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Car Title Loans in San Diego

Car title loans San Diego

Best Car Title Loans in San Diego are brought to you by TFC Title Loans who have been providing San Diego with emergency money loans since 1994. You can use the equity you have in your car, truck, van, or SUV to qualify for Car Title Loans in San Diego.

We will book your car with Kelly Blue Book to find out the wholesale value of your car. When you are looking for the best car title loans in San Diego what should you look for? You should be looking for the lender who can qualify you for the most money. Here at TFC Title Loans, we can offer you more money on your car’s title or for your car’s equity than any other lender. When looking for a car title lender you want to find the lender with the lowest rates. We can offer you the lowest rates in San Diego and the best car title loans. When looking for a title loan you want to look for a lender who has the lowest payments and the most flexible repayment plans. Here at TFC Title Loans, we have the lowest payments and we have the most flexible repayment plans. Our average loans are about 24 to 36 months but we can sometimes extend the terms if needed.

We will do a credit check with Experian to get you your title loan approved. We will also need to see photos of your car as well as the odometer reading. You can go to this page to see what photos will work to get you your approval.

Proof of income is very important to our approval process. We have to make sure that you can afford the title loan that we are going to give you. We want to make sure that the monthly payments will work with your budget. We will need to see your lasts pay stubs.

Our friendly loan agents will work to help customize the payments so you can better afford them, even when you have been turned down before. Just complete the short online title loan application and find out how much you will qualify for within minutes. We make it easy to qualify for the best Car Title Loans in San Diego and get that emergency funding you desperately need as fast as the very next business day.


Problems with Your Credit Don’t Need to Stop You

Since Car Title Loans in San Diego is usually based on the current street value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan along with a few other qualifying factors, there is not quite as much emphasis put on your credit score. We have helped many people with less-than-perfect credit scores obtain title loans. As a provider of title loans, we are not a bank so there is more flexibility in getting you the money you need than with traditional loans.

TFC Title Loans is here to help you manage those unexpected bills. All you need is your car title and some identification in order to qualify for a loan that can help you manage a financial setback. While you are paying back the loan, you even get to keep your vehicle. The process is quick, easy, and you can be on your way with funding much more quickly than with any other type of loan. We are also available online with a Live Chat option so you can talk to a customer service representative from the comfort of your own home. You can also complete our simple online contact form to get more information.

Apply with TFC Title Loans

Applying with TFC Title Loans has never been easier. We know the urgency of paying off unwanted bills and other expenses. That’s why we’ve streamlined the application process to help you get your money in as little as one business day. We’ve made it so easy that we can break it down into 3 simple steps for you to get the best car title loans in San Diego.

If you prefer to apply at the San Diego location, the same steps apply but you will just be applying for your car title loan in person and filling out an application at our store.

Step One: Apply

TFC makes applying for a loan easier than any other traditional lender. You don’t need to fill out mountains of paperwork or wait weeks to find out if you even qualify. As long as you submit your application, we could possibly let you know if you qualify within the same day.

In our application, all you do is input your name, phone number, email address, and the year and make of your vehicle. After that, we give you a call.

Step Two: Your Title Loan Agent

After we receive your application, a car title loan agent will review it to get an estimate for a free quote on what you may be able to borrow based on the value of your vehicle. We discuss the quote and the steps moving forward, also discussing if you’ll have the ability to take out more money.

Your agent may ask you to send in some verifying information like documentation. To speed up the process, have the following items ready to give to your agent:

  • Driver’s license or other government-issued identification
  • Proof of car insurance
  • The original title of the vehicle (or a duplicate if the original is lost)
  • Ability to repay the loan like proof of income
  • Proof of residence
  • 4 references
  • Pictures of the vehicle

Your agent may request other items depending on your situation.

Step Three: Sign Your Terms – Receive Your Funds

Once your TFC agent has received the document and information from you, you will set up a time to come into your San Diego location to inspect your car, sign your agreement, and receive your car title loan.

The inspection is not an extensive process and usually takes a few minutes. The main reason we conduct the inspection is to confirm what was in the pictures you sent us and there aren’t any major damages that would decrease the cars equity value.

Our car title loan terms are unique to each customer, which means your terms will be adjusted to your circumstances. We sit down and go through your specific terms like your interest rate and monthly payments. Everyone involved will sign the contract and it’ll be finished

Once you have signed the terms, we give you your money and you get to continue on with your day. With TFC Title Loans, you get to use your money in whatever way fits your financial needs and obligations. Once you walk out the door, the only communication you need to maintain with TFC Title Loans is your monthly payments and if you ever run into a problem with them.

How to Pay Off Your Car Title Loan

TFC offers many convenient ways to pay off your Car title loan each month, including:

  • Online

Through TFC Title Loans online customer portal, you can click on My Account at the top of our Homepage to create an account, or even make a quick guest payment.

  • Telephone

Call our toll-free number at (888) 505-3784 to make a check payment by phone

  • Mail

Payments can also be made by personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. When submitting through the mail, be sure to put your account number or social security number on your check or money order. Make your payments payable to Trading Financial Credit, LLC. Send it to our Los Angeles Headquarters.

TFC makes it even more convenient to pay off your loan by partnering with Western Union. Head over to your nearest branch and make payments by using the state code “California” and the city code “Thirteen”. You can also visit their website and search for TFC.

Make payments at a nearby MoneyGram location by using the MG code “5041”. You can also visit their website and search TFC by using the same code. Follow any prompts to make the online payment with credit or debit card.

How to Pay Off Your Title Loan Quickly

You may be curious “ how are title loans paid back?” Here, at TFC Title Loans, we want to detail all the ways in which you can pay title loans back so you can pick the one that is absolutely best for you. We are strong believers in consumer education and lender transparency so we want to make it as easy for you as possible to get the information you need. It is for this exact reason that we have been building out and expanding our website to include these resource articles to answer each and every question you could come up concerning title loans. Calculate the monthly loan payments into your budget so you always have enough money left over to make the scheduled payment. If you don’t already budget, there’s never a bad time to start!

  • Call TFC on a regular basis. It will make you feel more secure and less worried. An open communication with any lender will make reaching out easier, and TFC is no different.
  • When you have any extra resources available, try to pay off more than the monthly minimum. You can decrease the interest you will need to pay on the loan by doing so.
  • Stay up to date with all of your billing statements so you can keep track of how much is paid and how much is still needed to be paid. You will never miss a payment!
  • If you wanted to really budget, you can calculate the interest on your own and make your own personalized payment plan to pay off the title loan earlier than your term estimates. Then, you’ll be following your own schedule rather than the one that TFC gives you.
  • Research different ways to make extra income on the side. There are so many side jobs out there these days, from Uber or selling unwanted items laying around the house.
  • If you ever have questions about your payments, call TFC right away!

Refinancing with TFC Title Loans

Already have a car title loan with another company? If you are having a hard time making payments to the lender because of high monthly payments or high-interest rates, TFC will be able to give you the best car title loan and better interest rate and potentially put money back in your pocket.

All you have to do is follow the same application process as you would with a new loan, and inform your TFC representative that you are looking to refinance an existing car title loan. Once you do, our representative will take over, and you just have to sit back and relax.

For you to get the best car title loans in San Diego all you need to do is to call us or apply online and we will get you funded today!

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“Great service had me in and out within 30 minutes, the atmosphere was nice and friendly patient staff. Thank you TFC Title Loans for helping my family and I out!!!”

– Jacob Amoss, San Diego, CA

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