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23 Apr 2019   /   0 comments

Imagine Earning A Dollar Every Second


Are you skeptical about the title? How can one make Money every second? Is this possible? It may be. It may not be. Take a walk with TFC Title Loans as we explore it, and then, you can decide how possible it is.


When you calculate a dollar per second, you will notice that it has an equivalence of a daily pay of about $86,400, or an annual amount of $31.5 million. Some people may view the amount as large, and a great breakthrough, but large companies that earn billions yearly will view it as devastating.

Most profitable companies, all over the world, usually earn $1,444 in profit for every second, which is seen as, per hour, $5.2 million, and when ranked yearly, it is the $45.7 billion per year. If you are skeptical, read about those largest companies and very profitable ones, and what those that are seen as the less profitable ones are earning.

Many of them are earning over $274.96 every second, while yearly, they earn 8.7 billion dollars.

You may have thought about those who have a great deal of money all over the world. You can easily view them on the Forbes list by the amount of profit they earn.

You can also find out those companies and how much they earn per second on the internet. Brands, all over the world, rake in billions yearly, and a lot per second, which will leave mouths hanging wide open.

Which Company Is Currently The Richest?

There are a lot of companies all over the world, and one that seems to clinch this position of the richest is Apple. Using its net income of 2016, it made over $45 billion in net income during that period. Its gross profit was leaning towards $84 billion.

Now, based on the facts and factors in place, Apple is said to have a net worth that is over a trillion dollars.

If they make such an amount of money yearly, how much then do you think they make in a second? Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world and earning a dollar a second will be seen as a very bad and devastating year that is filled with nightmares.

Let’s compare both median weekly earnings of both Apple and an American worker. For Apple, it earns more than $586 higher than the $859 that an average American worker earns.

Other Profitable Companies All Over The World.

You can’t mention profitable companies without listing Google, Wells Fargo, and other financial institutions like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase. What of Microsoft?

There are some large pharmaceutical companies that fall under this place like Gilead Sciences and Johnson & Johnson.

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