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01 Sep 2017   /   0 comments

Save Money on Labor Day


sunset-flag-america-fieldsAround the holidays, businesses will raise their prices for everything because they know people are trying to get somewhere or go on vacation. You’ll pay the crazy prices just because it’s the holidays. TFC Title Loans has come up with different ways for you to save money on Labor Day.


Around this time last year, gas manage to hit a national average of $2.20 which was the lowest seen around Labor Day in a while. As of August 2017, the national average was $2.34, already 14 cents higher than last year. Here are some great ways to start saving money on Labor Day with gas:

  • Discount and reward cards – save anywhere from 8 to 20 cents per gallon with discount or reward cards.
  • Bank rewards credit card – Some banks offer anywhere from 3-5% cash back on gas purchases, which could help go towards anything else you may need to pay for this holiday weekend.
  • Gas coupons – What may be hard to believe, some grocery stores will offer you coupons on gas like $10 off a $50 or more grocery purchase.
  • Warehouse clubs – Places like Costco or Sam’s Club have gas stations connected that could be up to 10 cents off for members. Not only that, but they also offer cash back bonuses when using your membership credit card for their gas.
  • Watch your speed – Accelerating and decelerating at rapid rates wastes a lot of gas. Tone down on the lead foot to save you almost 17 cents a gallon on gas.
  • Gas app – So many different apps allow you to search gas stations near you with updated prices. That way you can drive the extra mile to save 10 cents.

Last minute deals

Hotels often offer last minute booking deals that could save you up to $60 on a room. If you’ve already booked your hotel, check to see what types of cancelation policies they have. will even match your prices with different hotel chains. If you don’t mind the chain hotels, smaller BnB locations will save you a lot more on rooms as well.


If you’re not opposed to nature, consider camping and barbequing this Labor Day weekend. Camping can always be a great activity for the kids, offering a new adventure. You can also get camping lots for $40 or more cheaper than renting a hotel. For three nights, you could save up to $120 by just staying at a camp site. That’s not including the food money you’ll save with barbequing versus eating out.

Compare car rental prices

Use an online website to find the best car rental places. Some warehouse stores also offer car rental deals at specific locations, saving you over 30% on a car rental.

Map app

With a map app, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of traffic and save gas from sitting in traffic idling. Map apps could also be another great way to locate different gas deals as you are traveling. Waze and Google Maps are two of the top choices, but many other map apps exist out there.

Avoid peak travel times

Traveling at strange hours of the night might not be the envisioned plan, but it could actually save you a lot more money. Not only are flights reduced at those hours, but driving times can also be reduced because people aren’t on the road.

Pack snacks

Packing snacks will save money on the long road trips and maybe even time. Instead of having to stop at the gas stations for overpriced chips or even stopping at a fast food location for a small fry or mini cheeseburger, packing snaps will minimize those trips. Think about packing your lunches, as well. Food can sometimes rack up in prices the more people traveling.

Move around

If you can’t get out of your hotel for the first night, it’s not a bad idea to switch hotels. You can move around from one hotel to the next and save money in the process, leading back to the lower hotel deals. Prices may be cheaper somewhere the day you arrive or the following days. Switch hotels and save money.

Free attractions

Sometimes, the free attractions tend to be the most enjoyable for the kids. Especially since it’s Labor Day weekend, take advantage of festivals that will be displaying fireworks or free music concerts. Even if you are at a festival, buying tickets for the kids to ride some of the attractions will be cheaper than going to a more extravagant even that could lose their attentions.

Save Money on Labor Day with TFC Title Loans

If you want to book a last-minute mini-vacation for Labor Day but don’t have the money, TFC can help you with an auto title loan. All we do is use the equity value on your car and your ability to pay off the loan to determine your amount and rates. You can get anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000 in funds. Give us a call today!

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