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We Do Car Title Loans From $2,510 to $50,000* Receive Emergency Loan Approval In Minutes. Need Money Today? No Credit? No Problem! Our Loan Application Disregards Your Credit Score. Get Same Day Cash And Keep Driving Your Car. Get The Best Title Loans, Use Our Fast, Convenient, No Hassle Process to Apply Now And Find Out How Much Money You Qualify For! We Provide Car Title Loans Completely Online. At TFC, Your Car Is Your Credit Score.


How Much Cash Can i Get?

Car Title Loans Brentwood, CA

Are you looking to refinance your title loans? Or are you looking for a place to get affordable pink slip loan or auto title loan in Brentwood? Do not look too far when you have the answers staring at you. TFC Title Loans is the right loan provider that will help you achieve whatever your loan needs are without any stress. We understand the needs of our consumers differ, and this is why we make sure each of our consumers gets favorable deals that are most suitable for their situation or what they hope to achieve. If you are looking for quick cash in the city of Lake Elsinore obtain a title loan get your money same day.

Auto Title Loans in Brentwood

You can apply for your Brentwood title loans online by filling the online application form, and our loan representatives will get across to you as your application is submitted. We will let you know if your application is approved or not.

If your application is approved, we will request further details about your car which may include sending in pictures and videos of your car to us for inspection to see if your car meets our minimum requirements for auto title loans.

On the other hand, if your application is not approved, we will let you know why it wasn’t approved, and we will let you know what you need to do to get approved for a car title loan.

How Does Car Title Loans Brentwood Work?

A car title loan is a type of secured loan, where the borrower uses their title or pink slip as collateral to obtain cash loans. Your pink slip will be in our possession during the period in which you are paying off the loan. Your pink slip is returned to you as soon as you completely pay off the loan.

What do I Need to Apply for a Car Title Loan?

To apply for a car title loan in Brentwood, you need the following;

  • Age declaration to show that you are more than 18 years old.
  • The title of your car in your name
  • Proof of residence; utility bill will do here.
  • Proof of a steady source of income, such as a pay slip.
  • Proof of ID like a government-recognized ID; a driver’s license.
  • References with their details.

Refinancing Auto Title Loans

You can also apply to refinance your title loans at TFC, and we will work with you to ensure you get favorable deals that will enable you to be more convenient financially. Our primary aim is to ensure our consumers get the best, and this is why we are here to always work in your best interest.

Why Should I Refinance my Auto Title Loan?

Here are some of the reasons that may prompt you to refinance your auto title loan;

  • Lower interest rate.
  • Improve your credit score.
  • Remove a cosigner.
  • Reduce your monthly payment.
  • Get a longer or shorter loan duration.

The above are some of the reasons why you might want to consider refinancing your loan. At TFC Title Loans we will help you achieve whatever your goals of refinancing your auto title loan may be.

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