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San Diego Car Title Loan With No Credit Check


Living in a city like San Diego brings warmth and beauty to residents. It’s hard to say that when someone mentions San Diego that the beaches do not come to mind with views that are impressive. And the warm climate or parks? Very impressive.

While you may want to participate in a Diamondbacks game, if money is a concern of yours, it may be causing constant concern. That’s where TFC Title Loans comes in, to help you with your debt.

If you have a paid car, you’re on your way, guess what? Even if your credit is not proper, TFC Title Loans does not perform a credit check, so it is not a problem.

It is the debt that matters and takes care of that debt. Why would not you somewhat relax and do yoga in Sedona than worrying about the debt of the cars? Of course, you would! Ask for a car title loan and provide your car title as collateral.


Implications of credit score

We do not execute your credit with Equifax, Transunion or Experian to determine the loan qualification, the loan amount or the interest rate. Doing so can result in a reduction of your credit score by a small number of points each time it is executed.

We do not report the payment history to the credit bureaus; therefore, your payment history will not affect your credit score positively or negatively.

We can take steps to verify the accuracy of the information you have provided, including, but not limited to, the vehicle title, your social security number, your driver’s license number, your national identification or any other state or federal identification. We can review your information against other national databases to determine your creditworthiness or creditworthiness.

What is a car title loan? It is the first question to solve before opting for a loan of this type. A car title loan is a loan for a small amount of money and for a short time. Now knowing this, we can now ask ourselves the differences that these loans have concerning others and verify which is the best option.

To obtain a car title loan, you give the lender the title of your vehicle, for example, your car, truck or motorcycle. It also pays the lender a fee to borrow the money.

With TFC Title Loans the car title loans have a term usually between 24 to 36 months. In which if at any time you cannot pay, you can look for options, so you do not lose your car.



Car title loans can be costly. If you cannot return the money you owe, the lender can take your vehicle. Maybe this is a reason not to opt for a loan of this type, but with TFC Title Loans you can have the best payment options since we care about the client.

Even though you may be able to borrow money from:

  • Family or friends
  • A bank or credit union.
  • Your credit card

It is not the same to have a reasonable sum of money in cash to pay back bills or invest that money in another of your needs or interests, to depend on other people or banks and cards that end up hurting your credit history.

TFC Title Loans is a self-titled loan company with thousands of satisfied customers not only in San Diego but also in other states and cities of the United States. Because we are not a bank, we do not have all the regulatory challenges banks have to issue personal or bad credit loans.



We are much more flexible than a bank; if you have a clear car title from San Diego or another area of the United States, you can get a car title loan today.

Our title loan application process is quick and easy. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions you may have and will guide you through the car title loan process.

Our car title loans offer better rates and the ability to lend more substantial amounts of dollars than personal or payday loans. We are flexible in our terms of car title loan, and we always seek to make available the maximum amount of cash.

The money comes without restrictions; you can spend it as you wish, our commitment is to get a loan in cash the same day in the shortest possible time. You can contact TFC Title Loans through our website, by phone or by going directly to our office in San Diego.

So call us or complete our simple online application and let us start helping you get back on track with a current title loan.



  1. Before applying for a car title loan for TFC Title Loans, you need to know that:
  2. A car title loan is a sort of secured loan where the borrower can use his clear vehicle title as collateral.
  3. Borrowers who obtain a car title loan must allow us, as a lender, to impose a lien on the title of their car, and temporarily deliver the hard copy of the title of their vehicle, in exchange for the loan amount.
  4. The applicant will be asked to sign a loan agreement that tells him the amount he borrowed, the annual percentage rate (APR) of that loan, the amount of interest and fees that can be charged for that loan and the payment terms of the loan.
  5. When the loan is cancelled, the lien is removed, and the title of the car is returned to the borrower.
  6. Loans on car titles are intended for short-term financial relief and do not constitute long-term financial solutions, but with TFC Title Loans you can have up to three (3) years to finance your loan.
  7. A car title loan can be one of the most expensive loan options available to you, but TFC Title Loans has the best payment options and facilities with competing interests.
  8. Consumers who face credit and debt difficulties should seek help with their debts and loans, in TFC Title Loans account with the necessary advice.
  9. Consumers are advised to consult with federal, state and local governments to learn more about the risks associated with car title loans, local laws and regulations governing car title loans, possible loan alternatives and recent developments in your state, also accounts with the advice of the whole process with TFC Title Loans.
  10. You must check your income, and it does not matter if you are unemployed or have a bad credit history.
  11. By already qualifying for the car title loan, we only require that you have a car with a value of $ 2,000, whether you live in San Diego.


Financial implications

Our car title loans are reliable loans with the necessary advice so that you can opt for the loan.

If you cannot repay your loan promptly, we can find the best payment options together. At TFC Title Loans we care about our customers, we only ask that they are fulfilled with the payment of our loans.



Help you obtain the cash, you require when you need it, TFC Title Loans is proud to offer guaranteed title loans for San Diego residents.

You may be eligible for a maximum of $ 50,000 on a first loan. Complete the form above to see what your car is worth for lending with title guarantee!

Requesting is easy, all you need is your vehicle, the precise title of your car and a photo ID issued by the government. Once approved, you can get cash fast! Even better, we have the lowest rates guaranteed.



Consider these aspects when comparing car title loans:

Interest rate and rates

The interest rate can have a considerable impact on the total cost of the loan. Even a small difference in the percentage can make you pay hundreds of dollars more. Be aware of hidden fees, which can also increase the cost of your loan.

Amount of the loan

The amount a borrower can get depends on how much your car is assessed and the maximum loan amount established by the lender. In general, you can obtain 25-50% of the value of your vehicle. It usually equates to a loan of between $100 up to $10,000.

The term of the loan

The terms of the loan differ between providers and states.

Payment flexibility

Find out if a lender allows you to make payments that match your payment schedule. It could be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

Make additional payments

Some lenders charge fines or fees if you decide to make additional payments or if you decide to repay the loan ahead of time. If you can pay a debt earlier than scheduled without incurring other costs, you can save on interest.



Receive your funds quickly

If you apply at a physical location, you can receive your approved funds almost as soon as you accept the loan contract. With online applications, lenders can transfer funds to your bank account the next business day.

Bad credit is fine

You are providing a guarantee in the form of your vehicle title; it is not necessary that you have proper credit. Lenders will be more willing to lend to you because of the secure nature of the loan.

Better rates

Car title loans tend to offer lower interest rates compared to other unconventional forms of credit, such as payday loans and installment loans.



Lenders can offer supplements with the loan, such as service plans on the road, which can increase the cost of your credit. These supplements may be a requirement of the car title loan, so it is essential to find out the value of the supplement about its cost before accepting it.

Avoid a loan that you cannot pay

If you think you may have trouble paying a loan on time, you may want to avoid taking it. If you do not keep your payments, you could generate more fees, damage your credit and possibly lose your vehicle.


If you cannot pay off your loan within the original term established in your contract, the lender can allow you to refinance (renew) your debt. You will be charged additional fees and interest in addition to the existing rates.

Skimming the loan offer document

Be sure to review the terms and conditions of your loan carefully. It should give you a definite clue of how much the loan will cost. If you do not accept the terms, you do not have to take the credit.



The car title loans can be an excellent or lousy option depending not only on your needs but also on the lenders that make the loan.

Without a doubt, TFC Title Loans has an excellent reputation as one of the most reliable lenders with the most competitive interests in the market. Contact us and fill out the form to get your loan now!

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