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18 Apr 2019   /   0 comments

Some Exciting Alternative Beach Getaways For The Family On A Budget

Caroline Mwandawiro
family in budget

Summer vacation

Everyone tends to stick with the option they know best, even when the option is obviously not working. Summer vacations are no different too.

It’s in human nature not to want a change in the environment. If you love your usual destination for summer vacation, then summer vacationstick with it.

Summer Vacation

However, our summer vacations not meant to be an avenue to spend time with family and loved ones. In a place where everyone can experience and get to see new things?

Then why remain stuck with the same summer vacation. When you can enjoy an exciting and affordable beach getaway with your family.

  • Maine ( Lincolnville, Maine)

The main coast is such a great American summer getaway destination and definitely deserves to be on your bucket list. You get to enjoy savory lobsters at a price you would buy a burger.

While also enjoying and exploring the amazing view of the northeastern coastline.

You also get to stay at the newly renovated Lincolnville hotel, which has free Wi-Fi, amazing ocean views, and allows pets in the hotel too.

  • Lake Michigan (Ludington, Michigan)

Although you might have never considered Michigan as a vacation destination, it is actually the perfect destination during the summertime if you like cooler waters.

Some of the most pristine beaches are situated in Ludington.

With sunsets that can compete with the ones, you see in Hawaii. There are cozy and comfortable hotels where you and your family can stay, or alternatively, you can go camping with your family at the Ludington State Park just a few steps away from the beach.

  • Wisconsin ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

The waterfront at Wisconsin is also a good destination for an affordable summer getaway.

It has temperatures ranging from 62° to 79° F during the summertime, and it is also considered a great art city.

There are so many fascinating and stunning zoos, exhibits, and museums, that you probably have to stay for a month if you want to see them all, this also includes The Milwaukee Art Museum which is actually free every first Thursday of the month.

  • Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Although Cannon beach might not be the most affordable beach option in the Oregon Coast, there are so many options in this summer vacationsmall beautiful town that can make your summer vacation very affordable.

While also enjoying the exciting things Cannon Beach has to offer. There are plenty of free entertainments you can attend, with a breathtaking nature at your back door.

You can also visit the nearby Ecola State Park. Which does not only offer superb hiking trails but also has stunning camp spots as well.

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