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18 Apr 2019   /   0 comments

Obscure Tax Deductions That You Can Benefit From

Caroline Mwandawiro
tax deductions

Oblivious Tax Deductions That You Can Benefit From

Sometimes, we feel that tax reductions were designed solely for the wealthy. While the low income or middle-income earners are left without it. There are a lot of tax deductions that are designed to benefit both lower income, as well as middle-income persons.

These tax deductions, sometimes, are benefited by everyone from the deductions done on auto expenses when traveling for business. Or the deductions done on the storage unit fees when a person is moving.

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The latter is less common. What if we told you that there are some deductions that you may think are unusual, but they are very much acceptable.

Deductions like moving expenses dedicated to your pets. Deductions for deadbeat friends that refuse to pay you after you loan them. Swimming pool deduction dedicated to the medical needs, deductions on organ donation transportation.

There are some other deductions that you wouldn’t believe are real, but they deductions

You want to get a fancy dress that is for a red carpet and would be worn only for business, then you get a deduction for it.

Get deductions for deep-sea fish, especially when they are dedicated for entertainment or business.

You are undergoing a weight loss surgery, you can get tax deductions for them, especially when they are for health reasons.

This may sound too untrue, but you have to see a professional help you get the eligible deductions. Some people ignored the services of experts, and have had the tax deductions they felt were valid, totally rejected. Some may have thoughts on how others should fall under tax deductible items, but that usually doesn’t work out.


Carpet removal

Some taxpayers feel that once they have allergies they can get tax deductions for replacing the cause of their allergy like the hardwood floors, but that usually doesn’t work.



A punter or a lover of the horses, especially racehorses, may feel that they can remove the racehorse as part of their business expense, but that will never work. It doesn’t even matter if your client is a lover of horse racing, and you spent money on it.



You may have diabetes, and you are thinking of adding the expenses of tomato and lettuce as part of your medical expense incurred. That will not work even with your restricted diet.


Air-conditioned hotel room

You may be thinking of adding as part of your medical expense, a night stays in a motel or a hotel because your air conditioner broke down.


To some, they feel that dogs should be dependents. If you feel your pets are parts of your family, that’s cool, but they can’t be viewed as a dependent.

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