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Robbery in Spartanburg TitleMax – Police Seek Help Apprehending Suspects

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Title Max Robbery

Title Max Robbery. Courtesy – WSPA NEWS

Reports coming in from the Spartanburg Police Department states that an investigation is currently being carried out into the armed robbery incident that took place at the TitleMax loan business store in Spartanburg. The Spartanburg TitleMax store was on Wednesday, 11th July 2018 robbed by two armed men at about 7 pm.

Police officers responded to a call from the loan company concerning a robbery that had just taken place at the loan store. When the officer arrived at the scene, they confirmed that employees of the Title Max loan store had just been robbed at gunpoint by two armed men and that the armed suspects were both blacks. One of the suspects was about 6ft tall while the other was just about 5.8ft

According to reports from the incident, the two men entered the 1940 East Main Street TitleMax business store wearing black jeans and Bandanas that covered their faces and also had their heads covered with some type of hoody robbed the store with a short pistol. The report further explained that the armed robbers entered the building, pointed their guns at two women, ordering them to “get down on the floor”, and then faced the employees of the title loan company and demanded cash from them at gunpoint.

The employees gave then all the cash available at the time, but they still demanded more cash.  One of the employees replied that there was no cash left, but the armed suspects accused of lying. The employees also reported to the police that another employee attempted to proceed to the store earlier on to get cash but was immediately ordered to lie flat on the ground. The employee who complied with their demands gave them the cash from the drawer and was also immediately ordered to get back on the floor with the others. The robbers soon after left the store as their attempt to extract more money from the employees failed.

As the suspects were leaving the building, one of the employees immediately pressed the panic button while the other employee called 911. The Spartanburg Police Department immediately responded to the distress call but never met the robbers at the scene. The police investigators also had a hard time recovering the identity of the suspect as none of their fingerprints was found on the crime scene. One of the robbery victims then explained to the responding officers that the robbers had gloves on. fortunately, none of the employees was injured.

The responding officers also deployed K9 units to the scene in search of the suspects, but the robbers were never located, although a black glove believed to belong to one of the suspects was recovered by a K9. The suspects were however believed to have slim body builds and in their late 20s

Surveillance footage has been collected as investigations are still ongoing, however, the identity of the armed suspects is still unknown.

As explained in the YouTube video by Major Art Littlejohn, the Spartanburg Police Department is still in search of these armed robbers who robbed the TitleMax store at 1940 East Main Street and is asking for help. In apprehending the suspect’s Anybody with vital information as to the whereabouts of these suspects should please contact the Spartanburg Police Department at 864-596-2065 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-274-6772 at once.


Source: WSPA


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