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Car Title Loans San Jose

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get money, consider The Best Car Title Loans in San Jose. TFC Title Loans has one of our many locations in San Jose for customers living near the area. Our title loan office in San Jose is here to provide out San Jose clients a convenient location to obtain their cart title needs. We can offer our clients the most money on their car title loan in San Jose.

We are also able to offer them the lowest rates too. We have been helping our clients in San Jose for over twenty years get their emergency money loans. So if you are thinking “where are car title loans near me”, well is TFC Title Loans. We are California’s most established title lender. You can do the whole car title loan process online. When you go to us apply now page, it will tell you what you need to do. Or you can call one of our sales team and have them help you by filling out the full application.

Car Title Loans San Jose allows you to get the financial release on your emergency situations. When you are in need of emergency money using your car’s equity is an option for you.

Auto Title Loans in San Jose allows you to keep and drive your car while you are paying your monthly payment to us. Title Loans Santa Clara is only five miles away from our San Jose Office and we provide car title loans to the bay area.

What Do I Need To Get A Car Title Loan In San Jose?

First of all, you have to have a car that will qualify for our program. You will have to show proof of income. We have to make sure you can pay for this title loan.

We will have to see your proof of your residence, a utility bill or lease will work. We will need photos of the car and the odometer reading. We will need five personal references, names, addresses and phone numbers to all five references. We will need to see a copy of the title and you will need to bring the original in with you when you sign the car title loan contract and we give you your money. Also, your registration needs to be up to date. If it not we can take care of the DMV fees and deduct it from your title loan. We will also need to be added to your insurance policy as the loss payee.

What are Car Title Loans in San Jose?

When you choose to get Car Title Loans in San Jose, you are putting your title up as the collateral. This might seem scary, but as long as you pay off the loan according to the terms set up by the lender, you will get your title back at the end of the loan. With our interest rate being lower than the other title lenders it will be easier to stay on time and up to date with your payments. If you are having problems keeping up with your payments, our account service reps are here to help you. It is important that if you are having problems with the payments to tell the account service reps because they may have an idea to help you out. The last thing we ever want to happen to any client is that the car to get repossessed. So we will always do our best to help and try to keep you up to date with your payments.

Since it is based on your title, you have to own your vehicle in order to get one of these types of loans. The amount of money that you can get through the loan is variable and is based on a number of factors such as the make, model, and year of your vehicle along with your ability to pay back the full loan. Older vehicles are not generally going to provide you with as much money as a newer model, but you will be eligible to get anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000.

If you have trouble making any of the payments, you should always contact the lender right away. You might have to pay some additional fees, but TFC is willing to work with you to prevent those penalties from happening. Always make sure you understand all of the terms of the loan so you do not run the risk of losing your vehicle.


Benefits of Car Title Loans in San Jose

Why would you want to choose a car title loan? San Jose residents who have bad credit probably already know that it is next to impossible to get a traditional loan through a lender, such as a bank. They also know that they aren’t able to get credit cards to help them with the financial emergency. One of the nice things about the loans from TFC title loans is the fact that your credit isn’t the only factor that we take into account. We tend to be more interested in the current street value of your car and your ability to repay the loan. It acts as the collateral, so they aren’t taking on any unnecessary risk themselves. Even with less than perfect credit, you can get one of these loans.

If you have an emergency and you need the money today, it is nice to know that you can use the equity in your car to get the money you require. If your car gets impounded, and you don’t have the money to get it out, then using the equity in your car could be a great option.

Another benefit about the best Car Title Loans in San Jose is the speed with which you can get the money. We can get you funding as fast as the very next business day.

When you get one of these loans, you do not have to turn over your car to the lender. You will still keep the car while the loan is active, so you can use it to get to work and wherever else you might need to go. For more questions regards your benefits please visit our FAQ page.

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Car Title Loans

When you are in financial trouble, it can be embarrassing. You might be behind on your mortgage payments, or you might have a dental emergency. Someone might have some legal trouble. The reasons that you might need some fast money are limitless. You might feel embarrassed asking family and friends for a loan, and that’s natural. Even if you don’t mind asking them for a loan, borrowing money from your family and friends is rarely a good idea. It will put unnatural stress on the relationship even after you have paid off the debt.

Being able to take care of your financial worries on your own with a car title loan is a much better idea for most people. You will feel better about it, and you can keep your financial life private. However, you do need to make sure you are working with a good lender if you want to have a good experience.

Title Loan Refinance Program

Already have an auto title loan, but are you unsatisfied with your company? For our customers, refinancing your title loan is a great option. In most cases, we’re able to put money back into your pocket! We offer a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments, along with all the other benefits that you can take advantage of. Following the same steps as applying for a brand new loan, a Loan Specialist will be in contact with you to discuss your new terms.

About This Location

People in the Bay Area are able to stop by our branch and get a car title loan as fast as the very next business day. TFC Title Loans puts our customers first and we hope that you will be our next one!

Our location in San Jose can be found on N 1st St. On the corner of Asbury St and N 1st St, our TFC office is inside a smaller white office building. It can be found next to the Vendome Place Apartments and across the street from the Filice Insurance Agencies.

TFC Title Loans – San Jose

Location: 715 N. 1st Street, Suite 23, San Jose, CA 95112

Call Toll Free: 844-242-3543

Live Chat: Live Chat Support

Hours: Monday Through Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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How to Apply with TFC Title Loans

The first thing to do is apply. Complete the short online form, call our phone number, or even stop in at your San Jose location. If you plan to go to your nearest location, make sure you prepare with all the basic documents you’ll need.

After your application has been received, one of our representatives will contact you and ask for any documents to verify your information and finalize your loan. It is a short list of documents which could take you a short amount of time. Just send us what we need and we take care of it! You’ll need the following documents

The last step is to pick up your funds at your San Jose location. From $2,500 to $50,000, our flexible payback terms allow you to have 24 to 36 months to pay off your loan. There are no hidden fees or prepayment penalties, so you can pay off your loan as early as you wish. We’ll inspect your vehicle to ensure it’s the correct one. Then, you’ll sign your loan terms and be on your way with your money.

Submitting Pictures

Your TFC representative may ask for you to submit pictures of your vehicle to verify its condition and validity. The best views to get are as follows:

  • Get a picture of the front with the driver’s side in view
  • The back picture should be at an angle with the passenger’s side visible
  • A picture of the odometer will ensure the correct mileage to give the correct value
  • Any pictures of any unique specs may have an increase in value for your loan

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Pay Your Title Loan

TFC offers many convenient options for making payments to your TFC Title Loans account. We make it easy so you don’t have to worry about missing payments.

By using our online portal, you can make quick payments online by setting up an account or submitting it as a guest.

You can also pay by telephone by calling our number at 888-505-3784 to make a check payment. If you don’t wish to pay by phone, send a payment in by mail as a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check.

TFC Title Loans uses Western Union to make it easier for their customers to pay. Find your local location or visit their website by searching for our company’s name. MoneyGram also allows you to make payments through your local location. Or, you can visit their website and follow their prompts to pay.

To check your account balance, next due date, past due amount, and any other essential information, register your account with our online portal. The enrollment process only takes a few moments, and it can make keeping track of your title loan a lot easier.

Client Testimonials

“They were very informative, polite, and very patient as I had many questions. They answered them 100%! Because of TFC, I now understand this process. I will recommend TFC Title Loans to my friends and relatives if they ever need financing- it is quick, easy, and reassuring! Thanks!”

– Jessie Chen

TFC Title Loans is fully licensed and bonded by DBO.