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28 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

Real Car Title Loans with TFC


It’s easy to list all the benefits of getting an auto title loan with TFC. Sometimes you want to hear it from the actual people who have been our customers. TFC has been conducting surveys and story collections to tell you about some of the success stories from real Car Title Loans with TFC.

Real Car Title Loans with TFC

Maria M and Jose A both had previously chosen TFC Title Loans to help them with their financial dilemmas before. Both having paid-off title loans, when disaster struck again, they did not hesitate to call their representative.

Maria M

real Car Title Loans with tfcMaria M only has good things to say about Car Title Loans with TFC. Once again, life got out of control and before she knew it she was faced with yet another problem. She immediately contacted TFC Title Loans knowing she’d have the money she needed in no time at all.

She used her 2008 Dodge Durango to take out an auto title loan with TFC. Maria knew she didn’t need much money, so when they offered her $2,510 she was more than pleased. The best part about her funds and terms were that she was able to get a lower interest rate than the last time. She already enjoyed the low-interest rate she had on her first loan, so seeing an even lower rate had her grinning.

In just 2 days, Maria was walking out of the TFC location nearest her with her money in hand. She plans to save her money to pay off her loan, which should be paid by August of 2019. TFC is more than happy to continue business with Maria knowing she’s not only a trustworthy customer but a loyal one.



real Car Title Loans with tfcJose A

Jose A was going to borrow money from his friends to pay for a personal problem until he remembered TFC Title loans. He thought about the easy process he had gone through before and how quickly he had gotten the money. It was simple to pay off, and he had such a great experience with customer service. With the title for his 2005 Toyota Tacoma in hand, he gave his TFC representative a call.

After receiving his amount for the title loan, Jose’s representative told him about his lower interest rate. Like Maria, Jose was able to get a lower interest rate this time around because TFC knew he would pay off his loan on time. Jose was shocked at this news but rather pleased to hear it.

Again, it only took 2 days for Jose to receive his money. He will be able to pay off his loan by August 2019 as he makes his monthly payments, but he will have it paid off once he gets paid from work.

Cameron J Comes to TFC

Cameron J’s life began to force unexpected financial obligations. For personal needs, he knew he would need to find the money to pay for these problems and fast. He couldn’t think of any way to get that money fast, so he turned to the internet. While searching, he was referred to TFC Title Loans, and they told him about the online application and high approval rates. Cameron took a leap2009 hyundai.

After going through an application process that Cameron described as “easy”, he was instantly approved for an auto title loan on his 2009 Hyundai Sonata. When he received the interest rate for the loan, he was pleasantly surprised to see how low the rate was compared to other title loan lenders he had heard of. Knowing a deal like this was slim anywhere else, he accepted his terms.

By working to pay off his auto title loan, Cameron will pay off his loan by August of 2019. When he heard there were no prepayment penalties, he definitely made a note to take advantage of that opportunity.

Your Real Auto Title Loan with TFC

Now that you’ve heard some real Car Title Loans with TFC, we want to help you get back on your feet like Maria, Jose, and Cameron. Two of these people were even returning customers! If that doesn’t instill trust for TFC with your finances, then here are some benefits that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else:

  • Funds from $2,500 to $50,000
  • Get your money in as little as one business day
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Competitive interest rates
  • real Car Title Loans with TFC
  • High approval rates
  • No perfect credit needed
  • Drive as you pay your loan

With all these benefits, we hope you’re ready to start your auto title loan application today! Call TFC today, or just click to start your application.

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