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28 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

How Much Does a Pool Cost?


how much does a pool costLiving in the hot states of California, New Mexico, and Arizona, sometimes building a pool is on the top of your list, if your home doesn’t already come with one. If you’re unfamiliar with pools, you might be asking yourself, “ How much does a pool cost? ” TFC Title Loans has compiled the answers to tell you just how much a pool will cost you.

How Much Does A Pool Cost?

To begin, there are two types of pools: in-ground and aboveground. An aboveground pool typically costs an average of $6,243 for a pool with 19’ diameter. For an inground pool that measures 32’ by 16’, the national average is at $21,919.

You may have seen DIY pools at the store, and while the manufacturers suggest they can be assembled by homeowners, it is highly suggested to pay a professional.

Aboveground pool

Aboveground pools are typically sold as kits or via the professional. They only require some site preparation like leveling and routing access to the electric source. You’ll need a pump to circulate, clean, and even heat the water. The cost will include the pumps, filters, and ladders, all for that price of $6,243.

Inground pool

Inground pools tend to be more expensive because of the site preparation and assembly. The site preparation is expansive and requires significant materials. The most common liners are vinyl and fiberglass. Vinyl is the least amount with a standard cost of $25,700. A fiberglass liner is around $31,400. There is also the option of concrete or granite which ranges between $29,600 and $50,000. The pool may also demand a patio and a fence, depending on your county or city laws.

Additional Costs and Considerations

There are additional and reoccurring costs that come with owning a pool. There are regular maintenance items, accessories, chemicals, and repairs that could arise.

·         Accessories

Both pools will need cleaning tools like brushes, vacuum assemblies, and covers. A few other needed accessories could be handrails, a thermometer, and even heaters. These could all cost you an extra $400 and climbing easily into the thousands.

·         Chemicals

Chemicals are needed to maintain the cleanliness of your pool including chlorine, pH strips, and many other pool chemicals. These could add a monthly fee of approximately $80 per month.

·         Maintenance

Your monthly maintenance price for keeping the water running, the electricity, and any other maintenance to keep up your pool could be a total per month between $123 to $374 with the national average at $240.

·         Repairs

While repairs may not come right away with a new pool, you need to be prepared if something breaks. A pump motor helps the water circulate, filter, and heat. When it breaks, you could be looking at a $185 to $350 replacement.

Something a little cheaper is the pool filter. This should actually be changed every 4 to 5 weeks, and it’ll only cost you between $13 and $75.

If your pool springs a leak, the price will depend on the type of pool you have. A vinyl pool can either be a $20 DIY or $200 for a professional. Fiberglass pools should only be repaired by professionals, costing $300. For concrete and granite, these require a lot more specific work which could cost $800 to $1550.

If you decide to purchase a heater, the heater itself and the heating tubes could also take more money from you when they break. The national average to repair a heater is $394 but can get up to $1,200.

Now you know how much does a pool cost!

TFC Title Loans Can Help You

So, now that you know how much does a pool cost, if it’s a pool you’re trying to build or you need to repair something that has gone wrong with your pool, turn to TFC Title Loans to help you cover the cost.

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