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02 Jul 2019   /   0 comments

How to Get Your Car Title Back


If you have gotten a title loan you may be wondering how to get your car title back after you have repaid the loan. Here, at TFC Title Loans, we would like to help you out by giving you a step by step guide on what to do after the loan has been paid off.

How to Get Your Car Title Back

Ever since we opened our doors in 1994, we have been extremely passionate about consumer education and lender transparency which is why we have been consistently providing new resource pages to our customers that answer all sorts of questions on wide-ranging topics.

We have a goal that doesn’t merely consist of lending you money but actually helping you find a better financial footing so you can provide a prosperous economic future for yourself and your family.

If you have taken out a title loan, you likely had an immediate financial need that needed to be solved by cash. However, once that need has passed and you have made all the monthly payments on the loan until it is completely paid off your new focus is to get the lien removed and get your title back.

A car title is an extremely important document as you need it to sell your car or prove that you legally own it.

We have been in the title loan industry for 25 years now and returned car titles to thousands upon thousands of customers. In this informational article, we explain to you exactly how to get your title back and ensure that the lien has been removed.

If you came across this resource page because you want to obtain a title loan from TFC Title Loans rather than get your car title back, then continue on to our homepage and fill out our online application to see if you qualify!

how to get your car title back

If you have paid down the loan in full, then your lender should automatically turn the title back over to you. There usually isn’t delay if they have only been holding onto your title but it’s still in your name. Otherwise, you can take the following actions to ensure that you receive your title back free and clear of any liens:

  • First, you can obtain proof from the title company that you paid off the loan. Most companies provide documentation that the loan has been settled in full. This documentation will usually include important details like payment history, the payoff date, and other important information. Keep track of this document so you don’t lose it. It’s important to keep this item in your possession for a chunk of time after your loan has been settled.
  • Next, you can simply request that the title company sign over the vehicle’s title back to you thereby removing themselves as lienholders. After you ask them to do this, they likely are supposed to return the title to you within a certain amount of time. You can specify that you want them to send it to you as soon as possible so you can review it.
  • How to Get Your Car Title Back
  • Even though the company has signed away their lien, you will need to get this confirmed with a local government agency to officially clear the lien. Usually, you can take the title into your local DMV office, fill out the appropriate form to restore your title, and pay a small processing fee. The DMV will clear the lien and send you a new title that has been restored fully to be solely in your name.
  • Once you get that new title, look it over closely to make sure everything is in order since small errors can cause big problems down the line. A Certificate of Title is a very important legal document that proves you own your vehicle so every detail must be accurate.

If you are left with any questions at all about getting a lien taken off of your title and getting that title back, then please give us a call! We are standing by, waiting to assist you in any way you might need. However, if don’t already have a title loan and you have decided that you would like to apply for a title loan with TFC Title Loans, then start the process by filling out our online application located on our secure webpage. Now you know how to get your car title back! Learn more at

Frequently Asked Questions
Do You Get The Title To Your Car Back After The Loan is Paid?

Yes. Initially, you submit your title as collateral in case you aren't able to pay back the title loan. However, when you do pay back your loan, the lender will mail you your original title for your possession.

What is a Car Title?

The title to your car is a legal document proving ownership of a vehicle. You'll need this in a number of various situations, like when you're applying for a car title loan through TFC.

Do I Need My Car Title To Purchase Insurance?

Most insurance carriers do not require the car title to be showing in order to obtain car insurance policies. You will, however, need the car tittle to get your vehicle properly licensed and registered.

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