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Learn to Save


Whatever stage of life you are currently in, it is vitally important to learn to save! When you learn how to not waste money, you will be more likely to make the plans and dreams you have a for the future a reality. All of this starts with day to day living. We want to see you succeed in your finances so we are going to give you a few tips to help you save a little daily and see big results each and every month.

Do you know how to save money on daily expenses?

Those daily expenditures might seem immovable but that isn’t always the case. It may feel as if you saved only a few cents on items you buy, it wouldn’t be worth it. But each little tiny amount you save will continue to add up to make a big difference in your monthly expenses. Here are some examples of how you can save daily:

  1. Don’t spend money on low-quality items. Sometimes we want to buy things not because of their usefulness or quality but because of how they look. For example: a pair of shoes that are fashionable but cheaply made. Two months of use and they have holes in them or are falling apart. However, we are still paying interest for that purchase on our credit cards.
  2. Pay your credit cards on time or early every single month! Having a credit history in perfect condition is one of the best things you can do for your finances. This way your interest rates will not be so high and you won’t waste money on them. Ideally, you should organize a payment plan for yourself that will not greatly influence your monthly expenses already established.
  3. Snacks and drinks through the day, every day. We all know how enjoyable it is to get a cup of coffee at two in the afternoon as a break from the office. Perhaps get a snack or a bottle of water from the vending machine. But try adding up all of those expenses to think how much you are actually spending daily. Of course, sometimes those small luxuries are needed but we can try to primarily plan our snacks and bring them from home. This solution is both healthier and cheaper. Drinking your coffee from home could save you hundreds of dollars a year!
  4. Lunches out on the town in the middle of a long work day can be extremely enjoyable. You get try new things and talk with your coworkers. But it would be better for this to be an occasional treat rather than an everyday occurrence. Make your lunches for economical, fresher, and homemade. By pre-making your lunches at home you could save thousands of dollars every year!
  5. Save money on transportation. Avoid using taxies at all costs and carpool whenever you can to save on gas. Use public transportation or bicycle to work and you could save hundreds.

Simple Saving Techniques

  1. Write down all of your expenses and analyze your spending patterns and habits. We can then pinpoint where we are spending too much and cut back. Record your daily expenses in a notebook, an Excel spreadsheet, or an application on your smart phone. It doesn’t matter how you go about it, just that you observe your spending habits objectively.
  2. Budget everything according to what you observed in your analysis. Include every one of your expenses including, food, credit card payments, or home remodeling. This truly helps you stop spending so much.
  3. Be very clear about your saving goals. This will give you motivation and with motivation, everything is easier. You can set goals for both the short term and the long term. Short terms goals may help you save up to travel, buy a car, or pay off a debt. Long term goals can help you save up to buy a home, prepare for retirement, or pay for your children’s or grandchildren’s education.
  4. Put all the money you set aside in harder-to-access savings accounts. If you have a separate account that does not have debit cards or checks connected to it, you will find it much easier to leave that money you save untouched. Once you see your savings grow, you will feel great and you won’t have felt like it was a major sacrifice.

A Loan to Grow Your Savings

If you have the ambitious goal to multiply your savings quickly, we can help you! Once you invest some and start to see results, you will be better prepped to make a long-term organized savings plan.

You can get a substantial loan from us and even ask for professional financial advice. One of the great benefits of our lending service is that have different locations all over California, New Mexico, and Arizona. You can come to any one of them and speak with one of our representatives. If that is not possible, you can give us a call toll-free anytime.

Another great benefit of our company is that we have bilingual representatives who can speak to customers in both English and Spanish so if English is not your first language, there is no need to worry. When it comes to finances, the most important things are communication and trust.

We have been in the lending industry for over two decades and have experienced representatives who will help you get the help you need.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call right away! We are here to assist you. That is our top priority.

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