing
  • Cost of utilities
  • Health care costs

The average cost of living is 3% higher in Charleston compared to any other city in the United States. The United States conducted a survey of 102 cities and in that Charleston ranked at 25th for expensive living. The above factors were taken into consideration in the survey.

Out of 102 of the cities posted in the rankings, Charleston is at 25th. The average cost of living in cities can be compared through groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and health care.

  • Groceries cost 2% higher than other cities
  • Utilities cost 24% higher
  • Transportation is 6% lower and thank your stars for it

Salaries in CharlestonCharleston

A popular white collared job can pay you a minimum salary of $48900 per annul in Charleston. Some of these jobs are operations manager, store managers and software engineers. There has been a 14.2% in the average pay outs but that does not suffice for the expenses.

Housing in Charleston

The real estate is highly priced in Charleston. It also depends on your decision to buy or rent a house. Apart from the house you also need to consider the utility bills, internet and maintenance costs.  Here are some bench markers:

  • Expect to pay as much as $2500 for monthly rent in a good locality and a school district.
  • Electricity and internet costs can be up to $177 per month.
  • Maintenance costs depend on the community that you live in.

Cost of transportation

Transportation costs are not that much as compared to other cities in the United States. The modes of transport are through personal vehicle, public transport and private cab services. One gallon of gas costs $2.28. If you chose to use public transport, then you will spend about $50 per month for the train tickets. Taxi’s can charge you $16 for a 5-mile trip.

Standard of living in Charleston

If you look at the overall costs, then Charleston is only marginally higher at 3% above some popular cities. It is a good residential community to live in with excellent school districts. It also has a great history behind it. The climate is lovely throughout the year and the city is known for its eclectic cuisine and amenities. It was also nominated as the world’s friendliest cities to live in by the Forbes Magazine. The standard of living is fairly good and the crime rate is also very low.  There are several options for weekend trips in Charleston and is an ideal place to bring up your children.

If you are planning to move to Charleston and are looking for some financial assistance to settle down then consider taking a title loan for that extra amount of cash that you require.

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