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Car Title Loans Jacksonville, Florida

Starting Your Car Title Loan Application Is Easy

Car title loans have become a sort of superstar financial solution approach in today’s world. In Jacksonville, it has become very popular with top quality car title loan companies like TFC Title Loans, offering financial services to thousands of clients on their list.

Car title loans are easy to get because they offer a resounding opportunity for anyone who has a car to get a loan without selling their car or property to raise cash. You need that car for so many reasons like easy movement and transportation, which sometimes may even be essential for running your own personal business or daily activities.

The process of starting the application is very easy. The first step to successfully getting your car title loan is to find a reputable company to work with. This must be a company that has many years of experience dealing with clients who have successfully completed car title loan. You should also pick a company that understands the kind of solution you need, usually, this must be a company who have several experts that understand various aspects of car title loans and will be able to help you find the right package that will benefit you.

Once you have found the right company to work with the next thing is to apply. You can apply either online or at physical locations near you. The application involves filling of a simple form that includes sections like:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Mileage

All of this information is to help the loan officers better understand your needs so they can offer you the best loan package. At TFC Title Loans, we have a well-structured system that makes it super easy for us to attend to our customers so they can get their cash as quickly as possible.

Things You Need Before You Can Get A Title Loan Contract

Before you can get a title loan there are certain documents you must have in your possession. These documents are what will help loan companies conclude on whether you’re qualified for the loan or not. Most citizens of Jacksonville we have worked with over the years have these documents which make it easier for them to quickly get their loans. You too can do that also.

  • Vehicle Title And Other Documents

You need to have your vehicle title before you can be considered for car title loan in Jacksonville. The title serves as the collateral and so is very important to the deal. Your title loan will not be accepted if it has a lien on it since that removes os much from the title. You also have to submit other documents for vehicle insurance, personal information, etc.

  • Proof Of Income

Your proof of income is essential to your loan application in so many ways. It is a requirement you need to submit to give the lender confident that you’ll be able to pay back the loan you’re asking for. The proof of income will also benefit you as a borrower. Sometimes, clients want more money but are unable to get it because they can’t provide proof of income to show as evidence they can pay back the loan. With this document, you have the chance to ask for more money enough to satisfy your needs and make things work for you better.

  • Proof Of Residence

The lender would also need you to submit your proof of residence. This is to ascertain where you live so they can’t find you when they need to. The proof of residence is also needed in case the company needs to send you physical documents or carry out any other transactions that will add value to the entire application and project. Make sure when you’re filling your form and submitting documents, the information and details there remain the same and if otherwise, for any reasons, let the company know. Car title loan is very easy to get but if you don’t have a complete document that is easily verifiable, it could cause delay. There are any Jacksonville customers who have worked with us at TFC Title Loans and have been able to get their money in less than 60 minutes because they have all the documents ready.

  • References

The car title loan company will also need you to provide two references before they can give you the loan. The references are people who know you and can confirm some of the information you have provided. You don’t have to worry about them knowing whether you’ve come to borrow money from us because they will never know. All they are needed for is to confirm your identity and nothing more.

At TFC Title Loans, we provide our customers with confidentiality to ensure that all of the information, data, and details they have with us remains confidential. References are essential in our line of business so we make sure we complete this part of the deal for your sake and ours too.


Six Reasons You Need To Read The Contract Thoroughly Before Signing

After checking all of your documents you’ll be provided with the contract to sign. This contract marks the final phase of the car title loan in Jacksonville application process and you’ll not be issued cash until you have concluded it. Many loan seekers in Jacksonville have fallen victim to dubious elements because they are too much in a haste and didn’t go through the contract before signing it. You should never do that. You should read the contract to your satisfaction and make sure you understand every word there before you sign. Here are five reasons why reading of contract document is a must for you.

#1: Know What You’re Going Into

The most important aspect of car title loan is the interest rates. Most car title loan companies in Jacksonville operate at different levels so interest rates are not the same everywhere. Before signing the dotted line, make sure you have all the information you need to understand the deal you’re going into. Know the interest rates, the time you’re expected to pay, and the deadline. This will help you to easily plan your program so you can save money and pay up your debt on time. If the interest rate doesn’t go down well with you, you have the right to ask for a reduction. At TFC Title Loans, we offer our customers competitive car title loan interest rates in the market. We know how hard it is to make money so we wouldn’t do something that will jeopardize your opportunity to succeed in any way. We know that you value every single dollar we give to you so we are always ready to make sure that you get a fair deal that won’t make you feel cheated.

#2: Understand What Is Expected Of You

Every contract has information about what you ought to do to complete your own side of the bargain. To properly understand your duty, you need to read the entire contract and get familiar with everything in it. You need to ensure you’re not missing anything vital that could help you know what to expect from the contract.

#3: Ask Questions

There are so many questions you may need to ask if only you can just read the contract. These questions can be answered by an official of the car title loan companies because of their many years of experience dealing with clients like you. At TFC Title Loans, we encourage our customers to thoroughly read the contract and ensure they understand it. We also encourage them to ask questions on anything they don’t understand so they can feel more comfortable with the process and enjoy excellent customer service.

#4: Avoid Hidden Charges

Car title loan companies who want to make higher profits from you with hidden charges will do so by including it in the contract. The clauses will be hidden deep down at the bottom of the document and you must find them and read them. If you’re not satisfied, you have the right to ask for changes that will benefit you, so you don’t end up regretting after signing the contract and collecting the money. Hidden charges can make you lose plenty of money so please, watch out for them and be diligent.

#5: Deadlines

When it comes to title loans deadlines are very important. One very vital deadline is the time you’re to pay up all of your debt to avoid repossession. Make sure you know about this date and decide if you’ll be able to cope with it. The interest rates, how much contribution per month and the deadline will make your life easier if you know about them before you sign up for the car title loan contract. If the deadlines period you’ve been given doesn’t seem to work well with you need to seek redress. You are the one that understand yourself so you should be in control of your own situation.

#6: Stand A Better Chance To Negotiate

Nothing is written in stone as far as car title loan is concerned. If you find anything along the lines of the contract that you think doesn’t go down well with you then, you should mention it and ask for a redress. Just because you want to get a quick cash to deal with emergencies doesn’t mean you should sign off yourself to a deal that will hurt you.


How To Spend Your Car Title Loan In Jacksonville, Wisely

Once you have gotten the title loan money you can go on and spend it on your issues, the way you want. But you have to be wise with your spending. Here are some tips to help you in that regard.

  • Don’t Put The Money In Your Main Account

If you want to make sure you don’t spend the money the way you don’t want, keep it away from your main account. You know, that account that has so many outlets including credit cards, mobile transfer, etc. Instead, put the money in an account where it would be hard for you to spend it quickly.

  • Have A Budget For It

Before you ever take the loan have a budget for it. Your budget must include the most important issues arranged in order of preference. Having a budget saves you the stress of thinking too hard about how to spend the money. It gives you a direction, a purpose, and a complete understanding that ensures you don’t make a mistake.

  • Start Your Repayment Plan Immediately

Starting a repayment plan will remind you of the importance of prudent spending. At TFC Title Loans, we encourage our customers to take the loan money seriously and avoid diverting it so they take full advantage of it. If you deal with your emergencies and have some extra cash remaining, you can plunge that into the repayment plan to begin the process on a good footing. There is no time for reckless spending yet until every cent has been spent. Remember your car is at risk and your loan has to be paid completely before your title is given back to you.



When you’re in an emergency there are very few options left for you to get funding to solve your problem. One of the best ways people of Jacksonville raise cash now is through car title loans. The loans are issued out very quickly after you have filled forms and submitted documents. You can then go and use the money the best way you can. But before that, make sure you read the contract document thoroughly before signing. This is why you need to work with only the most reputable car title loan companies in Jacksonville, Florida, like TFC Title Loans. We provide you with all the cash you need to deal with your situations and become free. Get in touch with us today and create a huge opportunity for yourself.