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Car Title Loans Fresno

TFC Title Loans has been providing title loans in Fresno for more than twenty years. With that experience, we are pretty skilled in getting our Fresno customers very quick funding when they are in need of financial support. For the best car title loans in Fresno TFC Title Loans will get you the most money and the lowest rate. We make the whole process as easy for you as possible.

All you need to do to fill out the online form then once that has been received one of our agents will give you a call to verify your information and give you a free quote. Getting your emergency money loan has never been easier. We will be able to get you pre-approved over the phone, so you will know how much money we will be able to give to you.

Car Title Loans in Fresno are not as difficult as you might think to get, our fast online title loan application makes it the easiest way for you to get a car title loan. We offer easy title loans contact us today and get your money.

We are able to offer you more money than the other lenders. We will also be able to offer you a lower interest rate than the other title loan companies. We know that you need to get the most money to take care of your emergency money situation and we also understand that time is also an issue. We can do the whole process over the phone to get you approved for your car title loan.

What are Car Title Loans in Fresno?

What is a car title loan? Title loans are a type of collateral loan. In order to receive a title loan, you must use a clear-and-free vehicle title. TFC has the title until you can pay off the loan. One of the benefits of TFC Title Loans is that we let you drive the car, even though we have the title. It’s like when you first buy your car and you take out a loan, and the bank owns the title until you can pay off the loan.

TFC Title Loans gives you loan terms from 24 to 36 months which allows you to make minimum monthly payments during that time. Another great benefit of TFC is that we don’t have any prepayment penalties, so you can pay off the loan as quickly as you want. Once the loan has been paid in full, we release the title back to you and your title is free again.


Loan Types

There are many different types of title loans that you can take advantage of with TFC Title Loans. We offer a multitude of options to ensure that you’ll be able to get the cash you need by the means that best fit you.

For customers in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, obtaining the cash you need through our car title loans is the best way to get your money. One of the most trusted car title loan lenders in the area, we provide an easy application process, competitive rates, unbeatable terms, and a superior customer service.

Already have a title loan with another lender, but you’re unsatisfied with the monthly payments and interest rate? TFC can help you lower your current monthly payment or obtain extra cash by refinancing your loan. Our customers find that other lenders are unable to match our rates and terms, and that’s why they refinance with TFC.

Sudden emergencies are what leave us searching for quick cash: medical bills, rent, legal fees, funeral costs, and other bills. Seeking out a loan is the first thing that comes to mind when we’re in need. Compared to other emergency loans with other lenders, TFC is the easiest and least stressful.

Don’t have a car, but you have an RV? You could get a title loan on your RV if your title is clear and free! The application process is just as easy and you can get your money just as fast! You can use any type of RV you have when you come to TFC.

If you need a loan for your business, use your large commercial vehicle to get a car title loan with TFC. You can use your truck as collateral, just like you would with your car. The title loan process with your large truck is simple and quick as your other title loans with TFC.

We also work with our clients that have had their cars impounded. Your car can be impounded for many different reasons, maybe your car has unpaid parking tickets, maybe your registration is past due our maybe you just parked in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some impound yards can charge you up to $100 per day, so it is very important to get your car out as soon as possible. After we have approved you, we will need to have the contract signed before we go to the impound yard. We will call the impound yard to find out the total that is due to them. We will send an agent to look at the car and pay the impound fees. You will meet our agent at the impound yard so then you can continue to drive your car while making payments to us.


Reasons to Get The Best Car Title Loans in Fresno

Life can throw us some crazy curve balls, leaving a financial burden on our hands. Our customers have come to us in times of need, using their title loan funds to cover a wide variety of expenses. If you find one of these needs fits you, you should apply with TFC today:

  • Medical emergency
  • House repair
  • Car fixes
  • Other bills
  • Vacation

How Much Can I Get with Car Title Loans in Fresno?

The amount that you can get from a title loan in Fresno depends on the current street value of your car and your ability to repay the loan in full along with a few other qualifying factors. This is what makes title loans more accessible than other loans at a traditional bank because they don’t solely rely on your credit score but rather an array of qualifying factors.

By using the equity value of the vehicle, TFC Title Loans takes 85% of the wholesale value and gives you that much in funds. Depending on your income, you could be eligible to get more than that, ranging anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000.

TFC Title Loans in Fresno, California

When you are facing a difficult financial crisis, every other thought can seem to fly out the window. In fact, sudden financial burdens can be stressful and frightening. Even the most budget conscious person can run into a financial snag, like an emergency room visit or braces for a child you thought insurance would cover.

However, you do not have to struggle with your finances due to a sudden expense, wipe out your bank account or keep yourself awake at night wondering what to do. Bring your car title, along with some identification, to TFC Title Loans. The title loan application process is quick and we’ll have you out the door with money in your hand in no time. You keep your car while you pay the payments on the loan, unlike other short-term loans that require you to give up your belongings until you repay them.

You can come into our office at 4903 East Kings Canyon Road, Suite 104, in Fresno, call us at 844-242-3543 or visit our website. Our website offers a Live Chat option where you can actually talk to a car title loan officer, or you can complete the easy inquiry form to learn more about how a title loan can help you out of a financial situation.


About This Location

This location in Fresno is located inside the strip mall on E Kings Canyon Rd and S Winery Ave. In the little mall, this office is located in the storefront closest to the entrance on S Winery Ave. It is located inside the store named “Vangolds”. For anyone in Fresno, this is the location for you to get your funds!

TFC Title Loans – Fresno

Location: 4903 E Kings Canyon Rd, Suite 104, Fresno, CA 9372

Call Toll Free: 844-242-3543

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Hours: Monday Through Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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How to Apply for Car Title Loans in Fresno

Applying for a car title loan is the easiest part. Our application is free of charge and there is no obligation so you are able to make an informed choice on whether or not you want to move forward with a car title loan. The process is easy and convenient, completed in three steps.



The first thing to do is to submit an online application. Complete and submit our online form which only takes a few minutes. After a few minutes, we’ll be able to make the necessary decision on how much we can lend you. You can either apply online, through the phone, via chat or at your Fresno location.

Contact with Your Agent

Your TFC representative will be in contact with you as soon as they’ve reviewed your application. They will have your free quote to discuss with you. They may ask for additional documents, so in order to speed up the process, you should have these documents ready:

Other items may be required but your loan representative will cover those with you.


Sign Your Terms and Pick Up Your Funds

Once you’ve sent your documents and the representative gives you the clear, you can head over to your Fresno location to have your car inspected. This only takes a few minutes and is just a precaution to ensure there isn’t any significant damage done to the car that would affect its street value.

Once that has been completed, you will be able to go over your loan terms and interest rate. After you sign, you will be able to leave with your money in hand!

Client Testimonials

For 25 years, we have been lending a helping hand to customers just like you to assist them in obtaining emergency funding quickly. We have made our customers a top priority. We don’t just lend you the money you need, but we also

“When I came to this company for a loan, a representative helped me out as soon as I walked in the door. He sat me down and went over the procedure I needed to take in order to get a loan from this company. I told him I have a very bad credit, but he said that this company doesn’t care if a person has a good or bad credit.”

Vanessa M.

“When I gave trading financial credit a quick call I was helped and was given everything almost within an hour. I was really in a big debt situation but this loaning company saved me from owing more money. Paid off my debt within a couple of months and was able to pay off my loan within the next couple of months.”

Erik H.

“I really love how fast and simple everything was and how fast I got my loan. I was really behind on some payments and I wasn’t able to get a loan from my bank or open up credit cards since I didn’t have a really good credit. Thanks for trading financial credit for helping me out!”

Esmeralda G.

TFC Title Loans is fully licensed and bonded by the DBO.