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Car Title Loans From $2,510 to $50,000* Receive Emergency Loan Approval In Minutes. Need Money Now? No Credit? Bad Credit? No Problem! Get Same Day Cash And Keep Driving Your Car. Fast, Convenient, No Hassle Process. Apply Now and Find Out How Much Money Your Car Qualifies For! Get your car title loan now! We provide car title loans completely online. Your car is your credit with us.


How Much Cash Can i Get?

Car Title Loans Clovis, CA

TFC Title Loans is the best place you can get the best deals and loan terms in the city of Clovis. Whether you need to pay for an emergency medical bill, fix your car that suddenly broke down, or settles bills of a family member who is in need, we have got you covered at TFC. Providing quick and emergency loans are what we do and no one does it better than us.

Do not waste time running from pillar to post just because you need a loan to sort some unplanned expenses that come your way. Going to banks to get short term loans can take you forever because of the many paperwork and credit checks. Why go to banks when you can get a loan without any credit check at TFC?

How Does Car Title Loans Clovis Work?

Do you own a car free and clear? Is the title of the car in your name? If your answers to these questions are YES!!! Then you surely can qualify to obtain a car title when you apply online at The application process is fast, simple, and will not take your time. You can apply from anywhere in your Clovis home without having to visit any office; it is that simple like ABC.

What is A Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is also referred to as a pink slip loan. It is a type of loan where the borrower uses the title of their car as collateral to obtain a loan to be paid back over a period of time. However, the title of the car must be in the name of the borrower, and there must be no money owed on the car; which means the car must have equity.

The lender takes possession of the car and places a lien on it. The title of the car remains with the lender until the borrower pays off the loan completely, it is at this stage that the lender will return the title of the car to the borrower. Being in possession of the title of the car enables the lender to assume the possession of the car in case the borrower fails to pay or defaults.

At TFC Title Loan, we encourage you to keep to your monthly payment, do not default, and if there is any reason why you can keep up with the payment date, you can get in touch with us to re-negotiate, we are here to always lend a helping hand. One of our strongest point at TFC is that we work in the interest of our customers and this is why the residents of Clovis and its environs can always count on us.

How Much Can I Borrow?

When you apply for a car title loan or pink slip loan, the amount you can get depends on the current market worth of your car and how much you earn monthly. It is on these two important bases that we will approve a loan amount that we know you can pay conveniently without disrupting your other basic financial responsibilities.


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