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Quick Loans: How to Borrow Money Fast


When we need quick loan because of emergencies, what comes to mind? Are there options that you can consider when you are thinking of borrowing money quickly? There are some options that claim to place money in your pocket immediately, without stress. How possible is that?

Gone are those days when a person who needs quick loans had to go to a physical office to apply for a loan. Now, with the predominance of the internet, it is quite possible to have access to quick loans online.

With the swiftness of the internet, it is possible to have that money placed in your accounts in less than two days. In some online personal loans, you can expect the money in mere hours, as long as you meet the requirements.

Before you think of opting for a quick loan, consider the following quick cash options and find out how much money you can get.


Avant is a popular online lender that has a funding time of about two days. As long as you meet its requirements, you are rest assured that within two days, the quick cash will be made available to you.

TFC Title Loans

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Best Egg

Best Egg, like many other online lending platforms, prides itself as one that is interested in offering qualified applicants quick cash in less than twenty-four hours. This means if you request for a loan and you are qualified, Best Egg lends you the cash the next day.


This online lending platform is a highly placed one, as it comes with a funding time of fewer than twenty-four hours. Depending on how your loan application is, it may reach a week.


In a lot of cases, LendingPoint, as an online lending platform offers the loan in less than twenty-four hours. It all depends on the kind of loan you apply for.


LightStream belongs to the clique of online lending platforms that offer their clients, loans in less than twenty-four hours.


Marcus, as an online lending firm, offers borrowers the opportunity to have access to a loan in about two business days.

OneMain Financial

As long as you are approved by OneMain Financial, you will surely get the loan on the same day. This is one of the quickest in the field.


Depending on the type of loan, especially the amount, RocketLoans is known to offer its clients, loans in a day.


Like RocketLoans, Upstart bears a resemblance to a lot of online lending platforms that offer their loans in less than a day.

Though things change from time to time, we are dedicated to ensuring that we help our readers reach rational decisions based on what’s on ground. It is important that you run your personal research to ensure that whatever option you decide to go for, works well for you. It is important, as it allows you to make rational decisions.

How Does Online Lending Options Work?

One can’t easily tell exactly what will happen in the future, as there are cases of emergency. Sometimes, fast money may be needed to take care of that broken down vehicle. Without our cars, mobility is not always easy. What of having to pay for emergency health bills or those urgent bills that weren’t planned for?

There are many options that you can use to source for money. It could be from friends and family members. There is a great chance that you may be turned down. What of heading to banks or even credit unions? Banks always take a longer time, hence not great for quick cash needs. There will still need to present a lot of requirements like collateral and a high credit score. What then can you do?

That’s where online lenders come into the equation. There are currently a lot of online lenders that offer their clients, the quickest time to access cash.

While thinking of how to get quick cash, you can consider the following options and their varying funding times.

Want quick loans in a day or two?

If you want that quick cash in less than two days, then online lenders are the right choice for you. It is important that while trying to get a loan, you should lot for only repayable lenders. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if you ran a research about the lender to see how reputable it is.

One thing you should consider is if there are hidden terms and charges.  How much is their interest rate? What are the terms of the loan? Are they favorable to you? Does the online lender have a lot of issues with its previous clients? Is it a scam? These and more should be answered before entering any contract with anyone. Opt for reputable lenders with great terms that make repaying the loan easier.

Want quick loans in a week or less?

If you don’t want that quick cash in less than two days, then a Credit Union or bank is your best bet. In a week or so, you would have the cash in your paws.

Quick cash without a loan

There are no lending platforms that offer quick cash without a loan. To benefit from this option, you should consider asking your family members or friends for cash. Your workplace may not mind offering you an advance.

Always Shop Around

Before you think of accepting any loan from a lender, it is important that you try to shop around. Don’t just jump onto the first one you see. It is important to find the terms of many lenders, their interest rate, repayment schedule and lots more. That online lender that you thought maybe awesome may not have innovative features that others offer.

Though it is hard to see lending companies that offer affordable interest rates to those that have a low credit score, they still exist. That’s what shopping around offers. When you shop around, you can easily find great deals for those with poor or no credit.

One of the tradeoffs for borrowing quick money is that there may be very high-interest rates that are expected to be paid, as well as other fees. Sometimes, you may be left with debts that would take years to pay off.

Quick loans in a day or two

If you want to get quick cash in less than two days, you should consider opting for pawnshops, and pay lenders. Though these options give you the cash quickly, they come with very high APRs. Want quick cash in less than two days, be ready to pay a lot for the interest rate.

If you opt for reputable online lenders, it usually takes a longer time to access the loan, but they come with lower APRs. They also bring along very favorable terms of payment.

The loan amounts that can be accessed can be as low as $2,000 and as high as $50,000.

The interest rates are usually dependent on your credit rating but has its maximum at 36%.

Things To Find Out Before You Think Of Applying For A Quick Loan

Start by calculating what your estimated payments should be. This will allow you to know if you can afford the fast loan or not.

Let’s use an example. A borrower that has a low credit rating that decides to take out a two-year, loan of $10,000 loan will be expected to dole out 27.2% as estimated APR. The payments that would be made monthly will be pegged at $545. To get an estimated figure is quite easy. All you need to do is make use of a personal loan calculator.

Do you have the necessary data for your application? It is important that you go ahead to muster that information that allows the lender to easily carry out a verification process. No lender offers loan without carrying out verification to find out if you really are who you say you are.

While at it, never forget that shopping at different lenders offers you the option of finding the lowest rate available on the market.

Many of these online lenders are known to regularly run the soft credit check to know what interest rate to offer you. This prevents your credit score from reducing.

Quick loans in a week or less

The truth remains that if you are desperate for quick cash that takes less than two days or even a few hours, you should be ready for high APRs, as well as stringent terms. Being desperate means that you have very few options to go by, but when you are ready for loans that take a week or less, you open yourself to a lot of options.

Most of them that fall into organizations that give loans in a week or less usually offer better terms and interest rates based on your credit score. A lot of them reject those borrowers with poor credit ratings.

A lot of online lenders, as well as some big banks,  are known to offer their clients loans within a week or so, though the time frame is usually dependent on your application.

Different lenders are known to offer varying rates based on their specifications. Before you sign the dotted lines for any lender, it is of great importance that you shop around for other lenders with great terms, low fees and rates, as well as no hidden charges. Many lending platforms are known to have hidden clauses that are written in fine print, and a lot of borrowers ignore. Do not fall into the clique of those borrowers.

Some lending institutions that offer loans within a week have a high level of payment flexibility, meaning that your payment schedule may be tailored to meet your needs and even salary.

One bank that screams of low-interest rates, fees and high level of flexibility is Citibank. As a national bank, it offers borrowers the opportunity to have access to loans in less than a week. The borrowers that fall into this are usually those with good credit.

Those that already have accounts with Citibank are usually favored than others, as they have access to quicker loans that take less than a week. That’s not all. They also have access to a larger loan amount, as well as a reduced interest rate when they make automatic loan payments.

For those that may need quick cash but are open to waiting for a period that is longer than a week, you can try a local credit union. A lot of them allow their members to have access to personal loans at affordable rates and fees, not minding how bad your credit is.

One may wonder how then they secure their loan. What they are interested in is knowing if you have a steady stream of income, and you are good to go. Since their terms are usually favorable, it takes a longer time to access this type of loan.

Federal credit unions are known to offer a specific kind of loan, which is called, ‘payday alternative loans.’ They usually have very favorable terms and a low APR with a cap of 28%. It is great for those with poor credit rating, hence can’t access loans from other lending platforms. One can borrow as low as a few hundred dollars, and they are handed starter credit cards to cover this.

Before you commit yourself into taking a loan, it won’t be a bad idea to find out if it is possible to stave off the emergency expenses. You can also seek for those cash sources that are interest-free like family members and friends.

Though family members and friends may be reluctant in offering loans, it won’t be a bad idea if you tried. This will save you the stress of paying interest on the personal loan. Sometimes, their quick loan can be very fast and accessible in a few hours.

Whatever option you decide to go for, it is important that the cost of the loan doesn’t overshadow the benefits of the loan. If it does, you should consider looking elsewhere for an alternative.

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