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Man Apprehended in Sioux City for Check into Cash Robbery

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On Friday, July 13, 2018, a man was apprehended by the Sioux City Police Department (SCPD) following report of an armed robbery incident that took place at Hamilton Boulevard business. The incident was reported to the SCPD by the clerk at the Check into Cash store at about 6 pm.

As reported by the victim who called on the Sioux Police Department, the robbery incident took place shortly before 6 pm. The suspect, who was reported to be about 43-years of age walked into the business complex, demanding for cash from the clerk wearing a mask and pressed what seems to be a gun against the clerk.

Officers who immediately responded to the call arrived at the crime scene, 1760 Hamilton Boulevard, but the armed robbery suspect, Derrick Henderson had already fled the area with the stolen cash on a bicycle which he picked up nearby.

Initial reports stated that the amount of cash stolen from Check into Cash was undermined, but recent reports now state that the total cash sum robbed from the clerk was in fact, about $13,400.

It didn’t take more than five minutes for the robbery suspect, Derrick Henderson, to be apprehended by the SCPD officers after he was located and identified just about a few blocks away from the crime scene at West 16th and Geneva on a bicycle by the responding police officers. Video footage from the Siouxland Scanner also shows that the suspect was on a bicycle at the time of his arrest.

Sergeant Judy Kellen, one of the SCPD responding officers on the ground said that the device with which the suspect, Derrick Henderson used to rob the store was in fact not an actual gun. According to Kellen in an interview regarding the robbery case “… I don’t even wanna call it a gun. I would consider it non-functional… it will not cause anyone any harm…”

Derrick was interviewed following his arrest and was charged with first-degree robbery by the Sioux City court.  According to court reports, the suspect, Derrick Henderson confessed to robbing the Bomgaars strip’s Check into Cash store mall on Hamilton Boulevard, making away with over $13,400 cash.

Reports also documented that Derrick had a bag of marijuana on him as at the time of his arrest. The bag was reported to contain about three and a half grams of weed. He is also currently being charged with illegal Marijuana possession as a second offense in addition to the class B felony charge according to documents from the court.

Henderson is currently held in custody at the Woodbury County Jail on $50,000 dollars bond, while further investigations of the robbery incident are being carried out.

Source: The Sioux City Journal.

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