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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Tiny House?


pexels-photo-206673The latest trends in the real estate business these days are the tiny houses. They’re innovative and, let’s face it, pretty cute. Whether you’re a low maintenance individual or you want a stylish camper to take on your road trips, building a tiny house could be for you. What you’re probably thinking is: “But, how much does it cost to build a tiny house? ”

TFC Title Loans has done the research for you! While we may not be a real estate expert, TFC Title Loans has been one of the leading lenders in the auto title loan business for 20 years. We help our customers in any way we can, even if it’s telling you how much a tiny house would cost.

DIY vs Contractor

To start, unless you have experience with construction, we highly suggest you hire a contractor. Your potential home is not the place to make DIY mistakes. They can cost you big and that’s a price that could’ve gone to a contractor.

With that being said, if you plan to build your own home, be ready to dedicate a lot of time. From people who have built their tiny house or are still building, they spend an average of 18 hours, 7 days a week for years. One builder has been building for two years, is still building, and has spent $6,500. Another is still building and has been for 10 years, but has only spent $1,500. On the other hand, someone who finished their home spent a total of $15,000.

When hiring a contractor, you have to think about the things you’ll want in your house. You have to choose what kind of systems you want running and the size. The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, currently the nation’s leading tiny house contractor, has homes listed from $57,000 to $70,000.


When brainstorming the space you need, remember that it won’t be just a place to sleep in. You have to include space for storage, appliances, sleeping, stretching room, and privacy if you have people living together with you.

You should plan for 100 square feet a person. New construction averages at $125 per square foot, or personalized construction that can be up to $500 per square foot. Keep in mind that the more square footage you have, the cheaper the cost per square foot will be.



For electricity, you have two choices: a local power grid or renewable energy. A local power grid will depend on how close you will be to one. The average will be about a couple hundred, unless you’re running it into a source from yards away which could mean up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Renewable energy could also be pricey. The $15,000 home mentioned before had half of its cost go to an off-grid solar panel construction.

Water & Gas

It’s suggested that you plan to spend 30-40% of your capital on water and gas. With a sewage pipe, it depends on your location. If you’re in the middle of nowhere and will need to build a large sewage pipe to reach you, that will cost more money than you want to ever spend. With gas, the same rules apply.


In order to build your house, you’ll need a property to build it on. Cheap property is cheap for a reason. Either the land is unstable and built on a potential sinkhole or it’s hard to get any connection to your systems.

The same goes for getting closer to civilization. It will cost more money. An average farm real estate property in the U.S. goes for $3,000 an acre.

Bare Minimum

Houses that are supplied with the bare minimum range from $500 to $8,000 with an average of $4,000. This house would be equipped for a single person. It would be small, have enough room to sleep and store clothes, and maybe a fire pit to cook on. This would be for someone who intends to use it for camping or go off the grid.


If you’ve decided to build your home on your own, it will cost you from $5,000 to $40,000, averaging at about $20,000. This would account for basic electric, appliances, and enough for one to two people. There wouldn’t be much interior decorating, but it would be a home.


Contractor-built tiny houses can range from $10,000 to $80,000 with an average of $35,000, which is only $15,000 more than the DIY average. These homes will equip more people, and allows you to design it with all the major items and systems you need. Like any home, the more personality you put into it, the more it will be.

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