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25 Nov 2018   /   0 comments

Is Urban Farming a Good Idea?

Fernando Castaneda
urban farming

This world is an urban place today with tall sky scrapers and buildings everywhere. It is almost impossible to find a place that has green pastures. More and more people are moving away from farming and accordingly the price of vegetables and meat is increasing by the day. As it is we find to difficult to make meets end and these rising prices do not make it any easier. The best option under such circumstances is to do urban farming. These days with the advent of technology in the agriculture industry it is possible to have a farm even in high rise buildings.

How to Get Started?

If you see a green pasture on top of a skyscraper, then in all probability it is an urban farm. If you’re interested in it, consider the following questions.

  • What is urban farming?
  • Is it sustainable
  • How is it beneficial?

Urban farming is a kind of farm that is grown in your building in extremely crowded cities. If you live in a over populated city and if vegetables are scarcely available then urban farming is the right solution for you. This answers the first question.

Is it sustainable? The good news is that it is extremely reliable. There are several green house projects that help you with the setting up of the urban farm and maintenance as well. The investment is not high except the initial setting up costs. You can approach a lender to fund you with the benevolent project.urban farming


Urban farming helps to grow food that is used on a daily basis and if you have a good sized farm, you can even market your product as organic and sell it at a slightly higher price. In fact urban farming is an exclusive business. During these days of unemployment and uncertainty this can be a viable option for you. You not only grow food for yourself but also for the local community.

Urban farming has quite a few environmental benefits as well. Some of them are:

  • It reduces carbon emissions because it does not require harmful fertilizers to grow. Also the transportation cost is low as it is not a large scale production. You will be shocked to know how much fuel the trucks consume for transportation every day.
  • Modern techniques are there to help you with your farm. The urban farming industry is driven by innovation. There are several techniques that are put to use for efficient farming.
  • Creation of jobs is another invaluable benefit that urban farming provides. When you own a farm you will need additional hands to help you out. That way you can create job opportunities for yourself and others too.
  • You can help in the overall economic growth by creating produce catering to the local community. You also get several tax benefits in a profession like urban farming. Big food manufacturers often let the customers choose what they want to buy. However, since your produce is limited, you can offer food that is most essential without incurring wastage.

It does not take much to start an urban farm. You need plot of land or terrace, some farming equipment, a few workers and a good plan. However, to maintain the farm, it takes a lot of dedication and diligence. If you care for the environment, it will care for you.

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