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27 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

How to Save Money on Vacations


how to save money on vacationsSummer is the season that brings travels and vacations. Even seeing your friends and family go on vacations can get you in the mood for a vacation. The only problem is money. Vacations can cost you money that you might not have. It can really benefit you and your wallet if you know how to save money on vacations.

How to Save Money on Vacations

Lucky for you, TFC Title Loans knows how! We’ve been the leading auto title loan lender since 1994, and we’ve seen our customers use their extra cash on all sorts of things! Vacations are definitely one of those, and they always come back telling us how expensive trips can be. We want to help our customers stress less. Here is how to save money on vacations.

Travel-related credit cards

By using a travel-related credit card, you can accumulate hundreds of thousands of miles per year without flying or spending more money than you normally would. Just like any other credit card you would be using, this rewards you in flying miles. You can accumulate 30,000-50,000 miles, which could equal multiple round-trip tickets from LAX to O’Hare Airport in Chicago! With that many miles, you can go across the world. You can add multiple users to multiply the bonuses.

Flight flexibility

If you don’t have the demand of children, try to be as flexible with your flight as possible. Try flying during the middle of the week instead of the weekends. Try to take more stops, too. All of these variables can help drop your ticket down almost $100.

Off-season vacation

If you aren’t obsessed about a certain location during a certain time of weather, try and travel on the off-season. Places like The Bahamas or Cancun are destinations common during the winter, where London or Scotland is perfect for the summer. Avoiding winter breaks, spring breaks, and summer breaks for high tourist areas can help, too. Prices around those areas will be higher during the peak seasons.

Think outside the box

Popular locations for tourists will also mean money. If you’re going to go to high tourist locations, make sure you plan ahead. Don’t plan to eat around that area because food will be more expensive than outside the city. If you aren’t about tourism, then try to go places that aren’t a tourist spot, especially if you’re just looking for a nice getaway.

Skip chain hotels

Look for Mom & Pop hotels. Thankfully, the internet allows you to look at reviews. If you’re going in a large group, there a lot of better ideas than multiple hotel rooms, too. Try to look for apartment or condo rentals. In destination locations, a lot of people will own a vacation home and rent it out while they’re not visiting. Those places will likely have weekly deals as well, and you all split the cost.

Book last minute

When there are a couple of empty spaces left, planes will drop airline tickets to fill the plane. Looking a couple of weeks before your vacation is usually the time frame. If last minute booking stresses you out, then booking more than a year in advance is also another cheap option.

Daily deals

Before you go on your trip, check for deals that are going on. Groupon or other online coupon sites can help with group rates or when you want to visit some local tourist sites. Planning ahead and looking for places gives you a good idea of other things to do in that area. Maybe even a tour through a private company might turn out cheaper than planning it all alone.

Research public transportation

This will help you when planning ahead for what money to set aside while you’re there. Look at trains, buses, or any other forms of transportation. Look up where two locations are on maps and see if it will be cheaper and convenient to walk place-to-place.

Be friendly

Strike conversation with the locals. I doubt they’re rude or that they will ignore you. See where the best places are to eat or visit where you’ll get the most for your money. Locals know their hometown best, so learning from them can help your experience.

Pack a carry-on

Looking up all the tips and tricks of packing a carry-on for a longer trip is one of the best options for luggage. Checking a bag can cost you anywhere from an extra $30-$50 depending on the size and per person. Each person is allowed one carry-on, so utilizing that offer to the fullest can save you money you can spend elsewhere on your trip.

Take a Trip with TFC Car Title Loans!

Need a little extra cash to top off the vacation spending? Well, let us help you out! Our Car Title Loans can give you money quick so you can go on your vacations. We give you 24 to 36 months to pay it off with no prepayment penalties. Give us a call today to see if you qualify!

Now you know how to save money on vacations!

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