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23 Apr 2019   /   0 comments

Is it Possible To Get a Title Loan on a Financed Car?

is possible to get a title loan on financed car?

Financial emergencies are often unplanned for, hence they can throw their victims into serious chaos, especially when they have nobody to turn to. Guess what, it happens to almost everybody, and when it happens, you often may not have whom to turn to. At TFC established our car title loan service for a Financed Car to help put you out of your misery as quickly as possible. We’ve had our clients throw different questions regarding getting a loan with financed vehicles and we feel it is right to treat every concern once and for all.

Here, we have compiled detailed answers to some questions that have been frequently asked in the past on getting a title loan on the financed car.


Can I possibly get a title loan on a financed car?

First, situations like this are often relative, so our best answer is that it depends. Depending on the amount of loan and its conditions that you have on your car, we can take over, pay it off and help convert it into a car title loan.

Of course, the nature of this kind of loan can naturally send the interest rate higher than other traditional loans. So yes, when you get into a financial mess and need emergency cash to fix it, you can approach us with a financed car for a car title loan.

What does it take to get access to a pink slip loan with a financed car?

First, we base your eligibility for this kind of loan on your car’s equity. So, in almost all cases, it cannot access a pink slip loan on a financed car, unless you are will to let us pay off your current loan from the car title loan amount you are applying for. It is on this condition that we can consider processing your loan request further.

If this is met, the next logical step is to check and ensure that you meet the following:

  •    If your car is not a diesel car or truck, then we generally require that it has less than 200,000 miles on it.
  •    Your car also has to have its insurance coverage up to date
  •    Proof of ownership
  •    Identification
  •    Personal references
  •    Vehicle’s clear pictures
  •    Car title
  •    Proof of income: Has to be up to $1,200 monthly
  •    A car that qualifies.

Tour through our website to learn the process of making your first application for our car title loan. The process is quick, seamless and friendly.

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