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Albuquerque Title Loan

Best Car Title Loans in Albuquerque

We have the best car title loans for you in Albuquerque. Since 1994 TFC Title Loans has been helping the residents of Albuquerque get the quick funding they need with the best car title loans in Albuquerque. We know that financial emergencies can happen at any time and finding a way to get extra cash can be difficult. That’s why we make it easy to get quick funding with a car title loan in Albuquerque. Applying takes just seconds, you find out whether you have been approved in just minutes and you can receive your funds the same day you apply! Our car title loan calculator will get you the most money at the best interest rate. We will beat the competitions money lent and interest rate. Getting the best car title loan is what we want to provide to you.

TFC Title Loans Albuquerque, New Mexico

TFC Title Loans Albuquerque, New Mexico

We make getting a car title loan in Albuquerque a quick and hassle-free process. If you live in Albuquerque and own a vehicle with an equity value of $2,000 or more and have a monthly income of $1,200 you already qualify for a car title loan. The amount you can receive is dependent on the value of your car and ability to the repay the loan. Albuquerque customers can be eligible to receive funding ranging from $2,500 up to $50,000. We have no hidden fees and no prepayment penalties, meaning you can pay back the loan at any time.

How Car Title Loans Work

A car title loan takes your vehicle into account and your ability to repay the loan when determining how much you can receive for the loan, and whether you can get the loan. You will need to own your vehicle, and you need to have the title for the vehicle. This is what you will be putting up as collateral.

Keep in mind that you will also have to pay interest on the loan, and the longer you have the loan active the more interest you will have to pay. It is important that you consider the full cost of the loan to make sure you can pay it. If you believe you are going to have trouble making any of the payments, you should let the lender know so you can make arrangements with them.

Some might worry about getting an car title loan in Albuquerque, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult, our expert team will help you get the best title loan. Just make sure you know the terms of the contract and when you need to pay. Make the payments, and you will get back the title to your vehicle.

Valuing Your Car

When valuing your car, TFC Title Loans takes many things into consideration. We ask for the year, make, model, mileage, and the condition of the car. We will use Kelly Blue Book to get the wholesale value of your car. Sometimes, even unique specs that may be included could help the value of your car – in turn giving you more money. We give you up to 85%of the equity value of your car. This could also increase or decrease based on the ability to pay back the loan and your income.

Bad Credit with Car Title Loans

Bad credit title loans is what we do. We do not lend by only looking at your credit. As we are an asset based lender, we use the equity that you have in your car.

Everyone has experienced some difficulties in life that has led to a less than perfect credit score. When there’s an emergency, just like anyone else, those with bad credit still need loans to help pay for those emergencies. Ever since we opened our doors in 1994, TFC Title Loans have worked to help those who have had doors slammed in their faces because of credit scores.

With TFC, we offer an incredible opportunity to those with low credit scores to borrow the funding they need and even improve their score. The best loan to get with bad credit is a secured loan like an auto title loan that requires collateral, so you don’t have to worry about your credit score.

The only time TFC uses your credit score is to check if you’re actively going through bankruptcy or credit counseling. Otherwise, your score does not affect the amount of money you could get or the interest rate on the loan. Those are all based off factors like the equity value of your car and your ability to pay back the loan.

About This Location

A block from Sandia High School and Madison Middle School, our New Mexico location is just off the corner of Wyoming Blvd NE and Comanche Rd NE in Albuquerque. Inside the Wyoming Professional Building, our Albuquerque office is here to help those in need in New Mexico.

TFC Title Loans – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Location: 3620 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

Getting a Title Loan in Albuquerque has Never Been Easier

TFC Title Loans has been doing title loans in Albuquerque for the past twenty years. If there is one thing we know how to do it’s getting our Albuquerque customers the quick money they need. That’s why we’ve made applying for an Albuquerque title loan quick, easy and convenient. The first step is to apply, Albuquerque residents can apply online by completing our secure form or over the phone by calling our toll-free number. Once your application has been received one our agents will contact you to verify your information and finalize your loan. The lasts step is for you to pick up your title loans funds at our Albuquerque location.

The Best Car Title Loans in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque’s Leading Title Loan Lender

For the past twenty years the residents of Albuquerque have been turning to us for financial assistance and we have always been there to provide them with the quick funding they need. Our emergency money loans with using your car title as collateral gets you the money that you need fast. We always try to do same day funding. Our easy application, quick approval times and same day funding make getting a car title loan a piece of cake. Whether it be a medical emergency, overdue bill, school tuition we are here to help you get quick and easy financing. Our title loan agents are standing by to walk you through the application process and answer whatever questions you may have. Apply today online or over the phone today for a free quote!

How to Apply for Car Title Loans in Albuquerque

Ever since we opened our doors, we have worked to create a company culture of communication with our customers. We care about customer service and education, which is why we want our customers to understand the entire process before taking the first step. With second-to-none customer service, we have drawn many customers to work with our lending process over others.

The car title loans process consists of several main steps like application, call, documents, vehicle inspection, signing the terms, and picking up your money.

Online Application

In our streamlined application, you only have to put your name, phone number, email address, and the minimal information about your car. We will contact you to get the rest of the information, so we can pre qualify you. Then if you want to proceed, we will takre the full application over the phone and get you approved. We will always push to get the deal funded that day. Same day car title loans are what we push for.

Call from a Representative

After your application has been submitted, we review it to get an estimate for your free quote on what we might be able to borrow you. We will call you directly to discuss the free quote and move forward if you’re still interested. Our car title loan calculator will work out what is the best terms possible for your car title loan.

Basic Items Needed for A Car Title Loan

You will need to submit a few forms of documentation before you will be able to move forward. To make the process quicker, we suggest you have these documents ready

  • Your valid driver’s license or state ID
  • Proof of insurance
  • The original title to your vehicle
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency
  • 4 references
  • Pictures of the vehicle

Other items may be required but your loan representative will cover those with you.

The car title.

Please do not forget your car title when you have your appointment. We will not be able to get you your money without the car title.

Vehicle Inspection

This part of the process can be done before you plan to sign your terms and collect your money. It only takes a couple minutes to conduct. We inspect the car to confirm what was in the picture you sent and that there aren’t major damages that would greatly decrease the street value of the car. We will always do the physical inspection before we fund your title loan.

Finalize Your Loan

The loan terms you receive will be unique to you so that it fits your needs the best. We sit down with you and go through the terms like your interest rate and scheduled monthly payments. Everyone signs where it is needed and it’s done.

Collect Your Funds

Once you’ve signed the documents, you are free to leave with your money in hand. You get to go use your money however you like or how you need to.

Excellent Customer Service

At TFC Title Loans, the process for getting car title loans is fast and incredibly simple. We help each step of the way. We make it a priority when it comes to understanding our customers, and helping our customers understand Car Title Loans. With over 20 years of experience in the title loan industry, we have been able to perfect the lending process so that it works best for our customers. Our goal is to make sure that you get the best car title loan possible. That is why we always get you the most money and the best rates.

We always ask our customers how their title loan experience with TFC was. We take every review into consideration because we want to make sure we’re providing the best service we possibly can. The car title loan calculator will make sure you get the best title loan. We have client testimonials and even blog posts about real customers with real stories. We want to make sure you’re informed about TFC, and what TFC has done for other people. We don’t want you to miss out on all the benefits of our Car Title Loans in Albuquerque.

Paying Off Your Title Loan

Once you have your money, it’s important to start planning how you will pay off the loan. Strategizing is always a great step to make sure that you stay on track with your payments and the balance. We even suggest paying it off early when you have the chance, and there are no prepayment penalties with TFC. This means that you won’t be charged any hidden fees for paying early. Paying your title loan early will make sure you pay less interest and more principle.

We always remind our clients to pay on time at the very least. Again we are always trying to save our customers money.

In the end, it could save you a lot of money on interest. If you ever face any struggles with your payments, we encourage you to contact us to express your worries. We can help you navigate through any struggles you may face.

TFC Title Loans is fully license and bonded by the DBO.